2. Auditioning

Bree had spent the whole morning with Hazel before she dropped her off at the daycare. Then she spent over two hours at her lawyer's office wanting to push her cheating ex-husband into paying her full alimony and child support. But then she was hit with new demand, her ex wanted joint custody should she ask for child support.      

"But that's not what the outcome of the divorce settlement is, it's all written on paper how can he do this?" but Bree knows there's nothing her sleazy husband wouldn't do to make sure she didn't get anything from him. The small amount of alimony barely covered all her basic needs and all her friends had shunned her when she was portrayed as an incompetent wife who couldn't keep her husband from straying. 

The money she kept from her parents' inheritance had almost gone for paying her unqualified lawyers when she went up against her ex-husband, Everett. 

The moment she reached her car she almost had a panic attack, her chest was heavy, and she had a hard time calming herself down until she finally cried, sobbing so hard, letting all her feelings out. It took her twenty minutes until she finally stopped crying, shook off her nerves, and drive to Babes, determined to get the job.

Bree was all alone, broke as hell while needing to make a living for her baby. She loves Hazel to death, she'd do anything for her even if she has to dance naked for a quick buck. 

"Hey, are you okay? you looked a bit pale?" Elvis greeted her with questions. Bree had put on makeup, but her eyes were still a bit red. So she smiled and told him she was fine, from his questions she stamped the big guy as a big teddy when he conveys his concerns for her. 

"Ex-husband stuff, I'm good, I just need to shake my ass and make it rain, right?" 

", yeah, I guess." The big brute looked uncomfortable with her remarks and it actually made her genuinely smile at him. 

"Thank you... for asking," 

"Uh, okay." Elvis shook his head, opened the door for her, and let her in. 

Babes is open from six pm to four am, so there's no one at the table but the music was pumping beats as there were two dancers on stage who looked like they were practicing their routine.

Bree found Rocco behind the bar and he ushered her to the changing room where Cassidy was sitting on the sofa wearing her shorts and t-shirt. A thick book was resting on her lap and a highlighter was between her fingers. 

"Cass, help her out with an outfit okay? she's going to audition for us. And send her for an interview before she goes on stage." 

Cassidy grinned, closed her book, and grabbed the wanna-be stripper's hand leading her further into the changing room. Bree gasped the moment she saw all the sheer glittery lingerie, the choices were too much and Cassidy laughed when Bree didn't move a muscle. 

"Okay, let's see..." the struggling med student picked out a couple of lingerie, stacking her preference on the fluffy one-seater by the mirror while Bree move her sight to the platform heels in horror. 

"I'm so going to trip on that stage," Bree voiced out her thought. Cassidy goes to her side and says, "we'll pick the four-inch ones." Bree mentioned her size and Cassidy helped her pick out the most comfortable ones and then matched them with the lingerie. 

Ten minutes later the single mom looked like a famous porn star, her ass and calves looking perked from the heels, and she gasped when she looked at her perky tits in the mirror. "Oh goddamn."

"Rightttt..." Cassidy giggled and told her to test the heels to see if it's comfortable to dance with. "Do you know what song are you going to go with?" 

"I don't know, I haven't thought it through. This is all kinda last-minute decision, maybe something by Kanye or Drake, um... Rihanna is always one of my favorites." Bree shrugged thinking she'd do a better dance with a beat rather than a slow seducing kind of song. Bree also thought she might even be tempted in using the pole, she was one of the best dancers in her mom's class. 

"Come on let's just do this,"

"Wait, I gotta get you in for the interview first." 

"Uh, okay."

They were both walking to the back office when a guy in a suit, who looked like a scarier version of Elvis stopped them. "Boss is busy, go dance, he'll watch." 

"Oookay then..." Cassidy took her arm and lead her to the stage, Rocco was to her side and help her with the songs. "Sorry, some emergency situation, the big boss is there. Don't worry, as the scary guy said, he'll be watching." Rocco nudged Bree to look at the big glass planted on the wall where the back office was. 

"I'm a bit rusty, so can I get a do-over if I fail the first one?" 

Rocco laughed and told her she can dance all she likes, the club is still close and the stage is available for practice. The two women got off the stage and smiled at her, taking their seats at the bar. They were drinking water as they rest and gave Bree the floor to audition. 

Rocco smirks when Bree chose 'Pour it up by Rihanna', she had trained with the song in her mom's class. It was the stripper song that made the class more alive. She toned her body and eventually lost the baby weight in that class. 

When the familiar beat starts, her body moves in motion. Her leg wrapped sensually on the lower half of the pole, her hand mimicking her leg. Bree lets her back rest on the pole, ass perked back keeping her cheeks between the cold steel. Her other hand seductively reaches down her leg trailing her dainty fingers to her inner thigh while she kept her facial expression bored as if she was dancing for her enjoyment. All while keeping up with the slow beat of the song. 

Rocco looked surprised, while Cassidy mouthed a big O as Bree's body swayed with the music. The song lasted less than three minutes but she managed to climb the pole and snake her hands and thigh then let her hands drop for a dramatic effect at the end of the song while her legs wrapped around the steel pole sensually. 

The slow beat of the song was perfect, she didn't fall down and she managed to work the pole perfectly. The beat kept her hips swaying beautifully and Rocco was still looking amazed at her.

"Girl, you have some explaining to do. Cheerleading my ass!" Rocco grunted as he helped Bree down from the stage. 

"Um yeah, I took moms pole dance classes." Bree explained and Cassidy cut in, "damn, you're one hot momma." 

"So? is that a yes? when can I start?" the mom in her with too many bills to pay got a bit too excited. 

He laughed at her enthusiasm and was about to answer when his phone buzzed with an incoming text from his boss. He saw her and he approved. 

"Send her to Jojo." Rocco said to Cassidy, the guy winked telling Bree that she was in. "Inform Jojo to speed up her license, Bree you need to provide her your ID and social security details for tax purposes. We are a legit business." 

Rocco shake her hand, but she pulled him in for a friendly hug. "Thank you, I needed this." She was a bit teary, but she shakes her head and let Cassidy lead the way to the other backside of the building. 

Bree was still overwhelmed with the news, without knowing a certain man behind the large glass window kept his eyes on her. "I want a complete background check on her. That's all, you're all dismissed." The boss waited until the click from his office door was heard and he adjusted himself. He still couldn't believe how hard she made him while he told himself that he was going to have her sooner than later. 

Gage Huxley, the new owner of Babes was nothing like the previous Russian mob. When they decided to sell because the authority was closing in on their human trafficking business, Gage buy them out and made the club legal. He turned it upside down and made all the girls get their permits, there is no more prostitution in the club. Gage Huxley is a businessman who buys all his liquors from certified vendors.

The man always keeps a calm demeanor, but when he saw the audition he couldn't keep his eyes off of her. He turned to look out his office window, giving his men his backside not wanting them to see when his face slips as she wrapped her leg onto the pole and let her ass cheeks rub, teasing the thick steel.

He always thought women rubbing themselves on the pole was a bit too much to seek men's attention, but when he saw her dance he was transfixed. Troubled. And he needs his fix, fast. 

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