4. Danced

Bree had to remember the two videos before she rested her backpack on the chair and moved closer to her future boss. He had shifted to the sofa for her to have a proper space for the dance.

She was glad that she was wearing her skirt and top instead of her skinny jeans. And she still kept her distance while he scrolled his phone and connected it to the Bluetooth surround system he had installed in his office. Her smile widens when she lets the rhythm of 'Familiar by Liam Payne' thump the baseline, and Bree starts moving her hips, swinging to the beats.

She dipped low, her hands wrapped around her body, she twirled seductively and looked at him lazily. Her eyes hooded while she slowly unbuttoned her top. Bree smiled at him, biting her lower lip when she stepped between his legs and lower her chest teasing him the second her top was off and she offered him her bra-covered tits.

The thought of doing this was millions of miles away, but there she was, moving erotically teasing the handsome man sitting still with his hands planted firmly above his knees while he calmly enjoys the strip show.

Gage's eyes scanned her body, watching her intensely as her thumb hooked on the waistband of her skirt then slowly unzipped and let the skirt fall to the floor then she turns around shaking her ass adorably making him laugh.

"Okay...okay, enough. You're through the next round. You can get dressed now, Bree."

She grinned and thanked him but then asked, "Next round? do I need to shake the scary dude outside your door too?"

Gage laughed again, this time when he gets up he adjusted his erection and didn't care if she saw him. And he was glad when he did it and saw her blushed visibly.

"No Bree, next round means you go to the dressing room, get changed, and report to Jojo. Check your scheduling with her. And you better get used to men adjusting themselves after your lap dance that means you're doing great." Gage chuckled while Bree was busy putting her clothes back on.

"Okay,, thank you, Mr. Huxley."

"Everyone calls me Gage, unless you're in my bed then you can call me Mr. Huxley." His words were seductive, but she didn't know if he was lazily flirting with her because of the business he was in, or if he was actually flirting with her.

The newly hired stripper just gave him her brightest smile and exited the room after thanking him by his first name. Gage could see that she was nervous, the girl looked like she was really shy but she was definitely driven. Money. He remembered reading what was in her file and seeing the shitty amount of money her ex-husband was sending her as alimony. The woman had a kid with the guy for god's sake.

He couldn't believe the things he had seen these husbands do to their exes, such a waste of women's feelings. Gage still couldn't forget about the loss of his wife and his daughter. The baby would be four this year if they both didn't passed away during labor. The thought of his late wife and baby just made his erection instantly gone, exchanged to sadness.

He wallowed in his office and looked at the framed picture of his pregnant wife and the younger version of himself.

So full of life, happiness, and hope.


"Oh my god, you did it didn't you?" Cassidy asked, her eyes glimmering with the need to know the juiciest gossip.

"What did she do?" the black-haired woman asked.

"Oh my god! I forget to introduce you guys, Jade this is Bree, she's our newest. Wait, Bree have you decided on your stripper name?"

"Uh, you mean my name is not marketable?" she retorted making the girls laugh.

"Oh, gosh no...I mean some girls would prefer a stage name because they don't want their clients to know their real name."

"Cassidy is your stage name?" Bree asked her back.

"Yep, I'm using my name. I have nothing to hide. This club is exclusive enough and I don't intend to do my residency in this city. I'll be long gone before anyone recognized me." She winked and tell Jade more about Bree's little daughter. Bree and Cassidy talked a lot yesterday and she had told her that she'd hook her up with fellow moms in the club.

"My son is five years old. We can surely do a babysitting rotation, I'll introduce you to other moms, and we'll talk later. I'm about to go on stage. Welcome, Bree." Jade gave her a warm hug and then giggled as Bree looked positively awkward when her almost bare nipples touches her front.

Cassidy shook her head and then helped her pick up Bree's attire for the night. While doing so she tells Bree that Babes is one of the few clubs that provide costumes and heels for their girls. She said something about wanting the girls to look more expensive and classy therefore the house will gain more money.

All the clothes were neatly assorted, she said Jojo sends all used ones to their private laundry services after closing time, not wanting any perv stealing them and selling them on eBay.

"They sell used lingerie?"

"Girl, people sell everything. People are disgusting." Cassidy shuddered then she shrieked when Dee entered the room.

"Yo, momma, I just heard from Rocco, congratulation!" Dee hugged her tightly.

Cassidy was doing her stretching routine before she comes up to the stage and she told Bree to do the same. Dee joins and they all talk about Bree's private lap dance with their hot boss.

"Damn, woman, you got him hooked."

"I'm so jelly, that guy is the perfect daddy material. If only I'm not too focused on becoming a doctor I'd let him daddy me around." Cassidy giggled and Dee laughed slapping her head and telling her to go back to studying.

"You're such a geek, I still don't understand how you have the moves. Are you sure you don't grow up watching porn?" Dee asked her, smirking.

"Eh, no... I watched documentaries, history, geography, and sometimes oceanic stuff."

"Girl, you're scaring me." Dee shuddered visibly, teasing the nerdy stripper.

"I need to go see Jojo, gage told me to check my schedule with her?"

"Oh yeah, right, come on I'll take you to her. I need to rearrange my schedule with her now that you're here." Dee tugged Bree closer and said, "I need to match my off schedule with Rocco, we've been desperately needing to have a short trip together. It's been months."

Bree was liking the new friends, they were all very welcoming. Very blunt. Not like the moms club that she used to be part of where they flaunt their newest bling and talk about their latest vacation even their husband's new car or yacht. Bree could never fit well with that crowd, she was always the outsider, never saying the right words. Though for the lack of money, because she came from money, her parents' inheritance should set her very comfortably into her dying days if she hadn't married Everett.

But that was her past and here at Babes, Bree was getting a new perspective on life. For the short time she's been at the club, somehow she knows that she would fit like a glove.

Bree didn't ask when Jojo puts her on the smaller stage where she'd cater to a smaller group of men. "You're starting from the bottom honey, just like everyone else. Are you good with that?"

The new recruit in her realized that she still has a lot to learn about the profession, there's only so much she could learn from G****e.

"Jojo, please, I still can't believe that they would have me as their dancer. I do need the money, and I trust you'll treat me well." With her words Jojo was smitten, she always likes the kind type of girls and she knows from her answer that the new recruit was one of them.

Bree was determined to do the work, she had been screwed badly by her ex. She just hoped that one day, karma will turn her luck around. Until then she just needs to strip and make some erection happen, cause according to Gage that means she's great. And Bree needed those greats to make money.

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