5. Needs

Gage watched Bree from his office window, he should've gone home by now but his eyes were still fixed on the new girl. She's too beautiful to be wearing lingerie and dancing for strangers. But he didn't want to scare her away by trying to have her for himself. He had a feeling she was still too fresh from her divorce.

Bree was building her life back up and he didn't want to discourage her effort. He knows he's not perfect and after his lovely wife, he didn't even know if he was strong enough for a relationship.

Gage rolled up his sleeves, put his suit jacket on the crook of his arm then looked at his gold wristwatch showing him it was already one in the morning. The boss man decided to come out of hiding and go back home. But Rocco greeted him and invited him for a glass of scotch, he agreed thinking the man had something on his mind.

"I heard that she did the interview." The bartender emphasized the word interview with a hint of a smile on his face.

Gage knows that the girls talk and she was in his office for quite a while and they probably asked and he guessed Bree was too nice as she was too naive not to tell them the truth. Because she knows she has nothing to hide from them.

"She did, and I made sure she knows what she's doing. She's very good, seductive yet seemed very timid. The perfect girl next door type. You need to keep an eye on her, tell the guys to watch her for her first few weeks." Gage had a gut feeling that she might be too nice to be strict to some of their handsy clients. They do have guys looking over our dancers and reminding their clients that they can look but cannot touch.

"Yeah, I'll schedule someone to shadow her post in the next few weeks. Thanks for the heads up, boss. You're going back now?"

"Yeah, I need to make a stop first after Bree's little show." The guy winked at the bartender and he laughed it up telling his boss to have a good one.

And so that's what he intended to do, have a good time. It took Gage another half an hour to arrive at the sex club, the guy noticed him, greeted Gage, and let him in after slipping a single fifty-dollar bill in his palm. "Mr. Huxley, enjoy your visit."

The warm air and the floral smell of roses greeted Gage and he was led through various couples in different stages of undress. They were kissing, making out, and spread on the sofa or up against the wall. Their bodies are tangled in beds, and cushions, all were enjoying their time at the great orgy party.

"Huxley, I've been waiting for you."

"Larissa, you look beautiful as always."

"Mm...hmm..." The madam of the house greeted him with a friendly kiss on the cheek. Gage took the champagne offered from the glittery thong-wearing waiter with a nice pair of exposed breasts by his side.

"Are you available?"

"I will be, if you choose another woman, I'm feeling rather peckish." She bit her lip and trailed her fingers to open a couple of buttons at the top of his shirt and slipped her hand to feel his warm chest.

"Her," Gage pointed without taking any notice of her soft little seductive touches. The young woman he picked had the same build and sandy blonde as Bree. Larissa nodded and ushered the beautiful sandy blonde-haired woman to his side and introduced her as Kai.

"Hello there," Kai greeted him with a very friendly kiss on his lips, but he pulled her hair back with a not so gentle tug and said, "I won't need kisses."

Kai whimpered from his little show of roughness and Larissa kissed her full on her lips instead. "Let me kiss you instead, follow us," her words seemed to satisfy Kai and she took Larissa's hand and let Gage put his hand on her ass.

The madam entered the lavish room first and the man guarding it closed the door behind them. Kai giggled when Larissa pushed her down to the very large bed after stripping her naked.

Gage decided to watch them by sitting on the one-seater next to the bed and letting himself stroke his dick. Larissa didn't take long before she cuffed the young woman's wrists onto the top of the bed, her arms raised above her head while moaning as Larissa slipped her a vibrator and licked her wet slit.

He smirked looking at the two beautiful women on the bed. She was on top of Kai kissing her, letting Kai taste herself from her lips. Gage watched how Larissa's sexy lingerie molds perfectly onto her figure. He could see the white lace dampening from her arousal as she gets on all fours while pleasing the younger woman bound to the bed.

"You taste so divine," her words teased Kai as her tongue slithered, flicked, and sucked her nipples one by one. Her moans were short and heavy, her back arched wanting more of her kisses while her legs tremble as the vibrator pleases her to the point where she finally climaxed, hard.

"Rissa, come here and suck me off," Gage said while still stroking himself through his pants.

The woman left Kai struggling while the toy was still kept between her legs, not letting her come down from the high. Larissa kneels between his thighs, unbuckle, and freed his erection while Kai kept on writhing on the bed, pleading and moaning desperately. Her eyes landed on the madam who was licking her male companion. Kai thought Gage looked handsome, she wanted to taste him too. But she was bound and couldn't do anything but watch.

"Open up, beautiful." His voice was low, dripping with needs as his thumb latched on her lower lip opening her up as he feds her sexy lips with his tip, slowly teasing her pushing him down inch by inch until he hits the back of her throat and he groaned, cursing as she started sucking him expertly.

"Fuck, Rissa, deeper," he groaned while she looked at him. But Gage closed his eyes, imagining Bree was the one sucking him off. His hand grabbed the back of Rissa's head as she was forced to gag from his girth. The man pulled her hair back roughly and started stroking his length wanting to calm himself down while she looked at him hungrily and waited.

"Bend over the bed," he followed behind her, tore a condom he took from the bedside table and sheathed his dick. He reached down and then smirked when he felt that she was soaked from deep throating his cock earlier. Gage didn't even take the time to take off her lace panties, he just moved her panties to the side and pushed in one thrust.

He needed to get off, his eyes landed on Kai, watching as she squirms from the little pink vibrating toy inside her. His eyes gazed firmly at her as her sandy blonde hair spreads over the pillow. That's when Gage secretly wished that it was Bree who was bound and shoved with a pink little toy between her legs.

Larissa moaned his name when he slapped her ass knowing she loved it. He remembered that she likes it when he was roughing her. He was close when she climaxed from his erratic thrusts, his fingers gripped her ass and picked up on his pace until he finally came, filling the condom with his cum.

Gage kissed her shoulder before he slowly pulled away, threw the used condom into the bin then zipped up his pants. "Thank you, beautiful," he kissed her cheek then lower himself down to reach Kai and kissed her shoulder telling her to enjoy her time with Larissa.

He didn't forget to slip a nice amount of crisps hundred dollar bills as his token of gratitude in her vanity drawer. "Don't be a stranger Gage, it's okay to come and see me more often you know that right?" Rissa said as she helped him by buttoning his shirt back up.

"I know," he caressed her cheek and left her with a kiss on her forehead telling her to have a good time with Kai.

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