6. Newbie

Last night was definitely a new experience for Bree, though she couldn't stop the feeling that she was being watched. She did think maybe Gage was the one who watches her, but then Rocco said the boss man was telling him that since it's Bree's first week they will all keep an eye on her.

"Gage thinks it's your girl next door type of look, he didn't want you to be taken advantage of." Rocco shrugged while giving Bree a glass of water when she was on her break from dancing.

Jade and Bree also talked last night, they exchanged phone numbers and she invited her over to Jade's apartment before they start working today. Bree was happy to know that Jade actually lives five blocks away from her crappy apartment.

But first thing first, she was going to take Hazel to buy a new toy. Yep, Bree made a hundred dollars last night minus her expenses, yeah, she actually gets to bring money home on her first day. Jojo had reminded her to pay the house fee and tips for the bartender and security, and
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