Chapter 11

Charlotte and Alley step down from the car. Alley pulled out a twenty box and handed it over to the cab driver.

They both turn in the direction of the house. Charlotte was about to march on her heels, but Alley was quick to stop her.

"Best, you look so calm, you don't look like someone who Just got bailed from the station."

Alley expected her to be nervous and disturbed over the incident, but Charlotte looked calm.

Charlotte gazes at her toes. She spent the night crying, thinking of how she could convince the cops of her innocent, but thinking no one would believe her, she decided to not panic, the truth will eventually prevail.

"I'm ashamed of myself, people might think this is the type of life I live, when they find out, I have octuplets."

"What are you talking about? No one will judge you. Things like this happen, it's not your fault you fell a victim. We just need to find who used your fingerprint." Alley responded, hoping she won't let the incident disturb her.

"Best, look at me,
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Count is off 5 with grandma 3 with her that makes 9 not 8.
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open mpesa for payment
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Strode to their room

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