Chapter 12

It was Monday morning, Charlotte marched into the company with a tight-lipped smile on her face. The entire California knows what happened, and she's already a center of attention.

Charlotte has been acting strong, that's the only way she thought she could overcome it until everything is over, and the murderer is caught.

She step into the reception, and was greeted by the receptionist. Most eyes were glued to her, pointing fingers at her, but she turned a blind eye, and ignored their existence.

"Hey Charlotte, Good morning."

"Hello, Good morning. How was your weekend?"

"It was fine. Please can you give this to the president, I was on my way to his office, but since you're here, don't know if you can help me do it."

Charlotte placed her bag on her shoulders.

"Of course, let me do it." She stretched her hands to collect it. She felt it was an opportunity for her to see him, and appreciate him for what he did for her.

"Hey, I'm sorry about what happened, I never knew you passed through a
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Dianna Bernard
Well, I'm glad that this story is moving along. The fake Charlotte has been caught. They should make her pay back what she "stole" over the 4 year period.
goodnovel comment avatar
Daisy Baxter
killer is the one in the mansion
goodnovel comment avatar
How am I supposed

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