Chapter 149

A loud growl slipped through Xavier's lips, as he felt someone hit a heavy object on his legs. He scrunched his face, chew the pain back trying to help himself off the floor.

Xavier pressed his hands on the floor for support, slowly lifting himself up. As soon he was up, the object landed on his legs, but this time he didn't growl or cry in pain.

His head and legs ache extremely, but he will himself to stay strong, even though he kept feeling the legs were being ripped out of his body.

Xavier lifted his head up, with a squinted eye, not able to see clearly. He opened his eyes more, and came into view with a silhouette of some men in the room.

"Were you planning to keep sleeping? Don't you have to save your daughters?" They mock, scanning his features disdainfully.

His head was banging, but he ignored, and slowly snapped his eyes open fully. He saw three men standing in front of him, barricading him from seeing the person behind them.

"Who are you people? What do you want from me?" He
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Sarah Batiste
Author you promise two chapters per day, but twice you given us one. Don’t make promises you can’t keep ...

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