Chapter 150

"I can't believe all this has been happening, and neither you nor father told me. How could you consent him to go out there without back-ups?" Bryan was disappointed in his parents, they kept such thing away from him.

He had his doubt in days, and went ahead to contact jasper, who told him the girls have been kidnapped, and Xavier was out of California to go find them.

Margaret could barely talk loud, this pass few days have been hectic for them. "Bryan, don't tell me you took the night plane just to come question me about this?" She mustered the courage to speak as loud as she could.

"Common mother, I have every right to question you. You call me every day and each time I ask you about him, you tell me he is fine."

"I had to do that, I can't tell you what's happening, besides your father said not to let you know. How is that my fault?"

Bryan heaved a loud sigh, he thought as much, it was all his father's idea, there's no reason for his mother not to tell him what was going on with th
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