Chapter 15

Arya arrived home to find the maids bringing out her few clothes, after two days of staying out. She stood in a daze at first, not sure if she was seeing things vividly. She hadn't been home in two days, she had no idea if something happened in her absent.

She drags her legs to where her bag was dumped on the floor, and halt, looking at the only bag she had.

"Why are my clothes outside? Who ordered you to bring out my clothes?" She thundered, thinking the maids would be scared of her like always, but she got the opposite.

The two maids burst out laughing at her reaction, she always acted bossy, today was their turn.

"Mr jasper did, you're leaving the house you cheat. You acted all mighty and rich, but you were all faking it."

Arya couldn't believe her ears, and how boldly the maid replied to her.

"What are you talking about? What is wrong with you? Have you lost it?"

"No Arya, we haven't lost it. You're the one who has lost it. A psychopath, that's what you are."

Arya's eyes widened w
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Comments (5)
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Mindy Russell
awesome book
goodnovel comment avatar
Dianna Bernard
Why is Sophia lusting after a man who clearly said that he doesn't love her, or have any interest in her, except as a friend? She is only looking for a broken heart and to keep it broken through her continued failed attempts to attract Xavier. He is quite clear about his preferences.
goodnovel comment avatar
Daisy Baxter
dumb lady, gonna get hurt later

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