Chapter 16

Charlotte is seated in the waiting area at the station, watching the cops carry out their duties. She was asked to come to the station to be questioned alongside Veronica, and Xavier was kind enough to let go during working hours.

A few minutes later, Veronica strode into the station and was greeted by some cop. After the greetings and all, she starts to march on her heels when she saw Charlotte, and gracefully walked up to her.

"You murderer, are you happy I'm now a widower? Is that what you wanted, how could you be so mean?" Veronica spat, diverting her attention to her.

Charlotte stood up, and cast her head down, showing some respect. "I'm sorry your husband died that way, but I never killed anyone, you can't call me a murderer when you have no proof." Charlotte defended herself.

"I'm going to kill you today, you killed my husband and have the guts to talk back at me." Veronica raised her hands to hit her, but someone quickly held her hands.

"Mrs this isn't a place where you can ca
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Daisy Baxter
getting interesting!.........
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Anesia J. Monter
hope there were more suspense
goodnovel comment avatar
Anesia J. Monter
its a derective and romance story

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