Here We Go

Here We Go

By:  Nini  Completed
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"Dad, there are a few things that a teenage girl is supposed to hide from her parents. It's a rule. Read the rule book." I told him seriously. "Okay... So, does this friend of yours have a name?" He asked. "Daddy!" I exclaimed. "A father is supposed to know the name and addresses of all the boys his daughter ever thinks about. It's a rule. Read the rule book, missy!" He shot back. "But you're not supposed to know about the older, bad boys your daughter thinks about." I smirked at him, crossing my arms. I mean, he is older than me... Well played, Liv! "It's Hunter Kingston, isn't it?" Dad asked with a deadpan look. My smirk dropped much like my hands that dropped down like noodles by my side. "Yes." I answered sheepishly. "He's the only older, bad boy you can talk to." Dad chuckled. ❣💕❣💕❣💕❣ Do you remember who your childhood friends were? Probably. Probably not. Well, Olivia does. They were a close-knit group of four. Then they were a group of three. Then two. And finally, the group no longer existed... Olivia, Ryan, Kaylee and Hunter were the closest of friends till the end of middle school. But like always, high school changed everything. But what happens when Olivia decides to act upon her crush on her ex-best friend, Ryan? Will it reveal the secrets of the past or will it just lead to more trouble and distance between these four? Read on to find out...

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Syra Noemi
I love the story, once I started reading I cannot seem to stop. It was funny, light, not cringey and my kind of weirdness. Thank you author. ...️
2022-11-28 17:57:07
user avatar
omg....last chap was awesome...hope u update soon
2022-07-09 14:43:42
user avatar
awesome,Fun, light . Love the humour. Has me hooked
2022-07-09 08:11:46
35 Chapters
Chapter 1: Nothing French or Fried
“Liv, you are going to the party and that is final!” Paige told me in her bossy tone. Her light brown eyes were full of seriousness. I swear, she is definitely Hitler reborn!  “But I have homework!” I pouted.  I didn’t really have any homework since I already completed it during my free period but she didn’t need to know that.  I am a secret agent and I could never reveal my secret to her. So, I have to lie to her.  It’s for national security!  Lying to my only female friend was hard and soul-wrenching but it was a necessary evil. I had to do it… I just
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Chapter 2: School's 'Bad Boy'
“You look amazing, Liv! Just go! You can do it!” Paige encouraged me as we stood in a corner. The whole house was packed with people everywhere. Even in the pool at the back of the house.To be perfectly honest, this was more of a nightmare-ish hell for a claustrophobic person than a party… If I knew that high school parties were basically just loud music with drunk teens everywhere, I would have stayed at home with a big bowl of popcorn while watching some random movie. I could’ve drooled over guys who would never know that I exist!Wait… That’s kinda sad… But those guys are also too old fo
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Chapter 3: My Boyfriend
This is it, Liv! This is do or die! You have to confess now! You can do it, girl! Come on!“Ryan?” I tapped his shoulder to get his attention. He turned around and smiled when he saw me. His smile made me blush as I fidgeted with my hands. “Umm… I-I wanted t-to tell y-you s-something…” I mentally slapped myself to Jupiter for stuttering like a fool in front of him. Words, Liv! Speak words! And don’t you dare stutter aga
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Chapter 4: Just A Spy
Okay this was more awkward than the time I went to my aunt’s wedding and ended up falling down with the chocolate fountain falling on top of me. I ruined a very expensive dress that day… But the worst thing was that chocolate was wasted… Poor chocolate! I cried for hours because so much chocolate was wasted… But this was more awkward as I sat next to Dan with Paige on the other side, giving me angry looks. I’m pretty sure that she would have thrown an axe at my head by now if the teacher wasn’t currently going on with the day’s lesson. And well, if she had an axe on her… After the whole fiasco at the party, I had run for the hills, pulling Dan with me so that he didn’t get the chance to tell people that I was lying… I managed to explain everything to Dan during the ride home and he promised to keep his mouth shut. But he did ask me to explain everything to Paige and to clear the mess up as soon as I could. He was afraid of Ryan kicking him out of the team somehow bu
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Chapter 5: Greasy, Unhealthy Goodness
How would you feel if you learned that your neighbour, the cute guy you had a crush on, knew all your secrets?  Including the fact that you had a crush on him?  And the fact that you lied to him and told him that you were dating your friend?  And then that friend turned out to be a traitor too? And the guy you liked, who knew that you liked him, was dating the girl who bullied you for three years and was also a friend who left without any explanation! It was a mess but I had one word to describe it perfectly.  Awkward.  But I had the perfect cure for that. 
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Chapter 6: As Cool As The Sun
“Liv!” I heard someone calling out as I skipped on my way to class. I turned around to find Dan rushing to me.Yes, I was skipping in the crowded hallway… Turns out, when you’re acting like yourself, being different from the rest, people just give way to your craziness. You just have to ignore the stares… Besides, I was in a really good mood because of that delicious burger I ate last night… And the ice cream after that… Food is life!“Danny!” I exclaimed. “Thanks for forgiving me!” He dryly said. Oh! He saw what I wrote over the loud art we did on his car!“You’re welcome!” I beamed up at him. “Are we cool now? For real?” Dan asked me. “Oh, we’re cooler than that ice-cream in Paige’s refrigerator!” I grinned. “Actually, that ice-cream melted because the refrigerator stopped working.” Paige interrupted as she emerged from the crowd. How did she know when to appear?She’s a magician!Or I’m friends with a real wizard… The second one makes more sense… “Now we have to get new
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Chapter 7: Liv's Magic
“Did you know that cotton candy is actually just sugar?” I asked Dan with tears in my eyes.  “Umm… Yeah?” Dan replied nervously as he looked at me in confusion. He knew?!  “Why didn’t you tell me?!” I cried out. Dan looked around at all those who were now staring at us with an apologetic smile.  The only person he should be apologising to is me!  He kept such a big secret from me!  “Because I thought you already knew… Everybody knows…” Dan shrugged.  “I didn’t know!” I wailed, making people shoot glares at me.  People these da
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Chapter 8: If She Called Me a Chipmunk
“Liv, I’m so-” The poor guy couldn’t even complete the apology before he had a red handprint on his cheek. That’s gonna hurt… “How dare you come here to talk to her after what you did?” Paige roared. Everyone was staring but no one even dared to whisper…  Or to take out their phones to record the whole mess… That’s how scary she was… “Paige, I-” Another incomplete sentence uttered by the boy who got slapped again. At least now both his cheeks looked identically red… That makes it a bit better, right? 
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Chapter 9: Officially Cray-Cray
Did you know… The first person convicted of speeding was going eight mph!I mean, how unfair is that!And… The heads on Easter Island have bodies!How cool! And did you know that rabbits can’t puke! Well… Okay, moving on… Cotton-candy was actually invented by a dentist!Like, was he just trying to spoil our teeth so we have to go to him more often? And did you know that chewing gum boosts concentration?! And that showers really do spark creativity? 
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Chapter 10: Read The Rule Book
I saw a movement in the hall outside my room and sighed loudly. My actions had the desirable effect as my dad came back to stand at the doorway with a frown. Thank goodness it’s not mom! “What are you thinking about, chipmunk?” He asked as he leaned against the doorframe. I sighed dramatically again as I pouted and looked down at my criss-cross, pyjama clad legs. My sigh again had the desirable effect as he walked inside the room and took a seat on the bed near me with a concerned look. Never underestimate the telepathic power of a heavy sigh! “Talk to me, jelly bean.” He spoke in a soft voice. Damn! He knows that I ate all the jelly beans… “Daddy, what can someone do to become more likeable?” I asked him, not looking up at him. You see, if I look up, he will know exactly what I am talking about. My dad had that super power which made him a mind reader. But it only works with me, my brother and my mom… Weird, right? “Why do you ask? Did something happen at school?
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