My Hero Crush

My Hero Crush

By:  Kinar Diandra  Completed
Language: English
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This is a story about Kei Innaya. A poor girl became a victim of bullying at Gemilang High School. There are no quiet days in her life as she is constantly under pressure and the Aster Gang's threats. Until when she is too tired to continue her life and intends to end her suffering. It was then that she met a mysterious man named Kenan Radhika. Who would have thought that Kenan used to be the leader of the bullies at another school? Kenan, who felt guilty for his victims, decided to help Kei get rid of the Aster Gang, and stop the bullying at Gemilang High School. Will Kei be able to overcome her fear?

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it's an really good book people should really read it and if someone dislike the plot Author shouldn't have any problem with it because everyone doesn't have good taste but Author ur book really made my day today it's an amazing one keep it up hope you will have great success in life wish best
2023-07-31 00:00:50
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Efya Nana
nice write up
2023-06-25 05:06:25
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Really interesting. This author presents a teenage story set in Indonesia but the plot is cool. Btw, You also use POV 1 which makes me comfortable reading it. Proud of you Thor!!!
2023-05-17 15:35:50
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interesting right up
2023-08-01 09:28:17
127 Chapters
1. A Drop of Tears
I ran as fast as I could. Almost Mr. Abdul--the school guard, closed the gate.After staying up late to do the Aster Gang's errands, I was finally able to sleep a few hours. I'm really lucky, usually, I can only sleep an hour before going to school.The reason why I was always ranked number one in school, was not because I was born smart, but because I had to study harder to be able to do the homework for members of the Aster Gang, who of course had different majors.This is where I am, at Gemilang High School. A beautiful place, but terrible.I stopped running when my name tag fell, a beautiful name written on the name tag made me feel sad.Kei Innaya Susilo, that's my name. It means a Beautiful flower growing on the rock. I should be as strong as the name my parents gave me. But in reality, it's the opposite of what was expected.I am weak. That's why they bother me. The Aster Gang. A group of fierce spoiled girls, and stupid men who always do all the girls' orders.The only thing I
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2. Behind The Room
I ran into my room, locking myself inside with the music playing loudly. Ah, no! Very hard precisely because only then I can cry to my heart's content. No one wants to live so miserably like this.I'm not a bad girl, I'm a good girl who never hurt anyone, but why did God put me in this position? Why?I paused and covered my mouth tightly when I heard a knock on the door. I know exactly who is behind that door. Yes, it must be Dad. I thought he was not at home as usual."Kei, have you eaten?" shouted Dad from behind the door.No, I haven't eaten, and it's better not to eat than to show my face covered in dried henna streaks. Dad would be very hurt if he saw his only daughter become a victim of bullying. And of course, I don't want that to happen."I already ate at school!" I shouted."Could you open the door?" asked Dad."No! I don't wanna see anyone! I'm on my period!" I shouted while holding back my tears."Alright, meet Dad whenever you want!" shouted Dad.I put my ear to the door t
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3. Dead End
I could only cry when slap after slap landed on my cheek. They call this punishment for a brat like me who usually only complains. Not just a slap, now Lenny even strangled my neck.Don't ask how it feels, I almost lost my mind if only Lenny didn't take her hand off me. They were angry because I entered the counseling room. Of course, they knew what chat we had in there. The only problem in my life is them, so it's pretty easy to guess."What did you say to Mrs. Merry? You told me how much you suffered because of me? This idiot thought the counseling teacher could stop me from hurting her, really stupid!" Lenny shouted, pushing me against the wall until I hit my head."Don't waste your time! Do you know this is a private school? And the biggest donors in this school are my parents, instead of getting into trouble with me, those stupid teachers would rather let you be my toy!" exclaimed Lenny while putting her hands on her hips with an annoyed look.That's right, they are stupid teache
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4. Kenan
"Why? Who are you? Why do you want to help me?!" I said to the man.I've asked for help from everyone close to me, friends, teachers, and relatives, but none of them wants to help me, why does this unknown man want to help me?"Because a woman as beautiful as you is too fond of being bullied," said the mysterious man casually.For some reason, I doubt what that man said. It didn't make sense for him to bother helping me just because I was pretty."Forget it, you won't be able to help me!" I cried desperately."So what? Are you trying to commit suicide again? Don't you have a family at home? Is there someone waiting for you at home? How do you think they would feel if they found out that you died in vain because of a useless bunch of humans ?!" cried the man as he stood up, and came back to me.I was slapped by the man's words. He was right, Daddy worked all day long to provide a good life for me, and he would be very hurt if I died by suicide."And those bullies, they will never chang
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5. Prepare
"What's this?" I asked confused as soon as Kenan showed me the various photos that I knew belonged to the Aster Gang which were neatly pasted on the blackboard."Take your target's photos!" said Kenan casually.The man was still busy pasting photo after photo on the blackboard.As usual, we always meet in this old building every morning. Kenan regularly invites me to exercise in the morning, trains me in martial arts in the afternoon, and at night we just talk. We've been doing this routine for almost a week."If you want revenge, you have to get to know them deeper. That way, you can find their weak points." Kenan shouted while pointing at the blackboard in front of us."Okay. So, you spied on them? What did you get?" I'm starting to get excited."There are four members of the Aster Gang. Their leader is Lenny, then the two useless maids, Miranda and Feby, and the idiot who can hit women, Marko! You have to know the ins and outs of their family!" Kenan exclaimed while pointing at the
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6. Deeptalk
"Wait! "You wanna wear that uniform?" Kenan shouted while glaring at me in disbelief, making the employees in the store also surprised and look at us with strange looks that made me feel uncomfortable.Alright, I don't see anything wrong with the school uniform I'm holding. Well, it's new, clean, and nice; what makes Kenan surprised by those glaring eyes?"Now I understand why they targeted you from the start! You must look nerdy wearing a big-size uniform like that!" Kenan with his hands on his hipsYeah, actually, I never cared about anything like looks or anything; I just wore what made me feel comfortable. Is it wrong? And just because someone wears a dress that makes them look weird, stupid, or whatever doesn't give you the right to bully that person.Kenan shook his head slowly, then left me to get a uniform in another size."Try this," Kenan said as he handed me the uniform."You don't think this is too small? Well, I need a comfortable uniform to move around freely in case I h
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7. The New Kei
Kenan smiled broadly as I came out of the house. Even though I refused, Kenan still insisted on taking me to school. Luckily, Dad had left for work this morning, or he would have interrogated me about Kenan. Where is his home, who are his parents, and so on? Ah, that would be too troublesome."Wow, you look beautiful!" Kenan praised me while giving me a helmet.I just smiled faintly and put on the helmet that Kenan gave me."Are you nervous?" asked Kenan while winking one eye at me.Nervous? Of course. Am I brave enough to fight them? Well, I'm sure I can face Lenny, Feby, and Miranda. But Marco?"What are you worried about?" asked Kenan after starting his motorcycle engine."Marko," I answered quickly."Kei, we already have Marko's ace card; just relax; he won't dare to bother you again," Kenan said casually.Kenan drove his motorcycle through the busy streets of Jakarta. A refreshing woody scent wafted from the jacket Kenan was wearing. It's quite impressive; why would a handsome an
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8. Marko's Ace Card
I waited on the terrace of the house while eating my favorite snack. This afternoon, Kenan changed our practice schedule because he wanted to take me somewhere. I don't know what he's planning today; he didn't say anything but sounded rushed."Don't eat too much; you're a girl," said Dad, who had just come home."You're home early?" I said it quickly."Yes, my work is done, so it's better to hurry home and accompany you home," Dad said as he sat beside me."Too bad, I'm going out with my friend. You better get some rest, drink coffee, and read the paper!"Hearing what I said, Dad immediately squinted and looked around."Where do you want to go?" he asked suspiciously."Um, this is young people's business; you don't need to know," I said, then winked mischievously.Dad just shook his head slowly, and he then walked away from me. I put the snack back in my mouth. Kenan said my body was too thin; I could fly just because the strong wind hit me. So, I had to gain weight; I hit less hard b
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9. Pale Face
"Ready to meet Marko today?" Kenan asked, then smiled at me.I just smiled and took a deep breath."Remember to call me whenever you need! I'll come and finish that guy off if needed!" After saying that, Kenan patted my arm lightly.I nodded slowly, then said goodbye to Kenan and entered the school. As I walked down the school corridor, the whispers of other girls kept my ears ringing. They kept gossiping about my transformation, and not only that, they wondered how a nerdy girl like me could know a cool guy like Kenan, who always dropped me off at school and picked me up.This is quite surprising because they know Kenan. Is Kenan so popular that everyone knows him?Whatever the case, the most important thing is that I can be free from Lenny and the gang for a while. I wanted to do a lot of things that I couldn't do at this school because of Lenny. I want to hang out in the canteen, I want to read a lot of books in the library, I want to take part in extracurricular activities like ba
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10. Hangout
I looked at my reflection in the mirror. Alright, I look pretty good in the new clothes Kenan gave me. Today he invited me to go to the game center to play.Last night I didn't sleep because I was looking for Kenan's social media account. Honestly, I'm curious why my friends are so excited to see me with Kenan; they say that Kenan is quite popular. Am I the only one who doesn't know him? Kenan—the mysterious man who suddenly helped meI want to get to know Kenan better. Who is he, what is he like, and what is his motive for helping me now that my problem with Lenny is over? Shouldn't Kenan be honest with me about what he wants?I rushed downstairs when I heard the sound of Kenan's motorcycle engine stopping in front of the house. As usual, the man casually waved at me.Apart from his good looks, what makes him so popular?"Hey, I have a few questions! This is bothering me, so I hope you will answer them!" I said that when Kenan gave me his helmet."Wow, relax! We still have plenty of
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