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Amelia, a filial 17-year-old daughter to her parents met Damian, who is a well-known businessman in the country. After a one night stand happened, Amelia soon found out she was pregnant. Terrified of her parents knowing, she considers an abortion....but?

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Chapter 1
The bell rang throughout the whole school, a sign that class ended. The students all stood up and fixed their things. Putting their notebooks in their bags and preparing to leave the stressing place the adults call 'school'."Liaaaaaa~" Tara elongates her friend's nickname as she walks towards her while carrying her bag."Tara" Amelia, our female lead says with a sweet smile.Tara pretends to have fainted and put her arm on her head while fake crying. "Ahhhh, your smile is always so soothing. I feel like all my stress is gone"Amelia laughs. "Don't say such embarrassing things""But it's true!" Tara says while waving her fists up and down."How did you do on your test?" Amelia asks while putting her bag on her shoulder."Don't even ask. I'll probably fail. Ugh, I hate math!" Tara says while pretending to vomit."That's because you don't study""Geh. How about you? Oh never mind you'll probably get a perfect score anyway" Tara asks but answers her question."That's not true" Amelia deni
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Chapter 2
Damian carried Amelia to the room and gently placed her to the king-sized bed of the hotel suite. He quietly stared at Amelia who was sleeping soundly. 'I won't just let you sleep' he slowly leaned in and was about to kiss her when Amelia opened her eyes and looked at Damian's eyes directly."W-who are you?" Amelia asked, who was a little sober than before."You don't remember me? Even though you were hugging me earlier" Damian said and leaned backward."W-what? I did? I'm sorry. I must've been too drunk" Amelia said and bowed slightly with her face red fro
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Chapter 3
The sound of a person vomiting echoes through the walls of Amelia's bathroom. She is sitting down in front of the toilet while gripping the toilet seat. She felt weak and nauseated. The moment she woke up, nausea had already taken over her body and she quickly ran to her bathroom.'What is happening to me?' she thought as she washes her mouth.She got out of the bathroom, feeling weak from vomiting too much. The first time that she vomited was the day before when she was eating her favorite food, fried rice topped with egg when all of a sudden, the smell of egg made her disgusted and she vomited.'Did I eat something wrong?' Amelia wondered as she makes her way downstairs. Her mother greets her with a smile and her father who was busy reading a newspaper failed to notice her."Good morning sweetie," her mother says with a smile on her face."Are you ok? I heard you vomiting upstairs" her father asks worriedly."I'm ok, dad. I think I ate something bad""You should go to the hospital. M
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Chapter 4
"What did you just say?" Tara asks, making sure that what she heard was right."I-I'm pregnant," Amelia says, looking down on her hands.A few seconds after Amelia's confession, Tara laughs."HAHAHAHAHA Amelia I didn't know you were such a good joker," Tara says while laughing with tears in her eyes."I'M NOT JOKING!" Amelia shouts. She pulled something from her pocket and gave it to Tara.Tara looks at the PT with shock. There two visible lines on it and she knows what it meant."A-are you sure? Maybe this is wrong"Amelia pulls 5 pregnancy test from her pocket and showed them all to Tara. All of them have 2 visible lines."What? Don't tell me it was because of the one night stand?"Amelia didn't say anything and kept her head down. She was silently weeping and her hands were trembling."Didn't you tell me that he used a condom?" Tara asks."I-I don't know. I-I don't remember" Amelia says, stuttering. She was sniffing and wiping her tears that kept falling like a waterfall down to her
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Chapter 5
Amelia lays on her bed as she thinks about Damian. 'So he's a CEO" she thought."I wonder what a CEO does," she says to herself.She caresses her stomach and remembers her baby. She then started to think deeply about abortion and her baby.'If I abort this baby, will that make me a murderer?' she thought as she gently stroke her flat tummy.She looks around her room where pictures were seated on top of the bedside table. It was baby pictures. Pictures of her and her parents joyfully smiling at the playground.She started to recall what her mom always told her every night without fail. "We love you our dear Lia, our most precious daughter"If she aborts the child, is she going to take the child's future away from it? Is it going to make her a bad person? She thought about it, as her maternal instincts were kicking in." I going to abort the child?" She asks herself as she stares at the picture of their family.She quickly picked up her phone and dialed her friend's number."Why
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Chapter 6
Damian walks to his car. He opened it and drove to the direction of his company when he saw Amelia who was sitting down on one of the benches at the park near the hospital. He stops the car and silently observes her.Amelia was not in a good state. She had dark bags under her eyes, a deathly pale complexion because of her vomiting and she also slightly lost weight.Damian pulls his phone from his pocket and dialed the number of his private secretary. "Find everything about a girl named Amelia Reinhart. I want every single detail about her" he orders and then hung up his phone without hearing his secretary's reply.A street vendor who was selling egg bread came and parked in front of Amelia. 'How dare he. Can't he see that she's resting on the bench?' Damian said in his mind, his blood was boiling. A poor street vendor who doesn't know anything was being targeted by Damian.Amelia who became sensitive to the smell of eggs was feeling nauseous so she stood up and walked away from the par
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Chapter 7
Amelia was left with a frightened look on her face. Damian smiled at her and left the house."Amelia" her mom called out."Mom" Amelia says as she turns to her mother."What was that about?""Um. I'm not sure either" Amelia says, trying to hide her nervousness."Why didn't you tell me that you were planning to intern on a company?" her father asks."I was going to tell you""Well, why do you want to intern anyway?" her mother asks."For experience" Amelia answered.Her parents looked at each other and then smiled."I see. Well, if you want to do it both your mother and I don't have any objections""What? Really?""Of course. Just stay away from men while you're there. Men are wolves" her father said and Amelia laughs."What are you saying. Does that mean you're a wolf too?" Her mother says and laughs."Wha-well, except me. I'm the only exception"While her parents are busy talking and teasing each other, Amelia quietly left the house.As Amelia closes the door of their house, a deep an
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Chapter 8
"So tell me, what exactly happened between the two of you?" Tara asks as they both sat down on the couch."He found out about it. Everything. He showed up in front of my house and confronted me" Amelia explains.While Amelia was explaining everything to Tara, Damian on the other hand, was busy organizing his mansion with the help of his butler and maids. He was organizing it so that it will be comfortable for future use."Sire, where should I put this?" Damian's butler asks and shows him a picture of him and a girl smiling happily.Damian looks at the picture coldly before saying, "Throw it away"The butler immediately excuses himself and exited the room.While the butler walks down the long hallway of the house, he hears the maids gossiping."Why do you think the master suddenly asks us to prepare a room for a guest?""I don't know. But it looks like the guest is a girl""Could it be his ex?""Ugh, I don't wanna see her. She's so arrogant and selfish. No wonder the master dumped her"
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Chapter 9
Amelia got up from the bed and did her usual morning routine. Afterward, she went downstairs to eat breakfast."Good morning sweetie" her mother greeted her."Where's dad?" Amelia asks."He went to work earlier than usual. He had an important meeting"Amelia sat down and ate the breakfast her mother prepared for her. She felt relieved to see that there were no eggs today so she didn't need to pretend to not be sick.After eating, Amelia immediately went to her room and secretly ate the pills that Damian bought for her. After that, she fixed her bag for school and left the house.While walking, she felt Tara's arms around her neck. "Liaaaaa~" her friend cheerfully said."Tara, be careful"Tara remembers that her friend was now a pregnant woman so she immediately let's go and apologized to her. "Sorry. I forgot" she said."It's okay," Amelia says and pats Tara's head.Tara, then, linked arms with Amelia as she felt it's the most the safest thing to do while still being affectionate."By
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Chapter 10
A few days passed and school ended. Amelia told her parents that she accepted the internship from the company."Are you really sure about this?" Her mother asks."Yes""Be careful, okay?" Her father reminded her.Amelia nodded as a reply and continues to pack her things. After packing, she went downstairs and saw Damian waiting for her."You ready?" He asks."Hm" Amelia replied and nodded."Let's go" Damian took the luggage Amelia was holding and they went to the car.Her parents were sad to see their daughter off. They didn't want her to intern but if it's for the sake of their daughter, they are willing to do anything.While driving, Damian notices the sad expression on Amelia's face. "What's wrong?" He asks.Amelia looks at him, "huh?" She asks before realizing what he meant."I just feel bad. For lying" she said while looking down on her restless hands."Would you rather tell them, then?" He asked."That-" she said and cuts herself off. There is no way she could ever tell them that
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