The CEO’s Seduction

The CEO’s Seduction

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(3rd book in the CEO’s series)️ “Amara Collins might be twenty, but she’s so strong willed that whatever Amara wants, Amara gets, even if he’s her boss at work. Henry Salvatore might be calm, sweet and priest like but that didn’t stop him from hating his stalker of a secretary, who had successfully gotten on his nerves. The rich CEO can’t get rid of his secretary because the more she annoys him, the more he’s fascinated about her, not knowing his secretary had secrets and wounds to nurse. Secrets big enough to kill her!(Third book in the CEO’s series)

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Enjoyed both CEO stories. When can your readers expect the other 2 CEO stories?
2021-11-03 12:58:10
user avatar
Natalie Craig
When will book 2 and 4 come out?
2021-09-01 14:06:27
default avatar
Great book! Can’t wait to read the next one in the series.....
2021-05-31 21:00:31
user avatar
Abby T
where is CEO's curse and CEO's redemption dear author? I finish reading the CEO's 1st 2 books,I'd like to continue reading the above mention book please. ❤
2021-05-16 07:17:37
user avatar
Belle Z.
amusingly interesting book.. I can't stop reading... I love it...
2021-03-18 02:51:02
user avatar
Debbie Poirier
Wow can't wait to have more CEO's story 🤞 ..... both book The CEO's Secret and this one The CEO's Seduction were both really good stories that I really enjoyed reading 😍🤗💖
2021-01-21 09:43:05
default avatar
Great book
2021-01-20 07:01:41
user avatar
Tejiri Mercy
nice story lines
2021-01-18 23:18:56
default avatar
Your Certificate can only pay you once in 30days your phone will pay you daily, ask me how?
2021-01-18 23:16:11
default avatar
Love the cover
2021-01-18 20:39:39
user avatar
Mayeso Phiri
great i love it
2021-01-18 20:36:11
user avatar
Mamma Mia
Another great story from my favorite author. Nice book. I loved every bit of it
2021-01-18 11:52:06
user avatar
Molten chocolate
Such an amazing story... I totgly enjoyed it. Thank you author.
2021-01-18 11:49:42
default avatar
Vergelio Naputo
2021-01-18 00:40:49
user avatar
NAJ Ali Khan
This is a highly charismatic and enthralling tale!
2020-12-31 17:13:25
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46 Chapters
 Unfettering; the act of setting free from the power of another, as from slavery, subjection, dependence or controlling influence. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️Amara’sPOVSomeone was following me!I turned back but I saw nothing, only darkness staring back at me.If I try to increase my pace, I would get to the train station within minutes.
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Title: Remember: have in or be able to bring to one's mind an awareness of (someone or something from the past).I tried screaming to the woman who had gone before me to help out but my mouth was covered by a dirty hand. “Stop screaming, beautiful girl. Your ass was on display so we thought you needed help with it”Maybe my nightgown was wet enough to reveal my buttocks. I couldn’t see the face of the man talking because of the darkness. His stinking breath made it obvious that he was probably a homeless man.
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Transpose: To move or transfer to a new location, or to move to a new/different town. Amara’s POV“These boxes are damn heavy, did you put some dead bodies in them?” Miykal asked. I rolled my eyes at her stupid question and focused back on removing the rest of my stuffs from the back of my beaten up old Toyota vehicle that I had managed to transport with me from New York to California for a fucking ridiculous amount of money that can definitely guarantee me a good time at an expensive spa. Okay breathe, Amar
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Re-encounter: To meet someone again for the second time. (Kindly vote for this book, lovers❤️)Amara’s POV “I can’t find my plain black skirt, have you seen it?” I shouted to Miykal, asking for the location of the only skirt I’d managed to own. It was Monday morning and I was getting ready for my big day. I’m supposed to have an interview by eight this morning and it’s almost seven. I haven’t worn my “Mary skirt” and I'm not even ready. I don’t even know where my portfolio is. My certificate, my curriculum vitae is presently not in sight and I’m still fighting
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Achievement: A thing done successfully with effort, skill and courage. Amara’s POV “With deep regrets and sad heart, I solemnly announce the departure of my chance at ever getting a job at the Salvatore enterprises. I’m doomed Miykal” I cried out to my best friend, holding her tight, pretending there were real tears in my eyes.“What happened, Mara?” Miykal askedI had called her immediately after the interview to meet up and she told me to meet her at the school campus.“A lot happened. But still, I think I’ve failed woefully” I cried out once more.“Explain to me better, how did it happen?” She asked worriedly. Miykal knew just how much I’d put into coming all the way from New York to California to pursue this job. I’d left everything behind to make things better for myself but she also didn’t know the biggest reason why I made such a huge move was to see him one more time.Though I don’t regret my decision of seeing him again but I do regret my fucking decision of bringing that f
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 Nascent: The process of coming into existence and beginning to display signs of future potential.Amara’s POV Monday morning came in as a flash, it was as if I was in a flash novel, one that happened real quick but still had a fleshy happy ending. I grinned throughout the weekend, excited to start working with him and also be right beside him for hours each and everyday. Miykal had managed to follow me to the stores to get some proper official clothes with the rest of the money that I had with me. She had apologized repeatedly to me because she wasn’t around that night and she feared something had happened that I didn’t talk to her about but I insisted and assured her
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Mine: it is used to refer to a thing or things belonging to or associated with the speaker.Amara’s POVI gently passed his side, behaving as if he was totally invisible. Ignoring his deadly comment, I walked into my office with my head down, sober, as if I just had a hangover. Derek or whatever my boss had called him scared the life out of me. I’m not scared of what he could do; probably kill me because I’m so sure my ghost will haunt his ass till the end of time. I walked up to my desk and started the work I was given. I made sure I arranged all of his schedule for the day properly and set an alarm on the new official phone to notify me once it is an hour to the specific event.&ld
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 Arrogate: take or claim something or something without justificationHenry’s povI knew I had hired the wrong person when Amara walked into my office the next morning to talk about what she said. “Talk about what exactly?” I thought she had come to apologize for saying such a thing. “Yes. I know you’re expecting me to apologize about it but no, I won’t. I’ll rather you apologize for walking out like that yesterday but no, you’re my boss and I’ll be damn stupid if I ask for your apology” “B
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Redundant: not or no longer needed or useful; superfluous.Henry’s POV“Good morning Mr Salvatore” I raised my head to see my personal assistant walk into my office with a huge smile on her face and an elegant look. She’s dressed in a plain skirt and a top that matched the color of her skin. After dropping her off at her apartment during the weekend, she had promised to be of good behavior henceforth and never to mention anything about claiming me or something similar to that. She tried inviting me in but I refused. But after the event that took place yesterday afternoon, I doubt if she’ll stay true to her words. “Good morning Miss Amara. You look radiant today” I complimented“Thank you sir” she said blushing. “I came to give you the report of today’s executive meeting and also to inform you of your official visit to Lucas Anderson an hour from now” She submitted the report on my table.“Any other thing you have to report” I asked “None of much importance sir”“Are you sure becau
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Reconciliation: a situation in which two people or groups of people become friendly again after they have arguedHenry’s POV “What’s the preparation going on with Sebastian’s wedding?” I asked Derek.It was Sunday morning and we were currently in his apartment just to catch up and have a few drinks before the Monday pressure set in. We had made this a tradition between us to meet at either of our houses just to talk about whatever we needed to talk about and solve problems that had to be solved. Sebastian couldn’t make it and it’s just I and Derek. I couldn’t confide in Derek about what had happened with my personal assistant ecause I know he’ll mock me till the end of time so I decided to shut up and fix things by myself. Though I feel a little bit bad about firing her but I don’t regret it.Such drama is something I don’t look forward to and I have had enough of her troubles, mistakes and.. I don’t want to think about the kiss.“Bride got changed from the other sister to the one he
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