Babysitting the Billionaire's Twin

Babysitting the Billionaire's Twin

By:  Luna Sovereign  Ongoing
Language: English
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Autumn Saunders will receive their company. But when her parents decided to arrange a marriage for her, she ran away, leaving the obligation to her sister who was pretending to be her. On the other side, Jaxon Parker is a young businessman who has two children. He's the one who will soon be the husband of Autumn only if she didn't run away. They're not still meeting yet, but Autumn's parents decided to continue the wedding and pretended that her twin is her. But what if Autumn Saunders lost her memory and ended up being the caretaker of Jaxon's twins? Will they end up falling in love with each other, or will Autumn continue to seek her lost memories?

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Stephanie Mercer
When will there updates?
2021-04-24 00:53:37
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Stephanie Mercer
I love the book. Can't wait for more chapters.
2021-04-01 09:26:36
11 Chapters
01 - Twins
Autumn I've been spending hours checking myself in front of the mirror to see if my decision to wear a skirt was just right. I matched it with a long-sleeved top for today's interview at a company called Jaxon. Days had also passed when I got fired in a restaurant as a waitress. It's a good thing that I got out of there since I can't stand the anger of the chef whenever he's not in the mood. Add the fact that my back already hurt by resting on Lea's couch.
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02 - Caretaker
Autumn “What?” I asked because I didn't hear what he said.“Can you repeat it?” I asked again but, he just stares at me and started to speak.“Is that the way you talk to your soon-to-be boss?” He said while I started to apologize because of what I did, that's right, I don't have any rights to ask him and the fault is mine because I didn't focus on what he said.“Ah, my apologies, Sir Jaxon, I didn't mean to not hear the last sentence you said. I am just mesmerized by the view up here,” I said while flashing a smile. He just stared at me in the eyes like he was reading what's on my mind.“Oh, well, is this your first time to be here in my hotel?” he asked, emphasizing the word my. The truth is, this is my first time to be here in his hotel, and I could say that this is so amazing.  Such an honor for me to be here. I know Lea wouldn't believe it when I say that I saw Mr. Parker's office, not on television, but in realit
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03 - Tyron
Spring One year has passed when I was catenated to become the heiress of a business. Everything that happened to me was frustrating this past week. I was busy doing my PowerPoint presentation but suddenly got interrupted when my secretary knocked on my office door. “Give me some good news,” I abruptly said to her when she entered my office. 
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04 - The Guard
Autumn I saw myself here in front of his mansion, all I could say is this is amazing because the mansion was bigger than the other estate that I saw on the television. Amazement filled me, but I got back to my consciousness when he coughed. “Shall we?” he asked. That made my cheeks red; my face was so awkward. I think my mouth became a little more open than the flies could enter it. I tried to hide my shyness when he opened the door. He offered his hand to me so that I could remove my shoes freely.  
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05 - Wants
Autumn After the guard incident, we made our way to the elevator. I pushed the stroller inside the elevator and stopped outside it. Sir Jaxon raised a brow in confusion, “What are you doing? Get in.” I shook my head and smiled shyly. “I'm wet. I don't want to mess up the elevator as well.” 
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06 - His Perspective
Jaxon I explained things to the man who's one of the staff in my hotel as he led me to where the urgent meeting was being held. An hour passed and finally, the company's problem was fixed. They just needed my permission to approve things. One by one, people left the room. Alone, I stared at the ceiling and thought about the caretaker of my kids, Autumn. 
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07 - First Kiss
AutumnI stared at the door where Jaxon, my boss, just closed as he left. I touched my lips and blinked a few more times. “I should've stayed still, but why the hell am I in his arms?” I asked myself out loud. The realization then hit me... that's my first kiss!Well my first kiss in this life, I don't know if I already kissed someone before.I laid down on the bed and stared at the ceiling, “But his scent is really nice.” Smiling, I rolled over a few times before standing up, picking up his suit that fell on the floor earlier. I dusted it off and then put it on top of a chair, “I'll give this back tomorrow.” I took the remote of the aircon on the table and turned it on, it's hot even though it rained so much earlier. Then I jumped onto the bed and appreciated it's softness.
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08 - Another Day
AutumnIt's been an hour since he said to me that I should wait for him to finish his work; therefore, we can go home that night and we will eat in something fancy restaurant that I declined. I am happy if I'm the one who will cook for him, that makes us like we are eating well. I'm hoping too.“Sorry, there is just an emergency that happened in the office, and it's quite depressing. By the way, where are my children?” He asks while stress was occupied his whole face how I wish that I have my children to take care of and relive my stress.“They are sleeping, should I wake them up; therefore, their father will have a smile to buried on his face. They don't want their da da to be sad, right?” I answered while smiling at him, well, I just want to see his smile.It's like an addiction; he sighed and faked a smile. I try to stand up, and I don't know my body started to do what it wants and hugged him.
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09 - Madness
AutumnThe cute little kiddos played in the living room, giggling, clapping, and sometimes ignoring me.I sighed, I wonder what my future would look like, would I still be working as a caretaker? The kids didn't look for me when I went to go to the restroom so I decided to clean the house, checking on them every now and then.You see, the house may look clean as fuck, but some parts are dusty and I guess, Sir Jaxon doesn't have that much time to clean specific rooms.I guess it suits my outfit anyway, a black maid dress that is more for cosplay. I might get addicted to this, play with myself using outfits, why not?Firstly, I cleaned the garage, where I could still get a good view of the kids. From time to time, the kids stare at me and claps and I dance around, make funny faces to entertain them. When they get tired of watching me, they would ev
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10 - Friends
JaxonAs I drove to where my house is, I noticed that the small gate was opened, so I decided to park outside first and then enter.I waited for the engine to cool before turning it off and stepping out of the car, I then smiled at the thought of seeing the twins with their nanny in a maid costume.When I closed the gate, I saw Autumn falling on the floor hard, someone strangling her.My eyes went wide, who the hell got in here?!I panicked and ran, it was a good thing that the wall that the door is placed on had to see through the glass in it. I burst open the door and saw Spring strangling Autumn.“H-help...” Autumn called out before blacking out, my brows furrowed and it angered me more when I saw blood flowing from Autumn's head. The twins were crying and Spring still continued to strangle her as she looked at me. I didn't have
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