Forest Green

Forest Green

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Language: English
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"Green eye color is the rarest color found around the world, and it is estimated that only around 2% of the world's population has green colored eyes." After Chloe Benson's ex cheated on her, she hated him. A lot. She hated everything about him. The way he talks, the way he walks, the way he speaks and many more. There was one thing that she hated most about him, however. His forest green eyes. Maybe that's why when she saw Brayden Nicholas, she gains an instant hatred for him. Just because he had the same shade of eyes just like her ex, forest green. Brayden, however, is the most-liked and popular boy in the school. He could not accept the fact that one simple girl, just as Chloe herself, hated him. And so, both parties had their very own missions. For Brayden: to make sure Chloe likes him, even as an acquaintance. For Chloe: to stay far away from Braydon and erase every possible memory of her ex. But after some twists here and there, can it really be done?

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user avatar
Mariel Penney
good book...... holding out for an alternate ending though. Brayden +Chloe = ...
2021-12-29 15:16:32
user avatar
it's really a beautiful story ...️
2021-12-16 18:52:10
user avatar
Laura Hausner-Uitvlugt
I really really expecting that at all, so so sad, it made me cry ............. I was definitely wanting Chloe and Brayden to have their "happily ever after"...
2021-08-24 13:09:53
user avatar
Brandie Wilson
wasn't expecting that at all 😭 but it was still a great story.
2021-06-11 09:50:49
default avatar
Morgan Stinson
Made me cry... great story and tugs on the heartstrings
2021-06-09 00:11:43
user avatar
bad ending but then also a happy ending
2021-04-26 11:42:05
user avatar
Dena Lupke
Beautiful Story.... minus the very end
2021-01-19 18:16:56
user avatar
Very frustrating ending. Don’t read
2022-06-26 17:32:14
user avatar
Crystal Griffiths
Truly an amazing beautiful story and author loved it ...
2022-05-18 16:37:05
40 Chapters
Chapter 0
"Why did you even sleep with that girl?" I shouted at him, tears streaming down my face.He shrugged. "Dunno. Guess I got bored of you."Ouch ouch ouch ouch.
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Chapter 1: Chloe
I can't go to school. Correction. I don't want to. I don't want to see people. Especially him.The famous him who broke me in pieces. I don't want to see people's faces."Chloe?" My twin brother, Caleb
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Chapter 2: Chloe
"You have to know what the story is about first." Ms Miller explained. "You have to scan through everything, notice details. Know what the characters are-"As much as I loved literature, her monotone voice bores me. A lot. Heck, I might even sleep.
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Chapter 3: Chloe
I twirled around and looked at my dress. I have to admit, it looked so... nice. Lovely. Whatever you wanna call it."I am just so proud of you." My brother teased. "My little Chloe has grown up, huh?"I turned to face him. He was leaning against th
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Chapter 4: Chloe
"Motherfucker!"My eyes flew open at the sound of my dad shouting. My parents never censored themselves around me. Well, at least my dad doesn't.Of course, my mom tried to stop him, but to no avail. Well, dad will be dad.
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Chapter 5: Chloe
Dad was still annoyed at something for some reason. And again, neither mom nor Caleb would tell me.Heck, after snapping at him the day before, I'm not even sure if we're okay. We've never had fights before, and I'm not proud that our first ever one was because I skipped school. With Brayden.
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Chapter 6: Chloe
I honestly don't know what I was thinking. Why did I decide to walk out of the house?And alone?And at night?
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Chapter 7: Chloe
"It's got something to do with you and Ashton."What did Brayden even mean? Does Delaney like Ashton or something? Or maybe...Yeah, that's the only reason I could think of for the moment.
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Chapter 8: Chloe
This was one awkward meeting. Ashton kept staring away and at me the whole time.Delaney and Caleb didn't have a problem, though. Well, they are friends already, so, yeah.The parents seem to be having a good time. Well, who can blame them? They've
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Chapter 9: Brayden
Chloe Benson.The first time I saw her was in my literature lesson on the third day of school.Yes third, not first. We didn't have literature on Mondays and Tuesdays.
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