Becoming the Elf King's bride

Becoming the Elf King's bride

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Prince Ron’s life was saved by a silver haired hero. It was love at first sight but the hero disappeared after the exchange of a few words. The young prince accompanies his sister to a mysterious Kingdom where she’s going to be wedded to the King but on getting there, they’re told that the King wants to call off the wedding. Being the good brother he is, he goes to confront the King but doesn’t expect to find his silver haired hero sitting on the throne! He had fallen in love with his sister’s husband to be! What is Ron going to do?

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70 Chapters
Chapter 1
The humans have been at war with Elves for thousands of years. The hatred they had for each other runs deep into the depths of their souls, buried right into their bone marrows, to the extent that no human could stand the sight of an Elf and if one is caught, the worst kinds of torture were implemented.Their favourite was cutting off the long pointy ears and nailing them to the walls of their borders. Some even competed on how many ears they’ve nailed.On the other hand, no Elf wanted to hear the word 'human'. In fact, if an Elf should mistakenly pronounce the word 'human', he is immediately executed and if a human is caught, he is turned into a slave and treated like a dog till he dies from exhaustion. The Elves weren't normally this brutal. In fact, they are naturally peaceful creatures and had proposed peace to the humans which was accepted but the human King breached the treaty. He lured the Elf King into his castle under the guise of a feast to celebrate six months of peace th
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Chapter 2
As they approached the throne room, the guards standing on either side of the large golden double doors pushed them open for the siblings and they they bowed. The siblings found their parents sitting on their thrones. They were the spitting image of their mother while the only thing they got from their dad was their eyes. A few other people Ron recognized were there. Like the Royal Advisor, Physician, members of the royal court and so many others.King Cain was dressed in a golden and maroon attire. He was holding the royal golden scepter which was passed down from generation to generation. He will also pass it down to Ron when it was time. His dark hair was streaked with silvery grey hair which was covered a bit by the golden crown on his head.One look at King Cain would tell anyone he wasn't to be messed with. He had a stoic expression and the hard look in his eyes commanded respect. Ron was most especially afraid of him. Queen Lilian was the epitome of elegance. She was dressed
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Chapter 3
Ron sneaked out of the castle through his secret route. It was a dark murky pathway underneath his grandfather’s bedroom which led to a cave at a riverside not far from town.His grandfather had showed it to him before he passed away. They used to go on so many escapades together. Witness festivals, celebrations, annual games and competitions and so much more. But after his grandfather died, his father became more strict on him which left barely any time for him to go out and have fun. He didn't like to be indoors all the time like some housewife. He preferred to go out, interact and see what the world was like. Reading from novels wasn't enough. This time, he took one of his grandfather's disguises. It was a black wig and crappy mustache. After he reached the cave, he took off his royal clothes, folded them neatly then stuffed them in a bag. He then put on the wig and mustache, coupled with a dirty brown robe. He looked like a beggar. Exactly what he was going for. As long as he mi
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Chapter 4
Ron entered two more taverns and even an inn but the information they had wasn't even close to Old Jack's. He was already tired so he decided to go back. Besides, someone might notice he was missing which will raise a lot of trouble for him.When he was halfway out of town, a group of goons appeared on the road. They were big and burly, all holding sharp looking daggers.The leader stepped forward, holding a sword which he pointed at Ron. "Hand over your money. Every bit of it and I'll think about you letting you leave this place alive"Fear crept into Ron's heart. He had never been in this kind of situation before. Worst of all, he didn't carry any weapon. He didn't think there would be any reason to.Sweat dropped the side of his face. He decided to use flattery and some sweet words to see if he could escape with everything he had intact. "Good, kind, handsome man, you look very reasonable. Can't we talk about this?"The goons snickered. It seemed like this guy didn't get the severi
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Chapter 5
Fear made Ron nearly fall to his knees. Nearly, for the silver haired man caught him before his body made contact with the floor.Ron fell into a warm gentle embrace. He raised his head, parting his long lashes to look at the man holding him. Cold violet eyes stared straight at the running man. Ron felt that there such a huge contrast between being in his arms and those beautiful eyes. "Don't chase him" he said, making those plum coloured orbs stare down at him. "He has never killed a person. I could tell, believe me. If he had, he wouldn't have hesitated so much to kill me. I doubt he would even hurt a fly after what he has witnessed today so please, don't go after him"The fear he initially felt disappeared without a trace. Something told him that the man would not hurt him. The man nodded. "You're injured" he said, eyes sweeping down to look at the bleeding wound on Ron's neck. His voice was deep, alluring and magnetic, tugging at Ron's heartstrings. Perfect. Just perfect!Ron wa
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Chapter 6
Queen Lilian pulled Ron and squished his face into her bosom. Ron struggled and struggled, trying not to get suffocated by the large mounds on her chest but her hold only went tighter and tighter so he gave up and went limp like a wet noodle. "My baby is going so far away" she sobbed, completely shattering her elegance in the face of her family. Ron knew exactly where he got his personality from.His mother might be cool, calm and collected in front of outsiders but with her family, she was just an ordinary person. She behaved exactly the way she wanted to behave. Ron's only problem was that he couldn't act like that. To him, it was like splitting his personality. He'd rather just be himself.King Cain and Princess Rose stood at the side, watching the mother and son. "Mum come on, I'll be back in at least a week or two. You've seen me every single day since I was born. Don't you think you should take a break? Besides, I'm an adult now so stop treating me like a child" Ron complaine
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Chapter 7
Ron talked and talked. He talked about the novels he read and the wonderful creatures within. He talked about how the brain works and how fun it is to imagine so many things. How amazing it is to just conjure stuff up and make it real in fiction. Everyone felt bored and wished they could just shut him up. It didn't matter if they didn't reply to what he was saying. Prince Ron was very skilled in the arts of talking to oneself. He cracked bad jokes and laughed at them himself. When he felt laughing alone was too boring, he forced the servants to laugh by threatening to punish them by packing horse shit when they return to Ashenmore. Next, he forced them to sing.Poor servants. After two hours, the prince still wasn't done so Leo thought of the only thing that would make him shut up. To put him in the carriage with the princess. If everyone cooperated, the King would not even know. "Prince Ron" he called. "I think you can enter the carriage now. I'll let you come out after a few hour
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Chapter 8
After a week's journey, Princess Rose, Prince Ron, the guards and the servants that went with them, arrived at the North's main gate. It was very cold so the siblings remained hidden in the carriage while the rest had thick coats on. Their faces were pale. They never knew the North was so cold. How could people survive in such a place?To get to the castle, they had to go through the town. The townspeople all came out to see their soon to be queen but all they saw where half frozen faces and one exquisitely handsome face. It was that of a young man, peeking out of the carriage window. He had soft looking russet curls, brilliant green eyes and a radiant smile. The women who saw this face were swooning. Some men were jealous while others felt it would be nice to have such a beauty to themselves. Prince Ron smiled at every person he made eye contact with. He even winked at some of the women. He felt that Netheridge was full of pretty faces. He hasn't seen a single ugly one. Even the men
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Chapter 9
Ron nodded and he and Ludiciel started to walk side by side. Ludiciel remained quiet so Ron used the time to look around. His face was straight, devoid of any emotion but his green eyes showed it all. The hidden excitement, the amazement, the joy. He felt like bursting. The Netheridge castle was awesome! It was so large he could hardly see the ceiling but there were lights glowing everywhere, making it look so magical. The walls were painted an icy blue which looked cold to the touch. He wanted to know if it was really cold but that would destroy his princely character so he retracted his hand. He also realized that since they stepped inside, it wasn't cold anymore.Ah pretending was so tiring. He didn't think he could keep up. His back was starting to hurt and his face was feeling a bit stiff. He wondered how his parents could retain such an expression for years. Leo gazed at Ron from time to time. His heart softened at the prince's antics. He knew Ron was a type of person that did
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Chapter 10
"Do you like him that much, sister?" he asked softly, wanting to make sure.Rose raised her head and looked at Ron right in the eyes. "I've never been so sure about anything in my entire life Ron. I love him and I want to marry him"Ron completely understood what it felt like to love someone even if it's just for a day. His silver haired hero had been on his mind since the day they met. "Don't be sad. I'll go talk to him alright? I'll work something out"The doubt in her eyes were as clear as day. What could Ron do? What had he ever accomplished in his life? Ron didn't like the look. It further strengthened his resolve. "Don't look at me like that sister. You've done so much for me. Let me do something for you too. I'm not saying that I'll succeed but least let me try. You've always told me to never give up without trying haven't you? Do you want to go back on your own words?"Rose shook her head. She couldn't believe Ron remembered such things at a time like this. With that said, al
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