Whispers of Love

Whispers of Love

By:  racheldreamcatcher  Ongoing
Language: English
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Abigail a young intelligent staff was in love with her hard face boss Debbie. A love that most people wouldn’t accept nor expects, neither have they known that Abigail and Debbie overcame so many heartaches and trials before they’ve been so sure of what they’re feeling. When their worlds collide, amidst uncertainties they fought together and a new adventure of love begins. Different people have different love stories. The love between two people doesn’t come from snap of a finger and presto - two magical love relationships were born. For Abby and Debbie, a constant balance was their barometer for success. This goes to prove that emotions are not the only basis of love. True affection, commitment and respect must be present elements that will glue them together. Abby and Debbie’s love surpassed the test of time, characters and money. Within a year, they have acquired their own properties and eventually started living their lives together.

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nice story ! do u have any inquiries that i can keep in touch with you ? I have sth to discuss about the book
2022-03-30 18:30:37
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Maiden's Word.
love love love
2021-08-09 22:16:02
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Maiden's Word.
I love how the author's creativity and I love the author as well.
2021-08-09 22:14:02
9 Chapters
Praying For You
“My job interview is today. Can, you let me in, Sir?” Abby pleaded to one of the guards inside CityMall. ‘No, Ma’am! I am sorry. We need to close the list now. Many applicants are queuing to be interviewed today,’ Jeffrey explained. ‘Okay, what I can do now but to call it off. What a total waste of time,’ Abby sigh. ‘By 3 O’clock, I suppose to meet the hiring personnel,’ Abby gave the letter to him. He looks at it and politely says, ‘I am so sorry. I suggest contact them to give you another appointment. This was not my doing; I am just following orders from the higher management.’ ‘Yeah, I understand. Thank you.’ Abby went home in total dismay. She opens her laptop and begin composing an email to Sarah. An apologetic letter, explaining the incident today’s morning was sent to the secretary. Abby was happy as Sarah has been considerate, she got another schedule for next week. She must have been favored by t
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Falling For You
Abigail’s department closely works with the marketing team to ensure success. Within a month’s time Abby studied and re-structure media systems and set a six month strategy.  Every day she creates innovative ideas and collaborating with digital agencies to further reach online visibilities. Of course, Debbie sets her parameters to measure Abigail’s monthly performance. One normal day of Abby’s lunch break, Jack joined her. As they’re eating together, Jack can’t help his dismay with Debbie. This doesn’t escape Abby; she can immediate spot if something was going wrong with anyone she come in contact with. ‘So how are you Jack? Abby state, ‘Maybe you are lucky; I guess you are the only left here that Madam Boss haven’t laid her twisted fingers with,” as Jack bitterly throw jokes. ‘Uh, what do you mean Jack?’ she further ask. ‘Just be careful Abby, try to observe everything and everyone here especially our dear Madam Boss. In t
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Lovingly Jealous
Sarah decides to distant herself with Abby. Since the later was hired, the two become close friends. Sarah was a supportive staff to Debbie for seven years. As a matter of fact, Sarah became Debbie’s personal secretary for five years. Among the employees, Sarah kept work related confidentialities with Debbie. She knows her work ethics, her weaknesses and her family background. Yes they’re solid friends and Debbie has Sarah as her moral support especially in her professional aspirations. Both of them are married but Debbie lost her husband two years ago due to car accident. One annoying traits of her boss is that after her husband dies, Debbie’s personality has change. She was hard face; irritated and frequently exhausted. The friendly working environment was lost two years ago. Her staff finds her rude with occasion mood swings. Jack, start working in the mall two years after Sarah. He witnessed the transition of the company and he’s aware of Debbie’s history. Like Sarah he
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Thinking Of You
Debbie plans to buy a farm with huge hectares. She’s planning to build it as another source of income; an additional asset. She starts building her business plan for Home Farm. She doesn’t want to disclose to the team yet nor to the public. She calls Abby to accompany her to Home Farm that’s 300 km away from the CityMall. They’ll go direct to the farm early in the morning.  Abby even though hesitant, she joins Debbie on the farm trip.  The later haven’t told yet why they will go there. Abby volunteer driving since it’s a long trip to undertake. While on the road, Debbie does her normal work. Calling and taking calls from clients and doing other business transactions. The trip took a total of four days to finish the work including the travel time back and forth.  When they arrived on the farm early evening at 3pm, Debbie met the owner and his staff. They have private discussion for two hours. Debbie decides and paid in half of Pete’s farm.  
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A Test For You
Debbie plans to test Abigail’s loyalty and leadership. She hires a guy name Steven to offer Abby a new job outside her company. The following day, Abby received a call from Steven asking her to meet up with him for lunch as he wants to discuss an important matter. A job offer from a leading Ads agency in another city! Her salary will be triple and all her miscellaneous will be covered. Steven told her that the offer is open to her any time. Any moment she wants to start, the job is available at her convenience. Abby went home perplex. She likes the offer, one of the reasons she needs to earn more money is because she wants to save for her future. She had lost her possession way back several years because of her mismanagement. Abby was sent down to jail and has served two years in prison for an alleged tampering of documents. What makes Abby’s heart sick is that, she’s in love with Debbie and she wants to marry her. The only problem she has is; she belongs to a middle
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Missing You
October came so swiftly. All has goes well for Debbie and Abby. There was huge improvement in the social media system and all was taken care of. The report shows a tremendous impact about the mall. Abby managed to get good bargains for social media channels. The mall was featured on television commercials with a year’s contract. In spite of the success, Debbie is longing for Abby. She misses her so much. But she must pretend that she was strong enough to sacrifice Abby for a while. Debbie figures out that she really can’t feel any affection or attraction to Pete. Though she was hurting, she still continues to entertain Pete. She’s counting the months to finally be free of her agreement with Pete. Three more months I need to prolong in order to be stable according to company’s metrics and analysis. Debbie message Abby to visit and teach at least two hours even once a month for Jenny. They agree so. Abby went to teach Jenny. The cute girl is so happy t
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So Need But Far
Last 15th January, Debbie put an end to Pete’s courtship. The latter keenly understood. February crossed in towards Valentine’s Day, Abby arrange dinner in her club with Debbie. She make up that the Benson family is inviting her for a Valentine dinner. While Debbie’s waiting inside the bar, the waiter said to her, ‘I’m so sorry Madam that Mr & Mrs Eric  Benson cannot come tonight, but please stay, they’ve sent a representative to meet you in a short while. Meantime please relax and enjoy the night.’ The music stop, the DJ announces that this Valentine party has just begun. He introduces the next singer Alexis. “A wonderful evening to everyone, I would like to dedicate this song to all. Abby (Alexis in disguise), starts to sing. She put on her wigs so Debbie can’t recognize her. She went to Debbie’s table. Debbie is surprise and she can’t help laughing. ‘You are funny, Alexis? Abby to Debbie,
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Future Plans
Debbie calls Jack and transfers him to Abby’s department. ‘Ms. D’Souza will train you in two months. I will double your salary Jack. Just follow my orders. This is just between us.’ Next day Abby was surprise when Debbie and Jack walk in. Debbie brief Abby about the new internal shifting. Abby is contemplating. Does she have plans to kick me soon? Abby and Jack did their best to run the department well. In a span of time Jack learn many techniques. This gives Abby more time to concentrate on growing her pub. Now the love fiery shots are starting to shoot Abby.  Debbie instructs Steven and offer again to Abby the acid test. Steven met Abby again for the offer.  Abby refused the offer. ‘I’m loyal to my company, as long as the owner wants me to stay - I will stay. If she doesn’t need anymore, that’s the time I have to think of another option. For now I’m very much satisfied with my job.’ All the more, Debbie misses Abby. She admires her; what
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My Commitment To You
The two lovebirds were happily dating at the seaside.  Abby said to Debbie, “I will not approach you to be my girl unless I will prove to myself that I have something to give you. My past was horrible and devastated because of mismanagement. When you offered me that job I was the happiest person on earth. From then I haven’t waste any chance to bring back my life into order. I was not just lucky to have a good job, most of all I was fortunate to know you as my boss, and my other half.” Debbie releases a memo that Jack will be the new Media Department Head. Abby is not bother at all when Debbie talks to her about the transition. She still reports to the department especially to Jack as his moral support. Debbie asks Abby to drive for her towards Home Farm. They’re up for a long trip again. Debbie surprise her when she said, “Babe, will stay at Home Farm for two weeks. We have lots of work to do.” Abby was puzzle by repl
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