Forbidden love

Forbidden love

By:  Kandy_TheAuthor  Ongoing
Language: English
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Skylar, an only child of Mr. And Mrs. Dikgang faces challenges as she grows up. She and her father share a toxic relationship but things become worse when she came out to her dad as a lesbian. Concerning her love life, she falls for a girl who's already taken and becomes the third wheel which later turns into a love triangle.

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Ejomafuwe Sarah
Amazing book
2022-06-30 19:44:13
user avatar
good story, waiting for updates
2021-10-23 23:23:59
user avatar
Well it’s not bad for a new writer and in the near future I’m hoping for improvements.
2022-03-31 19:39:37
user avatar
Hoping to see more growth and improvements ...️
2022-01-01 07:55:45
10 Chapters
* One *
My eyes are watery, feeling the globus sensation down my throat as tears slowly rolled down my cheeks. " I loved you and sacrificed everything for you, guess I did not mean anything to you huh? " I said melancholically. Life is pointless, what is my purpose? Why do I always end up getting hurt? I thought as I stood at the edge of the cliff ready to jump. I am not thinking straight, everything is moving fast. I have let my anger get the best of me. Ready to jump I leaned forward and... Mr. Dikgang: This is unacceptable. If you wanna raise a faggot, do it elsewhere not here. This is my house. You see if it was not because of the freedom you have entitled her to, she would not have ended up like this. It is an abomination. Mrs. Dikgang: She is our daughter, this is who she is. There is nothing we can do except accept her for who she is. Mr. Dikgang: What? A faggot? Never. Over my dead body. Mom a
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* Two *
Skylar: Thanks.Damn, there are so many blocks where should I start? Ooh, I stared at a piece of writing. Wait the key has both the block and room number, so it is block 6 room 10. They have made my job easier. I finally found it, after long hours of search. Well, it has been a couple of minutes, I might be exaggerating. Wow this room is so pretty, well it is too girlish for my style but it is so clean. Looks like Kate has a problem at hand. I am more of a pig. I made myself at home, threw the bags on the floor and just laid on the bed, and eventually dozed off.Kate: Skylar! wake up (I felt a hand on my shoulder).Skylar: Shit! (I said impulsively) Who are you? (I spoke).I tend to act and say crazy shit when i wake up from my naps or deep sleep.Kate: It is Kate your ...Skylar: I know. (I interrupted). Lol do not mind me, I t
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* Three *
                                                    SkylarGuy: Hello I'm Thabo, Kate's boyfriend. You are? I'm sorry it is just that I haven't seen you around.Skylar: Skylar or Sky for short. (I said disappointedly. Boyfriend? I did not know that Kate had a boyfriend, why didn't she tell me before. Of course, we just met but, how did I miss this? my mood went down). Kate is not around now she went for a shower.Thabo: Ok no sweat, these are for her. (He hands over a rose bouquet and a small gift. How could I ever compete with that? I think I should back out, I got demoralized). So you are her cousin, friend?Skylar: Neither. I am her new roommate. I just arrived today.Thabo: OK welcome to B
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* Four *
                                                               KateStarring at my laptop screen. I decided to update my best friend Daniella about the whole Thabo situation so I Skype her. Daniella is my junior school bestie also bestie for life (BFF) of course. We have known each other for almost 5 years now. She is my ride or die. We tell each other everything and we even bathed together as kids. In fact, we do everything together, we even got matching tats (tattoos). From parties to traveling, heartbreaks and happy moments Dani has always been there for me.Kate: Answer the call, bitch. This motherfucker be... Hey, Dani! Daniella: Hey girlfriend wassup? (Excitedly).Kate: Nothing much gal. What too
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* Five *
                                                             Skylar Rose: So tell me Sky where are you from? What course are you pursuing, in a nutshell, tell me more about your life? (She said showing interest). Skylar: Well I do not know what to say except that my life is full of drama and complications. Um, I am Sky, I am 18 years old, I come from Serowe and I am doing Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering, year 1. I am a Motswana. I was born and raised in Botswana. All my life I grew up in an abusive home my Dad would physically abuse me and my mom. sometimes we would do nothing about it except stare and bear the pains. (I pause and get a little bit emotional, Rose comes closer, wraps her arms around me, and comforts me). One time things got so inten
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* Six *
Rose Kate: What brings you here? Oh my gosh, mom and dad are worried sick. Do you know that we have been trying to reach out to you but your line never goes through? They even thought you were kidnapped or something. Wow Kate, A.K.A perfect daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Miller, I guess she was always mommy and daddy's favorite. Always fancied beauty contests and I the black sheep of the family loved sporty stuff and hanging out with Russel my bro/buddy, one of the things my parents disliked. She started hating me when all the attention was given to me, what can I say last born privileges'. She made it her life mission to ruin my life. Well, all of that changed when I came out as a lesbian to my parents. They disowned me. What makes this situation worse is when they found out from someone else. You guessed right. Kate. She caught me making out with a girl, she promised me that she would keep it to herself. One day we had a heated argument and she spilled the beans. She could not even keep
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* Seven *
                                                                   Skylar After yesterday's unexpected event/ drama I am just glad that the two sisters finally worked out their differences and made up. Now I am left faced with yet another problem. Today is the day of the audition, I accidentally overdosed and hit the snooze button so I am more than an hour late. I rushed to the Multi-purpose hall where the auditions took place. Hopefully, it is still on.                                                  I saw the judges packing up...     Skylar: Excuse me I would like to audition for t
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* Eight *
                                                                Skylar I think Rose and I have a good thing going on, the chemistry we share together is unquestionable. I have always run from responsibilities and commitment but I think it is different with Rose. She is different although her sister, Kate was my true first love. Maybe it was never meant to be. Maybe I was just chasing dreams. I do not want to ruin a good thing with me and Rose. I think that it is high time I move forward and face reality. I think it is high time I quit chasing straight girls and start dating girls in the LGBTQ+ community.Lindiwe: So how was the interview did you ace it?I was so deep in my thoughts, I could barely process everything she just said.Sam:
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* Nine *
SkylarLindiwe: So where is this friend of yours? Lol.Skylar: She said she was on her way. (Rose and her lack of time management). There she is (I pointed) in the distance.What is she wearing?Rose: Hey, sorry I am late. Something came up. Hi, I am Rose by the way and you are? (She extended her arm towards Lindiwe).'Lindiwe: Lindiwe. (They shook hands).Skylar: Now that you have both met. Lindi this is my friend Rose and Rose vice versa. Wait what are you wearing? You do know that we are skating right? You can't skate wearing... You should be dressed in PPE, not a skirt and pumps. Right now you look like you are going to the club. Rose: come on, cut me some slack. Can't a girl look stylish?Skylar: No! I did not say that but safety comes first. You know what, today is a beautiful day and I do not want to ruin it by arguing so let us leave it.Rose: Fine!Something was off about Rose. She does not seem to be her
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* Ten *
SkylarAs I stood by my bedroom window, the waning light of the day poured through the glass, giving a warm glow on the room. The colors of the dying sun graced the landscape outside, painting the sky in a stunning pallet of oranges, pinks, and purples.The drapes flowed gently in the air, creating a ballet of shadows and light on the walls. Rose and I rested against the window sill, transfixed by the spectacle unfolding in front of us.The sun, like a blazing ball of fire, dropped lower in the sky, sending long, beautiful shadows across the landscape. The rooftops and trees became silhouettes against the painted backdrop, lending depth and intrigue to the image.As I watched the natural beauty from the comfort of my own sanctuary with the woman I adore, I felt a sense of appreciation welling up inside of me. A sensation of calm and peace flooded over me as the warmth of the waning sunshine swept over me.
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