Catch-22: To Die Is To Live Hard

Catch-22: To Die Is To Live Hard

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Join the Captain on a thrilling ride as she uncovers hidden secrets and fights for justice in this action-packed story. Blanche, the mission-oriented Captain, is struggling with the dilemma of eradicating those she deems unnecessary, and the return of her presumed dead wife, Venus. As she sips her steaming coffee, Blanche ponders her life's twists and turns and wonders if she's the cause of all the troubles. Follow her as she sets out to complete her mission while trying to protect her loved ones. Meanwhile, Venus' team is doubtful about the route they're taking to Blanche's backup location, and anxiety is building up as they struggle to avoid physical contact with the unknown organization that infiltrated their campsite. Will Blanche and Venus' team meet and work together to fight the unknown organization, or will their paths diverge? Follow the action as Blanche fights for justice and Venus' team tries to survive in this suspenseful story.

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Shania Millares
I love this book ...
2023-10-11 18:29:49
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it's gooooood! exciting plot and twist!
2022-10-11 02:04:25
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Hands down to you, author! Superb description in every chapters. Looking forward to read more updates from you! This is cool!
2022-06-20 16:30:49
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crystaliaaital laruisse
2022-06-13 22:00:03
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The Starting Point
THE WORLD seems to be a better place to live in, but who is she kidding anyway? The world was silly for her to be able to survive. Consequently, some people, preferred to be called Scientist, has their own explanation about this. Even those great philosophers whose minds are too confused and curious about this world. A suitable example was the late yet still famous Herbert Spencer who once concluded – Survival of the Fittest – whereas the world act as the game board and human are the players.             The world is just a big mess, just like this place. The edifice was deserted over a hundred years yet it was highly constructed due to its price which is worth a billion dollars - it shows the literal connotation of the expression "old but gold". Many investors and business capitalists tend to bid over this establishment. People, nowadays, kept on purchasing possessions. But why? To prove to others that they wer
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The Dirge
FUNNY how life plays with her as if it is having a satisfactory time giving her mischievous tricks. Just when she was about to start her life anew - just when she is about to start her life to settle, unanticipated and excruciating things will occur. Suffice to say, the world is full of wonder - the world is full of unexpected things. Full of bewilderment for she wasn’t able to find the explanation unless she’ll compromise and take time to scrutinize it. Too bad, people nowadays would rather spend their life doing foolish business; attending parties, and such rather than simply exploring the missing answers to those often called philosophical questions. Oftentimes, those philosophical questions remain unanswered as people remain unbothered by the truth.            Blanche was riding her big bike all the way home while Aerith was driving her wheels. She was behind Blanche, following her path as s
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The Stranger's Arrival
BLANCHE has always wondered why people are afraid to lose someone they love. Why losing someone brings people pain; heartache? On top of that, why people are afraid of letting go of someone they valued the most? Perhaps, it is because people are afraid to experience despair.             It has been their routine; lose someone and in return, they’ll meet someone much better than the other one. But who knows? Blanche's life has always been a rollercoaster ride for her. She could not even think of any reason as to why she was being treated like this - had she been a sinful individual in her past life? That, she doesn't know.             It was in the middle of December, the surrounding was covered with a pile of snow - migratory birds have left towards the south, tree branches are already blanketed with dense snow. People wear sweaters and gloves to evade the co
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The Realm
THE PLACE that they visited was full of stuff. Guns, pistols, and rifles varied in their kind, magazine, and bullets. Target statues, swords, and the like. It was hell-ish. The sound of the metallic sharp objects echoed inside, and the yelp of those people can also be heard. It was a deadly challenge - at least for the recruit. Perhaps, it wouldn't be the military if their training would not involve any firing weapons. Training. It was two weeks since the recruit arrived and since that day, the General ordered them to conduct training, and when they say training, it is not about doing some exercise that will not make your body ache, it is the other way around. The training they undergo made those trainees yelp out loud - almost curse themselves as to why they are still living their lives like this. Punching hard things such as hollow blocks, carrying a sock full of sand, moving fast like a ninja, diving and staying for thirty minutes underwater, making traps and ammo, and
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The Dumpsite
THE SKY was a mixture of black and orange, red-orange perhaps. The dawn just strike on land and early this time, Blanche and her battalion had just arrived at the said training ground, but for the latter, it was more likely a dumpsite. Blanche sees this place as a site of a human who was thrown to die. Blanche sighed as she tried to shrug off the thought of what she had seen earlier. She couldn't argue with herself as she was unsure if what she had seen was indeed accurate. Jeez, why am I being preoccupied with that silhouette of a being? I'm not even sure if that's her! She mumbles from inside. On the other hand, while the Captain is occupied with her previous memory of that someone, the recruits drop their bags on the snowy ground and look around, buzzing like bees can be heard. They can’t believe that they made it! Who wouldn’t be? After facing a snowstorm, staying in an igloo just to keep them warm and walking on a snowy path make them shiver to death. Most
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The Recruit
THE SUN isn’t up yet, but Alexis already budged in inside the trainees’ room. “Wakey, wakey,” she said, hitting her stick on the metal bar of the bed. The trainees groan with astonishment. Who wouldn't be? Their commando bulged in in their room in the middle of their sleep! But they had no choice but to obey what the superior had commanded them. “Get ready for today’s training. Move faster, turtle buddies!” said Alexis as she leave the trainees’ room and budged in with the others, just like the others, they groan because of the surprise. But what do they even expect? Blanche leans on the porch, sipping on her cup as the steaming coffee touches her wounded lips. Aerith punch me real hard yesterday, she thought as she remember their sparring yesterday. It was their second sparring since they arrived here. She chuckles and shrugs as she reminisces what they've always done when they had enough time. “So the captain was up early,” Alexis tapped her sh
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The Vengeance
FIRE. The whole cabin was on fire! How does it happen? Nobody knows. Even Blanche who was now showering with her own sweat doesn’t know a single thing. All she knew is that when she came back after doing their mission, the whole cabin was on fire. “Good thing all the trainees are outside,” Son Hyun Ah said, heaving a deep breath. Blanche look around, one, two, three, four, wait--- how many was the recruit anyway? All she knew was she had five of them. What was the name of those five? The captain's trying to recognize their names and faces. “Wait! Have you seen Aracelli?” she inquired to others, worried about the other recruit. She glanced at the spot where they were resting but there was no Aracelli. She return her glance to the burning fire, the front part of it was now fuming like hell. She looked at Aerith who was currently wearing a breathing apparatus. “Aerith, may I borrow that?” she drew her attention to Aerith and then back to the cabin. She thought t
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The Unlooked-for
THE PAIN will make you yelp, whimper, and cry out loud. To torment, that was their work but it was like that the fate has reversed. The General didn’t see this coming, well at least he did not foresee this one to come this fast. A group of opponents entered their site without their knowledge. “How are you, General?” Agent Ghost inquired, walking towards the higher official. The fierce eyes of the girl meet the innocent yet bold look of the General. “I’m expecting you to be surprised,” she added while wearing a sweet smile. The agent is holding her M27 Infantry Automatic Rifle across her chest while looking intently at the General, alert that every moment, the General might fire at her. “You’re alive?” asked the General, a puzzled look can be traced on the officer's face. Perhaps the General could not believe his very eye. Here, standing in front of him, his previous officer. By the question asked by her former superior, the agent and her comrades could not he
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The Samsara
THE MIDNIGHT air touches the being’s skin yet she was oblivious about it. Walking back and forth along the middle of this place calm herself. She haven’t slept for two days, worried about the higher officer. Aracelli pulled her hair out of frustration, biting her lower lips. “Seems like you’re still awake,” said a voice from nowhere. Taken aback, Aracelli slowly looks at her back to see nothing. “Who’s that?” she said, acting valiant. She heard a shaking of the bushes and just in front of her jumped a familiar figure. “Trainees are not allowed in here,” the guest’s voice gave a shiver in her spine, it was strange for Aracelli. “You should go inside and take a rest,” the guest added and try to walk away but Aracelli stopped her. “Please stop bypassing me,” she pleaded as she held Blanche’s left arm tightly. The latter did not bother to look in Aracelli’s way instead, Blanche fidget her arms just for Aracelli to let it go but to no avail. “What the fu
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The Depiction
TIRING and nerve-racking, Aracelli’s chest was pounding up and down as she take a rest. Both hands are placed on her both knee, making it support. She hasn’t got enough slumber, again, and yet, here she is, doing some routine on her own this daybreak. “I can do this,” she kept on murmuring as sweat made its way to her cheeks from her forehead. “I can do this,” she repeated. Picking the swords up, she made her stance and shut her eyes. “Keep yourself alert. You need to protect yourself from now on, Aracelli. Don’t let yourself get in trouble again just like what happened in the past.” She said those words to herself, making her feel proud. She continues the drill until her dark past chases her. The place was haunted, from the little girl’s standpoint. Terrified as she was, the fugitive guffawed like a mad wicked witch that you can see in films. Quivering in distress, she moved closer to the wall, greeting the cold surface. Shattered glass was on the floor’s ca
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