Bedded by the Beast

Bedded by the Beast

By:  Tamara  Completed
Language: English
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Mariah Castello was an ordinary village girl when she was sold by her father to help feed her family. She thought things would never her better for her, until she meets the king. She was horrified and terrified for the fate that lied before her, but nothing could have prepared her for King Elijah Rossetti, the most feared man in the whole of Italy..He was an evil cruel man who had a heart of pure of darkness - if he even had one at all - and he just so happen to set his sights on Mariah, the sweet and innocent new maid. Mariah knew better than to get involved with the king, but what the king wants the king gets and this king wants her.What will happen when Mariah comes face to face with true cruelty of king Elijah only to see he isn't as cruel as the rumours say?And what will she do when the king claims her as his?

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25 Chapters
PROLOGUE_______Mariah She waited silently in my bedroom for her father to call her in. But she knew what was happening already. Her family was poor and in desperate need of money and her father was too weak to earn enough from just selling the fruits and  vegetables alone. They needed money. She had 4 siblings, excluding herself, and they needed to be educated, clothed and fed.She didn't blame my father... she could never blame him. She knew deep down that if he had any other option he would have taken it. But he didn't.Her eyes clouded with tears as she heard the knock on her door. She took a deep breath, picked up her bags before she opened the door. Her father stood there with a sad look in his eyes and she knew he blamed himself for not being able to provide for his family. She shook her head and gave him a smal
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??????? 1__________??????  I stepped out of the carriage, my body trembling from the cold wind, no sun to be seen at all in the dark skies.Where am I?I thought as I stared upon the building. They placed my hands in cuffs and forced me to the door pushing and prodding at me and the other unfortunate girls toward the ominous .I felt tears in my eyes as soon as we stepped inside and I saw all the women kept in cages. I wanted to turn around and run as I saw the filthy floor where poor girls were being beaten and raped and some even lying dead.I shook my head, in disbelief as I tried to run, but before I could take a single step a jolt of electricity shot through my wrist making me screaming with pain."No" I screamed as I saw the other girls also on the floor. The pain stopped as the guards stood over us with malicious smirks."Try
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CHAPTER 2__________MARIAH My new master forced me on his lap as he placed his nose to my neck, inhaling deeply."You smell delectable, slave" he said, licking the crevice of my neck. "I can't wait to taste you when we get back to the house".His large grubby hands came to my breast squeezing it tightly before he forced me to face him. His hand came to my cheek squeezing it and forcing a kiss to my lips.I found myself gagging as he pushed his tongue into my mouth, biting my lip and drawing blood."Your blood is delectable" he murmured sucking on my how bleeding lip. The carriage came to a halt and I was ever so grateful when the driver spoke out."We are here, sir".The old man sighed but stood up, making me fall to the floor."Get up, bitch. We have a meeting to attend. " he said, but didn't bother waiting for me to get up and dragged me out if the carriage. I fell to the floor with a t
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CHAPTER 3__________MARIAH It happened so quickly,  sir john didn't even see it coming. Just as his grimy hands traced my lips, just as he pushed his thumb into my mouth, the king let out a vicious growl standing to his feet. It was so low. So scary even I froze, too scared to even breathe. Sir John's eyes went wide. He looked up at the king in fear as he let me go, but he remained frozen in his seat."Sir John. You have been an ally of the crown all your life, your family has been allies of the crown since the beginning of the Rossetti lineage. You ancestors served and aided my ancestors before the Rossetti's came to rule the kingdom of Italia." The king said, his face dark as he sat back down."So tell me sir John. How much for your slave? What would you like? I'm willingly to give you whatever you ask for" the king said. Sir John looked shocked as his jaw fell open."Y- your m
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CHAPTER 4_______MARIAH I blush and look down, so embarrassed that he heard that. He growls again, but it isn’t a threatening one. No, this one sounds almost teasing... playful even. I look up to see him already staring with a soft look in his eyes."Are you enjoying that?" He questions as I take in spoonful after spoonful without complaint. I lick my lips and nod my head, not as scared of him as when I first saw him in his tea room."Good, little one. I want you to eat all of it for me. Okay?" He said before handing me the bowl and what is left of its contents. I took it with a sulky face not really feeling like eating anymore. I would never admit, but I enjoyed the feeling I got when he fed me.He stood staring and waiting for a 2 from me. I looked up at him, still unsure but agreed nonetheless "Okay, your majesty" I said but as soon as I glanced at the porridge I didn't feel hungry a
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CHAPTER 5__________MARIAH   I looked up into the eyes of my father as he came walking in through the front door, his face gleaming with excitement.I squealed with excitement as I stumbled down the short passage and into his arms, he caught me with his ease....he always did."Hello Papa" I said in my baby voice, I was only 5 years old at the time. still the only child and the apple of my fathers eye."Hello baby. Where your mama?" He asked placing me on his hip as he walked further into our small house and to the main room."Hey, hunny" my father greeted, his face still young with age as he smiled widely. I always loved his smile, because it showed how happy he was."Hello, I'm glad your back" my mother said walking to my father and giving him and bug hug and a kiss making me squeal in disgust.My mother looked
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CHAPTER 6______MARIAHThe king gave me 3 days to recover before I was being moved to a lower floor and I was given a maid uniform. I didn’t understand why. He treated me so nicely that first day, he gave Sir John’s entire family immunity from death to get me, yet now that he has me, I am a maid. It just doesn’t make sense. For the last 2 days I have been waking up every morning and cleaning the same rooms on the same floor, continuously, just waiting to catch a glimpse of his highness.But today was a new day, and I was sick of waiting around for someone to tell me what was happening. I walked down the steps to the first floor and looked for anyone that could help me, but strangely there was no one around. I walked around, going up to the third floor where I heard the sound of giggling coming from one of the room doors.Happy to have found another living thing I did
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Chapter 7_______Mariah  I took a deep breathe as the butler knocked on the large double oak doors. I held the cloth to my neck as the door opened and a maid stood to the side, her head bowed in respect with the King sitting by his desk, reading through some documents. “Forgive me, your highness. She wouldn’t take no for an answer” Butler Aldridge said fearfully as the King continued to write notes on his parchment. The butler was visibly shaking as his grip on my arm tightened painfully. Fear began to bubble in my stomach as I suddenly forgot what exactly I wanted from him, all the anger I felt dissolved into a pit of nothingness when it came to face his aura. The king looked up, unimpressed as his eyes fell onto me and then the butler and then to the red-stained cloth in my hand. “Leave us” he said to the maid and the butler, and they
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Chapter 8 _____ Elijah   I stormed out of the castle my control slipping as I rushed for the forest. I let out a growl, half me and half the beast within me. Fucking Mariah. She was messing with my mind, I had never felt such a need for another person as I have felt for her. It was supernatural. The feelings I had for her were unnatural. Her scent lingered around me and drove me mad as I tried to escape it. It was the smell of her innocence, a smell the seemed to multiply the second I touched her. The wetness that pooled between her legs told me how ready she was. The way she whimpered and moaned told me how badly she wanted me, she wanted us. The way she said our name made us mad with lust. The beast tried to take over, or at least he tried to take control of my conscious, but he had only ever gotten that right once. Anger began to bubble in
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Chapter 9_______Mariah  The king let out a low laugh as he looked toward the books I had spent most of my time reading, before he looked at me. The way his eyes burned into me, it made me want to sink into the chair completely. "And what am I exactly, Mariah?" He asked sarcastically, trying to fool me into believing that I was acting crazy, but I wouldn't fall.I stood up from my chair and took big, confident  steps toward him, until we were toe to toe. "You are not human. You are a vampire, I know you are and I believe that most noblemen are after what I have seen these last few days..." I paused and looked up at him, "But you, my king" I said as I circled around him, "you're stronger than the rest, you're special, even... And I know why. It's because you aren't just a vampire. You are the first born son of your father and you are a Rossetti
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