Chapter 2


She woke up restless.

Her eyes widened with explicit dread as her heavy breaths lingered on the eerie yet silent atmosphere, for she just found herself caught in an unpleasant nightmare, no---

--not her.

None of those faces that mysteriously spawned in her dream stirred up her feelings. So, why the fear?

She slowly took heavy breaths, calming herself down. The cold that she didn't manage to notice earlier embraced her sweaty skin.

She looked at the bigger picture as her surrounding enigmatically intrigued her more.

There were picture frames on the gray walls of plaster and some papers and scrolls piled up on the wooden table. Not a window in sight and just a wooden door in front of her. She could not see much because of the inadequate light inside the room, but an overwrought feeling suddenly bloomed in her chest.

All, at the same time, she felt nostalgic and not. She felt home and not. She kind of knew this place and not.

What does that suppose to mean?

Her head then ached, making her grip her silver hair. Nothing, not a memory. She cannot remember even a single thing.

'Who am I?'

That question rang in her mind as her head unpleasantly ached.

In instinct, she pounced up to the ceiling beam after a moving shadow from the other side of the door caught her attention. This thoughtless action too overwhelmed her, for she did not feel something intimidating from the shadow. Worse was, the beam was too high for her to reach in her perspective.

'What is happening?'

The door opened, the seemingly owner of the room felt thunderstruck after realizing the changes inside the room, making his things from his embrace fall to the floor.

She silently crawled nearer to the door before his things could even reach the floor. As the entity by the door appeared to be in a daze, she took that chance to strike.

She swiftly jumped over him but before she could even touch him, his palms were now pointing in her direction and a fire, sparkling on the open-air went towards her.

Both were in shock, as she watches the fire coming closer to her, and as he has known who he's about to hit. Everything was so slow and so fast, that a sudden and familiar sensation collided in the air.

He diverted his assault in an instant and caught her off the air. His back felt the hard ground as he assured her safety with a fervent hug, but in not less than a minute, he shrilled in disbelief as he found himself being turned to his stomach with both of his hands being locked to his back.

"Where am I?" Her cold and stern voice made him widen his eyes. That woman who locked him in place never once emitted such an intimidating temperament before.

She watched him being intrigued by this scenario, but by being impatient for his answer, she uttered another question that made the inside of him felt like it was being crushed bits by bits.

"Who are you?"

It was painful to hear. His dreams shattered, the string of hope that he once clung unto broke. It painted his world with blinding darkness, as the person he once loved does not remember him anymore.

He let that excruciating truth pierce his heart and topple his mind because before this scenario could even happen; he expected this possibility, but never did he imagined, it would wound him this much.

Because whenever this experiment of his resulted in oblivion, it meant he failed.

It has been years after all when SHE died!

As she slowly scanned the exposed side of his face, her chest ached even more than earlier. Her grip weakened as the pain eluded her from the situation.

He freed himself from her grip and readied himself for the unbearable scene which is extinguishing her from living once more.

His hand refined another ball of fire, but a sight made him stop his hand in the air.

He watched the woman sitting in front of him sob as her tears were falling down her cheeks. He noticed how she seemingly grabbed her chest in pain.

"Why does seeing you pained me so much?" She annoyingly and painfully muttered with her head down to the ground. The thought of not being able to decipher her own feelings made things harder for her.

His eyes showed hints of shock and joy from her statement, as a spark of hope flamed on him although he failed. It has been years of experiments, trying to bring back her soul to this flesh and bone body in front of him.

Necromancy is not a joke and a hint of amnesia is mostly the reason to conclude that it failed, that the body and the soul aren't compatible together. Thus, amnesia will occur, both for the body and the soul.

But her statement made him wager, that maybe the lonely years of the soul made the soul forget, but the body wasn't able to.

Choices clashed in his mind, for such a possibility rarely happens. No, it's likely impossible to happen.

"You seemed confused, why don't you come with me outside. Maybe you can be able to remember something?" Yes, he did not give up yet, he will probably want to make this circumstance go the way he wanted to.

Unexpectedly, she was calm after hearing his gentle voice. It was not so high, not so low, and somewhat nostalgic.

She gave him a nod and wiped her tears away.

They strolled out of the room and found themselves in a sanctum wasteland of healthy green grasses, and with the help of the starry night sky; it was a delighted setting. He watched how fascinated she was, making his lips curl into a smile.

"Minutes from now, Sirius will light up the sky with his monthly performance." He spoke up. That performance should never be missed.

"Sirius?" she looked at him with genuine bliss.

"The Star keeper," He answered as he gazed up to the heavens. Hoping that after seeing that performance, it would trigger something in her. It was something these two had been doing years back when they were together, that is watching the sky light up.

There then, from the horizon, was a blazing comet. As its trails of blue and orange remnants were slowly fading away, her mouth agape with wonder.

In her eyes were distinct hints of amusement, but it was then changed with an unforeseen realization. This scene has an obvious resemblance to the comet in her so-called dream.

'They were the same.' She clamored on her mind. 'How come?'

Another round of pain from overlapping scenes, settings, and memories made her hold her head with both of her hands.

He noticed her ample struggle and immediately held her shoulders to make her face him.

"Are you okay?" He gritted his teeth with concern as he hears her whine of pain.

Is this it? Are her memories finally coming back? What identity is she going to have? Were his hopeless years of experiment with necromancy, be paid off right now?

A second of wide eyes as her brain was incessantly receiving information. Her memories came back. The pain also has ceased, and the confusion became more extreme.

How did she even come to such a place? What is this place anyway? What is happening? Who is this guy?

She finally had the courage to look back to the dazzling night sky as she was being held tightly in this unknown man's arms.

She finally remembered who she was, she's 'the' assassin.

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