Before the night falls
Before the night falls
Author: Giuseppe Astrid

Chapter 1


This is a work of fiction.

Names, characters, businesses, places, events, and incidents are either the products of the author's imagination or used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.


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It was a starry night.

Pale shades of sky blue and pigments of the sunset paints the night sky as its source is gradually heading to the east.

It was a special night, for they are about to see a once in a lifetime miracle with their naked eyes. A celestial body, of ice and dust, has finally found its way back to the atmosphere of this world after its million years of lonely astray in the universe, a comet of unknown origin, so experts say.

"It is a miracle. indeed."

Synnaveille Town, the luckiest of the lucky, has the most amazing view of it. The comet shone brighter than the full moon, enough to illuminate the cultivating town.

Yet, in there, the beauty of the scene has lost its meaning, as young, teen, and old were watching it with their awe filled-eyes and faint sad smiles.

An inevitable noise then shocked the night. So frightening and familiar, that whenever it echoes in the town, they pray for the life that it has taken, for another blood was spilled on the so-called innocent land.

By the dark alley, men on their blue identical distinctive set of clothes were sprinting towards where the sound elapses, in search of its rigid source.

"Humans err and Law is created as a reason not to." Those petty words came out of her mouth as she locked her emotionless gaze upon the crimson floor.

The fluorescent light lit the gruesome sight, making the thick crimson red liquid glitter in beauty.

The frosty night wind blew in from the open terrace in front of her, making her wavy auburn hair, stretching down to her elbows, dance with it as it passes by.

"To err is human and judgment is also not for them to bestow." Behind her was a man of white robes, comparing to her light clothes; black semi-shorts, black sleeveless shirt, and a thin vest.

By himself, he sheared away his fear to clamor these words, for he was there when the massacre began.

She glanced to her back, only to find him standing far in front of her without even a hint of common fear. Her numb ruby orbs collided with his azure gaze.

There, she judged him as a man who deserves to live.

Familiar she was to him, not as a friend but as a fiend herself.

Twenty wicked lives were eliminated using her very own hands, but to her, it was only a mere number. She began hunting hostile humans that had lost their sole humanity, even if it means she will lose hers too. There's no way she would just back out, for she's now a wanted criminal.

"Well said," After the long delay, she finally replied with the same numb face.

Written all over her, everyone could guess that she was as cold as the long winter night and deadly as the hurricane. No one even wondered why she even decided to numb her heart away from any warmth. After all, to the people, she's nothing but a murderer.

Hard stomping footsteps ruptured from outside the room, making her jolt at the door; it is time for her to leave.

"Judge me, Father, for God himself can't stop me." She, with her haughty tone, ended their terse conversation. She strolled towards the terrace, jumped over a lifeless body, and finally, she reached the fence. She looked down to see herself far above the empty ground. She's on the third story of a building, to be exact.

With not another doubt, she held onto the fence and jumped out with no hesitation.

As she was still in the mid-air, she looked up to the heavens as the ball of blue and orange light reflected to her crimson red eyes, piercing in through her barren and young soul.

Now that she could see it up close this time than the last time she discovered it, she felt bliss.

She named her (comet) Astrid, not that she found a strange connection with it, but the fact that its existence was rather odd or even impossible.

Breaking every bit of firm Laws of physics.

Still, in the air, the comet illuminated her with splendid elegance. No one could witness it, but surely another miracle is about to happen.

Her face created a rare stunned expression as she watches herself slowly being engulfed by a faint emerald light, starting from her feet towards her head. Time slowed down as her memories overlapped.

She was born with a dream once, to stop and catch people like who she was now, but fate led her to another way. Her parents, both astronomers, died in front of her eyes, and they [killers] let her live only to watch them shine upon the heavens while she lived her life with nothing but resentment.

She then continued her life; heading to the path her parents wanted her to take, Astronomy, but that was not the only case.

As she learned about the stars, she's silently learning the art of taking life, believing that one day; she will be free from her torments.

Now that she questioned God, what life does He have in store for her?

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