Before the night falls

Before the night falls

By:  Giuseppe Astrid  Ongoing
Language: English
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After being illuminated by a seemingly mythical comet, a domineering assassin a.k.a astronomer was transferred to another world. The world where human Myths and Legends live and exist.She's now living the life of a resurrected sprite as her new identity while fighting off tempting magic with logical science.Two worlds collide,Twists of fate led her to learn and scavenge the mysteries of this world until she wondered,"Was this all a dream?"♥️ ©️ 2020 by _iLied-

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Julia Nora
keep going, i am curious what will happen next ;) and by the way, if you have any social media to keep up with your readers, would you please let me know? thank youu :)
2021-07-15 16:53:56
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2020-10-05 12:11:06
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ken_ken kawaii
I loved it??
2020-10-02 19:48:43
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Well-written; a new kind of 'otherworldly' isekai experience. I like how the author describes every part with flavor and mystery. Keep it up!! xD
2020-11-02 05:08:05
22 Chapters
Chapter 1
----DISCLAIMER----This is a work of fiction.Names, characters, businesses, places, events, and incidents are either the products of the author's imagination or used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.___qp___ALSO, Please don't forget to leave a review. :>THANK YOU.©2020 by _iLied-© Credit to the cover photo.---It was a starry night.Pale shades of sky blue and pigments of the sunset paints the night sky as its source is gradually heading to the east.It was a special night, for they are about to see a once in a lifetime miracle with their naked eyes. A celestial body, of ice and dust, has finally found its way back to the atmosphere of this world after its million years of lonely astray in the universe, a comet of unknown origin, so experts say."It is a miracle. indeed."Synnaveille Town, the luckiest of the lucky, has the most amazing view of it. The comet shone brighter than the full moon, enough to illum
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Chapter 2
Restless!She woke up restless.Her eyes widened with explicit dread as her heavy breaths lingered on the eerie yet silent atmosphere, for she just found herself caught in an unpleasant nightmare, no---
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Chapter 3
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Chapter 4
"Biska is always scary as hell and Hayden, that peach-haired moron, you should avoid bumping onto him and there is Omri, he's the strongest..."As Manasseh led her to the library, Yuna took a note of the entire hallway they walked by. The walls and ceilings were nothing peculiar and kind of similar to every Asian traditional house in the so-called actual world.
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Chapter 5
The question of how this 'Yuna' died kept swirling in her mind. She just found out that "Yuna" was a former Light\life pillar, but then, 'she' died."To whom did 'she' pass her powers to, and what can this so-called special power do?"The book coul
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Chapter 6
This incident made her stop thinking for a while and decided to go back to her room. She locked her gaze upon the window as she lay down on her soft bed.Towering evergreen trees peeked in on her window as her longing gaze reprieved, in search of a non-fraudulent life.A sight then evaded her mind. Far behind the sturdy trees was a towering tan wall. It was extending for a considerable distance unknown to her. She wondered,What kingdom was she now?Does she possess some powers too?The sight was still giving off late midday signs, time here was indeed moving so slowly than she expected. How she wished to just wake up from this lucid dream, see the beautiful stars again and make those free criminals pay.In contrast to this supernatural world where they indulge themselves with magic and power, money was everything to Earth. It overpowered people's flaming passion and blatantly bent the so-called non-concurring Law. That's the reason why her parents were killed, after all, Greed.Her be
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Chapter 7
"Ah, nope." She furrowed.Before he could even take a step away, the so-called silver-haired male elfin pulled the hem of his tattered yet not dirty cotton clothing. Her retorting feat was so fast that the 'pup's' lips departed, leaving a quick squeak from her sudden pull."Not a chance."Yuna instantly cupped his clothes in search of the pocket until she pulled out an ice-blue bracelet."You suck at this but nice try." She stood up as she let him take one last glimpse of the bracelet before she scuffled in back to her wrist. She pushed the kid away and started strolling to continue her observation.Stealing was something she did not expect to happen that, but it was not a big deal either. The fact that a kid like him learned to steal was kind of pitiful to her. She never thought such poverty would even spawn in this almost-perfect world. Maybe she let herself be blinded by what magic could even do, that they could be able to do everything they want that were beyond humans.The young w
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Chapter 8
The sun was a quarter away before setting beyond the horizon. The different pace of time was slowly triggering her jet lag, which was extremely troublesome. Thankfully, no signs of familiar entities looking for her appeared but that doesn’t mean she would let her guard down. It not that she wouldn’t go back but she just wanted the stroll she always does before, something like that.After hours of sauntering around, they decided to take a rest and fill their stomachs by a bistro they managed to find.“This place wasn’t that helpful as I expected,” She sighed as she set her elbow on the wooden table and rested her chin on her palm. She gradually crossed her feet as she watched every creature, big and small, pass by.“Is this your first time here in the Capital, mister?” The ‘pup’ who was eating and sitting opposite to her asked.“You could say that,” she mumbled, "Is this the only place to buy stuff?” She would not expect a shopping mall in such a place but a smuggling illegal marketpla
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Chapter 9
“Any sign of her?” Omri asked the worried and frustrated Manasseh, who without a second thought, has roamed around the whole castle to look for Yuna. “None,” She burst out, now crying after prolonging her sullen agony for more than an hour. What if someone abducted her? What if Yuna was in danger right now? They need to find Yuna as soon as possible for her existence was something that should be kept confidential from the public. If the Council were to know about her resurrection, death was certain for her or worse, there wouldn't even be a proper burial, and the truth about her real identity would be nothing but a theory.There's one more place to search, and that is outside the academy. He would not risk wasting the time just by waiting for the so-called ‘All-knowing’ to find her, so he decided to search for her instead.Without a second thought, he unerringly sprinted towards the white marble balcony in front of them and jumped out with the support of his left hand.“Omri!” Manass
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Chapter 10
“You two are not sent here to just pull me back, right?” Zyair narrowed his amber eyes as he scanned the two folks standing in front of him.‘Seemingly an elf, ah no, a sprite and a young ‘Yuu’ni’.” He thoughtfully assumed.No, they were not that familiar to Zyair, except for that silver-haired guy, who had been giving him an uneasy yet familiar feeling.He was a little tall, slim, and was wearing clothes male elfin mostly wear. His messy silver bangs, long entangled hair, and emerald gaze made him look domineering and frigid. That silver hair color though, it only made him remembered that ‘annoying’ brat.“No, my teacher needs your help to look---” Zyair cut the young Yuu’ni off with a zany groan.Regardless of Yuna’s accentuated male features, Zyair was able to see through her disguise; he was the so-called ‘all-knowing’ after all. Not a simple disguise such as those can or will even fool him. “Nah, go away. Do I look like a book of guide to you?” He closed his eyes and decided to
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