Being Alive

Being Alive

By:  Sofia Kikabidze  Completed
Language: English
6 ratings
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Kylie Walker had a very sad past. She was broken. The only ones who care and help her being alive are her brother, dad and friends. But is it really the feeling of being alive. Or probably half dead? Raffael King is an infamous bad boy. He is a city's heartthrob. He was in Spain this whole time, away from everyone he loves. His life was nothing but torture. What will happen when two broken parts will merge into one? When will they feel completely alive? It's a modern fairy tail, so will there be a happy ending?

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Case Bee
It was really very great story, almost got teary in many moments you are a great author. Team #REFLIE. lots of love. Definately recommending it.
2022-09-06 03:30:39
default avatar
Gosh now I can’t wait to know what next ? These two are drivin mg me crazy 😂
2021-06-09 02:45:53
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Анрі Кікабідзе
A very gripping plot. I love you book. Keep updating it, because I can't wait to read more!!!!
2021-06-01 23:58:06
default avatar
WOW!!! I already love it. The characters are great, the plot keeps me one the edge of my sit!!!! I totally recommend it
2021-04-10 01:11:40
default avatar
Their constant indecision almost drive me crazy, sometimes I wanted to smack them but I understand that their younger age and the emotional hurt lead them to neglect their feelings.
2022-11-21 03:34:38
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Katelynn Paz Snow
it's very apparent that English is not the authors fist language, the scenes of the story don't flow together well, and the time lines make no sense ( at school all day then has work a bit later but only stays long enough to serve two customers? )
2021-11-24 16:28:43
114 Chapters
Chapter 1
It was last day of summer. Last day of holidays and last day of freedom. Yeah, I love holidays, because that's when i can do whatever i want and just don't care about school and homework. But I was so depressed, because I have to go to school tomorrow and I just want to have fun with my best friends and my brother Lincoln, I call him Linc. We were spending our last day on the beach, it was 2 hours away from our home.The waves were hitting the shore, the sun was shinning brightly and the day seemed calm. The only place that could help me escape from my problems was the ocean. I was a very lonely person from the childhood, but then Mia and Jeremy appeared in the picture. My heart was still limited though. They were the only people who found a key to my cold heart. I may say that I'm a pessimistic person. I laugh probably 2 times a day and only with my friends and brother. I don't know why they are talking with me in the first place, but maybe they are the ones who truly unders
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Chapter 2
Is it..."Raffael King!" Mia said. Everyone was looking at him. And then I dared to glance at him. His brown eyes piercing my hazel ones. He had the leather jacket on, white T-shirt underneath and black jeans with a chain on it. He took off his black shades. He had a smirk plastered on his face. I smelled the mint from him. I liked it, because buying mint gums just makes me feel better. And getting this smell stuck in my nose made me feel less awful.You know when in films you see this bad boy with his famous smirk who just made everyone go crazy and just be shocked... I wasn't one of them. He was bad news and I didn't want to be another one who would fall for him. I know who are bad boys. They use girls like napkins and I am not this napkin. I saw how girls are getting hurt because of such jerks. My brother is one of them, but I can't influence on his choices. Girls end up crying all day because of such boys, but I also think that these girls are fools. I
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Chapter 3
 When all the lessons ended, I went out of the school and saw Mia and Jeremy talking. I went to them. It was the first day of the autumn and it wasn’t cold, but it was very hot. Like it was still summer going on.“Guys!” I said and they stopped talking to look at me.“Are you going home?” Jeremy asked.“Yeah, I should find Linc at first. He is my ride, as always. Have you seen him?” I asked, looking around to find my brother.“I think I saw him going somewhere with Raf and Dylan,”  Mia stated. I rolled my eyes. “Why is he hanging out with such idiots?” I complained and went searching for Lincoln. I went to the field, where he was always playing football. The grass was perfectly cut as always. There were some people standing and some of them sitting in the bleachers. I saw my brother standing with Raffael and Dylan. He was laughing, while Raf
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Chapter 4
“Kylie, get your ass down, finally!” I heard my brother yelling. I opened my eyes and started thinking about what I did to deserve this life. But my thoughts were interrupted by the sound of door opening. I saw my dad wearing his usual suit, but this one was grey. My dad was a surgeon. He had saved a lot of lives and he had never had any failed operations. I’m really proud of my dad. He helps people and that’s amazing. He isn’t at home very often, but he is trying to be with us as much as he can. He always helps me and Lincoln when we have problems but we try not to disturb him a lot, because he is always tired after 3 or even more operations. “Kylie, we have been calling you for half an hour. You will be late for school!” my dad said looking around my room to see a mess. “And when you come home, this needs to be sorted out!” he said showing me that he is talking about my room.
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Chapter 5
I was at home. I had some time before my shift started. Yeah, I was working sometimes. But I didn’t spend any of these money on me. I earned money, so that I could go to some toy shop and buy toys for orphans. I think they really didn’t deserve being without everything that I had. They are the same as me, probably better but they don’t have as much as I had, only because they are alone. Also I was buying some food for abandoned dogs and cats. Every week I was going to orphanage and shelter. I decided to read a book. Whnever I had some pastime, I spent long hours, indulging myself with a gripping, thoroughly absorbing book. I think it’s because I liked forgetting about my life and just being in someone’s other one. It’s like the only escape for me. I liked doing different things so that I could forget about my problems. But somehow it was always coming to me back like waves. It was already time for my shift. I quickly took m
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Chapter 6
Thus he continued running and made the touchdown!“YEEEESSS! RAF! RAF!” the crowd started screaming.He made it! I can’t believe it! But how? I was really impressed. Mia and I ran down to congratulate boys. “Congratulations!” I screamed to Lincoln and Dylan. I wanted to find Raf to tell him that he was amazing, but I couldn’t find him. I thought that probably he was in the locker room to drink some water or something. He definitely was there, but not for what I assumed. He was there kissing Charlotte. Ew. Ew. Ew. Can I just get this picture out of my head? I guess no. I went to Dylan and Linc. “Damn, guys! You were fantastic. You definitely know how to make Jordan’s blood boil!” I said looking around to see Jordan.He was, as I expected, red as tomato and he was yelling on his teammates about how shitty players they are. Such a loser. “Hey, Jordan! I always knew you were a lose
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Chapter 7
I was sleeping, when I heard some noises. I really wanted to ignore them, but they started getting louder every second. I couldn’t stay asleep so I woke up. I looked around, but couldn’t see anything properly, because it was dark and I was still sleepy. I scrunched my eyes and opened them widely. “Why?” I heard someone saying. “Who is it?” I asked frightened. But I couldn’t hear nor see anything. Damn, I am seeing ghosts now. Great. I closed my eyes and put my head down to continue sleeping.“Kylie, I’m hurt!” I heard a familiar voice whispering. I opened my eyes and looked around again. My heart was beating like crazy. I was really scared.“Who is here?” I asked, switching on my lamp. “Kylie, help me!” I heard the same voice again. I tried to recollect whose voice it was.“Jeremy?” I
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Chapter 8
Steven looked at him. I guess he is Steven Kirby and they know each other. “King! Long time no see!” Steven said with a smirk and got up to be at the same level with Raf. “And it was a very happy time,” Raf said coming closer.“Good morning, students. Take your seats!” teacher said. “I want to sit here!” Raf screamed at the girls sitting behind me and Steven.They got up and left. “We should talk!” he whispered in my ear. I ignored him. We talked with Steven and sometimes Raf was throwing pieces of paper on him. Steven was quiet but I knew that he was getting annoyed. After the lesson I went to cafeteria. I sat near Jeremy and Mia. Lincoln, Raf and Dylan came and sat with us. “What was wrong with you in the morning? Why were you in such a rush?” Linc asked me. I looked at Jeremy.
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Chapter 9
The first period finished and I quickly left the classroom to meet Jeremy and Mia before the second period would start. I got to the lockers to put the book in my locker. Next period was Physical Education. Mia and Jeremy would be there. I went to the locker-room to put on my sport clothes. I met Mia there. We got ready and went to the field. Mr. Peters said that we should start running. I haven’t seen Jeremy anywhere.“Where is Jeremy?” I whispered to Mia. She shrugged and we continued running.“What happened? Are you keeping something from me?” she asked suspiciously. “No! Relax, we aren’t keeping anything from you. I’m just...curious!” I said with a soft smile.She looked at me and turned around. I sighed. Thank God, she didn’t start interrogating. “Hey, Walker!” Raf suddenly came out from nowhere and screamed. “Hi,” I said mat
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Chapter 10
I went out the house with the keys in my hand. I closed the doors and started locking them. I saw Raf leaning on his car with his hands crossed around his chest. He was looking aside. I think he didn’t notice me coming. I sighed one more time and made my way to the car. My boots made sure that he knew that I was coming. It had a little heel and I started cursing my boots for making noises. I guess, I wanted him to notice me as late as possible. He turned his head and noticed me. He looked at me and suddenly his eyes widened. I was worried. Was it good or bad? I came closer to the car and his jaw dropped even more. I stopped near Raf and said awkwardly:“Hey,”“Hey,” he said after some time. I noticed him checking me from feet to the top of the head.“Are we ready to go?” I asked, playing with fingers.“Yeah, of course!” he said and dashed to the other side of the car.I
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