An Heir for the Arrogant Billionaire

An Heir for the Arrogant Billionaire

By:  Mercy Babe   Completed
Language: English
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Sharon Smith could not believe that the man who took her last night was the one looking so formidable this morning. She was stricken with shame. She had been convinced last night that he felt the same as she but she had been sadly mistaken. It must have meant nothing to him but a release of sexual tension. She flinched at the memory of his lovemaking, bit her lip and tasted the saltiness of her own blood. Damn this arrogant fool to hell!

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Queen Harvey
At first l hated Sharon for being so insecure. Her rollercoaster bouts of insecurities & her choices were insane. She kept involving more and more people into her problems, but the one who could solve them. I feared they would never get together. Typos, weak ending, but well worth the read!
2023-11-13 04:43:44
user avatar
The story and plot was good. However it should not be drag to make it long. Furthermore it must be proofread. They're are typographical error resulting to grammar errors. The names were interchange worst change to someone else. But overall the story was good.... I will worth your time and money ...️
2023-11-04 23:05:22
user avatar
this book is wonderful, why is there just few reviews?
2023-07-25 03:35:54
user avatar
Wonderful story. weldone sis
2023-07-04 03:57:35
user avatar
love the story thus far.....good job author
2023-06-23 22:14:21
103 Chapters
Chapter 1: An Accidental Meeting
Sharon was late for her meeting with her boss and in a hurry, so she leapt out of her taxi and ran across the pavement towards the Mayflower restaurant too intent to notice the man in an evening dress who got out of a parked car on the other side of the road and headed in the same direction.They collided in the revolving door, each in such a hurry that they had not held back for the other to go first. They had not really seen each other but had glanced briefly at each other.As they both collided in the revolving door, the door jammed with the both of them crushed together in one session.Sharon looked up, her eyes a stormy green and met with black cold eyes that looked irritated.'If you back out, that will free the door', a deep voice said to her.'If you had had the courtesy to let me go first, this wouldn't have happened. Step back!' she snapped.Sharon did not like his tone nor the fact that she had been forced too close to him. Not even the thinnest sheet could pass through the
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Chapter 2: David Stanford
No sooner had she thought of the question than she saw him hurrying towards her, a thing slight fair man in a well- cut dark suit.'Sorry', he said sliding into a seat next to her. 'Am I late or were you early?''I have only been here a moment's, she lied looking at him anxiously as she absorbed the air of weariness that he habitually wore. She had not seen him for about a forth night and she was struck by the way he was aging.He was just forty five but looked alot older. There were lines round his mouth and eyes and his skin had a grey tinge.The waiter brought her drink and looked at Bryan expectantly.'My usual, Tom', David told him with a smile.'Yes, Mr. Stanford', the waiter said beaming. Very pleased that such a man remembered his name.David aye here frequently, he lived in a luxurious penthouse flat, a short walk away. This was the nearest local restaurant and he liked the place alot.He had a married couple who ran his home. Mr. Stevenson was his chauffeur and handyman and
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Chapter 3: A Shocker
'Bryan should have had some shares in the bank long ago because his mother was my father's only sister, but he didn't due to a little misunderstandings in the family.My grandparents were not happy with her choice of a husband.They had wanted her to marry a rich merchant or hotelier not the humble doctor she brought he.They refused to accept Andrew but he must have been a good man and a great doctor, father and husband because he obviously made Cynthia very happy and she never once came home crying in regret nor did she divorce him but they remained together till they both died in a boating accident some years ago.Her father never forgave her for marrying Andrew because he left all his fortune to my father', David said.'This must have made her very unhappy and must have led to a family feud'. Sharon observed.'You are right. Though my parents exchanged Christmas cards with her, they never visited Switzerland and they never visited us either.Sharon felt this was just childish of t
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Chapter 4: A Ride with Mr. Arrogant
If Bryan was surprised, he did not show it. There was a beat of time when he just stood there considering the idea and absorbing the possibilities.'That is a very flattering offer but I will have to know precisely what you have in mind and of course I will have to think about it but in principle, I am interested.David beamed. 'I hoped you would be.Youbwont regret the decision if you accepted, that I can promise you Bryan.You could have a splendid future with us that is far exciting than your prospects. Ours is s a family bank and you are my only male relative'.Sharon felt bad that David was staying the situation as clearly as that. She felt that he was betraying how weak his position was and knew that Bryan would take advantage of it. She looked at him with cold hostile eyes but he was looking at David.Sharon would have given anything to know what he was thinking but he gave no indication.'I'l get Sharon to prepare a proposition for you, stating all the terms', he called for th
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Chapter 5: Bryan Ferdinand
It was already four months since Bryan Ferdinand started working with them and already he was a voice to be reckoned with. She had watched grimly as he became the director. At board meetings, he dominated, pushing David further and further away. This was what she had been afraid of but even now, David would not listen to a word against him.At the office it was as though everyone and everything revolved round him especially the female folk. Half the women were in love with him and the other half was fascinated with him except for her of course. Sharon still despised and distrusted him just as much as she did the first time they had met only now it was much more.Amanda one of the share analyst would not allow her rest with talks of Bryan.'I do not know why you detest him this way', she said. He is the hottest thing that has happened to this office. Look at the hot deals he has won for the bank since he started with us'.Sharon did not know how else to do away with this girl. She seem
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Chapter 6: Bryan Takes David's Place
Sharon swallowed her uneasiness and looked at the screen in front of her.'Have you seen the lastest Japanese figures?''More or less as I predicted', he shrugged.'Yes, right again, as usual', Sharon said with saccharine sweetness.He laughed. She couldn't even make him angry. It was infuriating. She wished he would go away. He was ruining her morning.'I am rather busy', She said, 'So unless you want to tell me something important....''David just rang me from home', he said, 'About the Rome Conference ....''Yes?' She was supposed to fly a road with David to Rome for an international banking conference and she was looking forward to it. It had been so long that she had been anywhere interesting and she wanted to get away from the office now dominated by Ryan Ferdinand for a little while.'His doctor has advised him to stay in bed for a week, so he won't be able to go', Bryan said coolly.'What's wrong? Is he I'll?' Sharon asked but Bryan shook his head.'Just tired, I gather. A tou
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Chapter 7: A Night Out With Mr. Arrogant
Aren't you dressed yet? We agreed we'd meet at Eight o' clock'. Bryan reminded her, his gleaming eyes roaming slowly over her dishevelled, damp could of auburn hair, her flushed face, the short black robe that she wore which left her long legs bare and revealed the deep cleft between her breasts.They had indeed agreed to meet to discuss and pull ideas concerning the conference that was going to take place the next day at nine o'clock am.The way Bryan was undressing her with his eyes made her self conscious and she instinctively put a hand to pull her robe lapels together to hide her breasts and saw Bryan's mouth twist in wry comprehension.'I must have fallen asleep', she said feeling disoriented. 'Why don't you go ahead into the bar and keep yourself busy with a drink, I shall be ready in a jiffy, I promise'.She shut the door quickly, afraid that he would notice that she was trembling, switching on the light, she leaned on the bed for a moment, to steady her nerves. What on earth
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Chapter 8: Having Dinner with Danger Personified
'This is probably good at this time if the year", he suggested pointing. Autumn is the best time for wild mushrooms and I love them served with seafood'.'Mushrooms and seafood?' Sharon asked.'Exactly'. Bryan's deep voice had a husky tone. She felt his warm breathing on her bate shoulder.'Okay, I'll have that', she said hurriedly, nervously aware of him and his body even closer to hers.'And I suppose that I'll just have pasta for the main course'.She would have moved away then but Bryan shook his head, pointing to the menu again.'Don't be so predictable!', he said softly, very close to her ear. 'Try the saltimbocca....''What's that?''It means...hmmmm...'Jump in the mouth'... it's veal escalope, rolled in harm, flavoured with sage, fried and then simmered in Marsala wine. Very rich but it's a Roman specialty. You must try it once at least. While you are in Italy and especially in Rome,you must be more adventurous, take a few risks for once in your life!'She tensed. Picking up t
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Chapter 9: A Magical Roman Night
They talked about the conference over the table at first then as the evening wore on, Sharon spoke less and less. She was feeling light headed, dreamy, a heat and excitement running through her veins.Across the table, Bryan watched her with those hypnotic eyes while they drank their coffee.'Liqueur?' he suggested as the wine waiter arrived with his rattling trolley of bottles.She hastily shook her head. 'I have already drunk too much wine. I don't want a headache in the morning', she looked at her watch. 'In fact, I think that I should be on my way to bed now, we have to get up very early and there's a very crowded day ahead of us'.On their way to the lift, she paused to look out through the main doors at the Rome night.'It's stopped raining.What I wanted to do this afternoon was take a walk round the city, but I couldn't go out in all that rain'.'Why not take a short stroll now?' Bryan suggested.'It's much too late and I haven't got my jacket with me', she said. But she was dra
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Chapter 10: Recriminations
Sharon felt cold indeed. What had she been thinking? How could she have allowed this arrogant man touch her the way he had? What a mess. He must think that he had her where he wanted her.She had always known that he was dangerous to her but she had not really known the extent of the danger.What weakness could have made her lose herself, her self control and all this way?She could not look at him, she did not know what she would find in his eyes, mockery? scorn? triumph? condescension? She did not want to know. She just did not want anything to make her feel lower than she was already feeling just then.'Come to my room, Sharon's, Bryan said with an urgency that made her stiffen.She turned on him, her face white now. 'I feel sick, do you know that?' she broke out. 'You got me drunk and you knew that I was not used to drinking and you kept pouring wine into me, right the way, through dinner. You had this in mind all the time, didn't you? You set me up and it nearly worked. I almost
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