His Rose

His Rose

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Language: English
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Abused. Tortured. Forced. Who would have known that she is worth a million dollars? Elia Dominic Morello, an experienced killer and also professionally known as someone who is in the Mafia. His dark stormy eyes have saw violence, his tanned rough hands have done violence and his perky full lips have said threats of death. He had gone through pain . . . suffering and all the possibility of making him stronger. All her ever did was for the sake of his family and his loved ones. His selfishness was to keep them safe without having to deal with the possibility of dying, with each passing day but it all changed when he found the ONE. Rose, beautiful yet prickly. She was like roses, indeed. But, she was also the woman he'd risk his entire life for . . . no matter the circumstances.

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45 Chapters
RoseI look straight into the mirror; seeing my reflection. Sighing, I hear someone calling out my name but more like in a forcing tone. Trying my best to ignore his voice, I keep on washing my hands but my heart stops beating as soon as someone breaks the door—causing me to look at the figure in surprise.
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RoseMy eyes widen in surprise before sitting up straight—looking around at my surroundings. For some reason, I feel like I don't realise the room I'm in. Frowning, I run my fingers through my hair as I look down at my clothes, seeing that I'm in a plain white shirt and a pair of shorts. No surprise there. He must've undressed me.
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RoseOpening the door slightly as I peek down the hall—trying to see if there's any sign of Elia. After what happened a few hours ago, I don't even know if I can face him. Honestly, I can just act like nothing happened; as if he didn't kissed my cheek.
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RoseHe grips me hard, pushing me down the hall—making me stumble down onto the ground. I look around at my surroundings, realising that I don't know where I am nor do I remember what happened before. My eyes widen once I see men holding their guns as they look down at me; their faces held no emotion.
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RoseI open my eyes before falling down onto the ground—hitting my arms hard. Groaning, I use both of my palms to try and push my body up as I look around, seeing that I'm in an unfamiliar dark room. My eyes wander around the room until they landed on Elia who is currently standing near the glass window; smoking his cigarette.
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RoseI blink slowly as I try to fight back from being consumed by the darkness before turning to look at Elia—seeing that he is currently trying to push the door open. My eyes remain focused on him without wanting to look anywhere else. I realise that we're still upside down; the car must have turned after the impact.
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RoseI look straight into her light green eyes as she continues to choke me—blocking my windpipe. My hands are gripping onto hers, trying to find release but her grip only tightens. She roughly pushes me against the glass window as she leans her face ever so closely; finding some sort of joy from this.
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RoseI lean my back against the door, sighing deeply. Even though I didn't understand a single word he said but those words meant something—like he purposely said it in Italian because he doesn't want me to know and he wants me to figure it out.
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RoseElia presses hard onto the gas pedal but I am surprised to see him heading straight towards the Range Rover. As we're getting nearer, he presses down the window on his side before raising a gun. Somehow, everything starts to move in slow motion—I get to see two people on the front seats looking straight at us before Elia shoots the driver.
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Rose''No shit Sherlock.'' I chuckle before sitting properly on the hammock while I see a glimpse of his smile appearing. Then, he walks towards the chair which is placed a few feet away from where I sit, ''I want to know about you... Elia. I think I've seen enough of what you do.''
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