Chapter 18 - Alexander

What exactly did I do in this life or a past life that was so terrible that I needed to have this shit happen? Yes, I slept with women that aren’t my mate. Plenty of people have, but an argument could be made that the pregnancy scare with Lia was to teach me a lesson in continuing to sleep around.

Fine. Lesson learned: I will have PTSD for the rest of my life. Sure, I can medicate and go to therapy as necessary to mitigate and control my attacks, but there isn’t exactly a cure for PTSD.

I do not need crazy ass bitches drugging me or whatever they were doing. I was livid as I watched the footage of Anastasia helping Domitilla and the old woman I didn’t recognize get into my home. In the years that I’ve been Beta, I’ve never had an issue with Anastasia. She was part of the housekeeping staff at the pack house, and after, Nicolao was next in charge of the staff.

I’ve never had an issue with her before. Now… now we have a BIG fucking problem with her. I don’t know why she was helping Do

And the plot thickens. It still doesn't explain the old woman or their end game.

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Desiree Glascoe
The old woman is probably a with related to them. She’s helping them get his sperm while he’s drugged.
goodnovel comment avatar
Whoa what the heck is going on
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Though you can extract sperm from deceased men, so maybe you can do something similar for someone in a comma?

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