Chapter 46 - Delilah

I knew it couldn’t be good news when Crista said we needed to talk. No one in the history of conversations has started a talk with a ‘we need to talk,’ which is good news. It’s just not done. The phrase is supposed to be a gentle way of saying the conversation will suck. I didn’t expect the information to be this.

I’d been prepared to hear how deeply involved in this conspiracy against Alexander Vittore had gone. I never expected such behavior from Vittore. I suppose that I still need to be less trusting of people. Not everyone with bad intentions will make it obvious. People are good at masking their intentions. I wish I had Stephen’s power. Then, I’d be able to know who had ill intent.

‘You knew Liar was a bad person.’ Helia pointed out.

‘Then why couldn’t I see Vittore for what he is?’ I countered.

‘Because it is always easier to see things from a distance. What matters is that Vittore was stopped, and when he’s cleared for questioning, he will pay for what he’s done.’ Helia ass

Poor sweet Delilah is now second-guessing every interaction she's had. Vittore will regret (if he doesn't already) crossing the D'Amore and Fayte family.

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goodnovel comment avatar
Chesed ready for blood like Delilah is
goodnovel comment avatar
Vittore is about to enter an entirely new level of fear!
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Lenea Hopkins
I would not want to be on the receiving end of this family's furry right now. Yikes!

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