Chapter 49 - Alexander

Falling asleep last night wasn’t easy. It took me about as long as it did after we made love. It’s still weird to call it that. I’d tried my best to stop the anxiety from taking over when my hand would brush her bump, or she’d roll, and it would brush against me.

It didn’t help that I felt the heirs moving around despite how small they were because of my gift. I doubt they had malicious intent. They are fetuses. It’s not like they’ve already developed André’s personality.

I had reminded myself, with Lucius echoing the sentiments, that nothing about this should trigger me. I never shared a bed with Lia, even before she was pregnant and certainly never after. Yes, we fucked, but never in a bed.

I never could place why, but when it came to screwing her, it was always quick and mostly clothed. I never wanted to get her naked and take my time with Lia. It was about scratching an itch, which wasn’t even that good.

And yes, during Lia’s pregnancy, I touched her bump to feel close to what

Well, this is getting hot.

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Santago-Baez Idali
When will the next episode be published? Monday?
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I was unable to finish writing the new chapter for today
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Sherry Sookwah
No update today?

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