Chapter 48 - Delilah

I had mixed feelings about what our agenda was for today. Part of me was eager to interrogate Liar. She started to crack yesterday before we were pulled away because Domitilla was hospitalized. I don’t know what kind of oath she could have made to no longer obey André’s alpha command. I’ve never witnessed such a thing before.

I know something similar happened in Bloodmoon during the fight to reclaim Silverclaw. A sub-Beta turned against Alpha Logan and aided the enemy, a hybrid witch/werewolf rogue. I don’t know if this could be a similar situation, as I believe the male could disobey Alpha Logan because the enemy was his mate, and the mate bond can trump many things.

I rather doubt Liar’s ability to ignore André’s command is due to any mate bond. Her mate died when Darren justifiably killed him in battle to protect André and all the innocent wolves of the three Sicilian packs. Then, the only male, so far not related to Liar, involved in this scheme has been Vittore. And while two

It's time for some steamy fun before dealing with Liar.

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Omg this pairing is perfect
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Jolette Lingenfelder
When do you update ?
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Debbie Brown
And you leave us hanging,

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