Chapter 7 - Alexander

I usually don’t mind when I’m wrong, and Lucius is right. But I hated that he was right about having to touch Delilah to heal her. Mostly I hated that he was right about how it would affect me. I don’t know why I thought I could fool myself. I’m not above the mate bond and its magnetic pull.

Even if she weren’t my mate, I’d still have rushed to help her. It doesn’t matter that she cut me out of her life. It doesn’t matter how bad she hurt me. There was no way I could stand by and do nothing to protect her or keep her safe. And that included having to touch her to heal her.

I thought I was prepared for what would happen when I touched her. I thought it would be minor as I was only checking her pulse on her wrist. I’ve touched her wrist and her hand in the past. It shouldn’t have been a big deal. Yeah, I was wrong. No amount of being told about the mate bond can prepare anyone for the intense feeling when you touch your mate, especially for the first time.

I had to close my eyes and b

Alexander is dealing with a lot of emotions. Thankfully he has a friend like André who is patient enough to let him work through them. But is Delilah?

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Felicia Berry
They might both be under some kind of spell cause they're both having the same dream
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Felicia Berry
Ok they both were wrong. Everyone is feeling sorry for Alex nobody feeling sorry for Del. She was just as hurt as Alec. Yes he found out the child wasn't his but Del walked in on Alex and Lia.
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Paige Kerri
I have to admit.. I'm just now finding this book, but oh my am I hooked! It's well written, can't see any plot holes or spelling errors, it's based in Italy, one of my favorite countries. It's always nice to see other cultures takes on things like werewolves and mythical creatures!! Love this book!!

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