Chapter 8 - Delilah

A part of me felt like I deserved this. I deserved Alexander to treat me as just another patient. I am the one that went no contact. I’m the one that ended our friendship. So why should I expect his feelings to change suddenly? The mate bond can do much but can’t erase the past. He was hurt by my pulling away from our friendship.

He wouldn’t be acting like this if he wasn’t unless he’s like this because I’m a surrogate for André and Darren. And if that’s the case, well, too bad. André is his cousin, maybe not by blood, but still. They are family, and more than that, André is his Alpha. He should be supportive of anyone offering to carry the heirs for Madonie.

Then a part of me says Alexander can go to hell. I don’t deserve to be treated so coldly. He knew why I stopped talking to him. I couldn’t stand around while Liar played him like a fiddle. I couldn’t stand by and watch the train wreck. Plus, she was pretty clear that night I needed to stay away and went so far as to point out th

Did Alexander turn away the nurse because of Delilah or his issues? Either way, he didn't flirt or let that nurse touch him.

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goodnovel comment avatar
Wow he must have been a hell of a playa before and huh Nurse Horny? Go get your own mate
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Kelly Mrazik Pike
I think both ways but I feel that talk a lone coming
goodnovel comment avatar
Tina Staab
I’m taking both same note I also think it was because of the Delilah the most

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