Epilogue - Delilah

I always knew I wanted to be a mama. I dreamed of having a big family with my future mate when I was little. When I discovered that Alexander was my mate twelve years ago and the drama we faced, I started to think a big family might not even happen. I’d been pregnant when we reconnected, though not with children that would be mine. He had PTSD from the emotional damage Liar had put him through two years prior.

However, the biggest reason I worried we might not have a large family, let alone children, was the blue moon prophecy. Ersilia did awful things to get her hands on the blue moon child of prophecy. A child she assumed would be conceived on a blue moon from Alexander’s line. She hurt Alexander. She hurt her great-granddaughter. She even got angels involved in it. And she paid the ultimate price for it.

Despite our worries about the prophecy ten years ago, Alexander and I started our family. We thought we’d taken all the necessary precautions to avoid the blue moon. While Ersilia

Well, Delilah got her wish. She certainly has a big family, lol. Five Peteidis babies! And TWO blue moon babies!!!??? That will make for an interesting future. For now, this is THE END of Alexander and Delilah’s story.

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Bridgette Mcgarvin
I am so happy to hear that this is the end of this story “for now”. I was sad this story was so short compared to the rest. I am excited for more excitement for Delilah and her brood.
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Shana Brooks-Schmit
Just read a second time, loved it just as much as the first time and answered some questions I had. Thank you.
goodnovel comment avatar
Alshon Michaels
There was so much going on in this story. I felt that the actual relationship issues between the protagonists were made insignificant. I wish that there had been less fluff. Also, this whole blue moon prophecy came out of nowhere. Almost felt like an attempt to make Alex relevant, but failed to.

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