Epilogue - Alexander

Since we know about the prophecy, Delilah and I have been cautious in our family planning. Delilah wanted and needed time to recover from fully emotionally being a surrogate. I was more than willing to give her that time. Then, we also wanted time to be just a couple before risking starting our family.

We decided we would try to start our family late last year. We were trying to be as thorough in our baby planning as possible. We even checked the upcoming year to identify any blue moons. Given that I’m not the blue moon prophecy child, I knew Ersilia was off the mark in thinking the conception needed to be on a blue moon. So Delilah and I wanted to avoid delivery on a blue moon.

We knew there would be a blue moon in August, so we were actively targeting to have our baby either before or after August. We even stopped having unprotected sex when her possible due date could have landed anywhere near the blue moon. And our planning paid off. When we learned Delilah was pregnant and calcu

Best laid plans of wolves and men, lol. You can't avoid fate. And it was baby Chris' fate to be the blue moon phoenix.

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Lisa McNew
or I mean a angel wolf hybrid from that kind of pairing
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honestly, I think spending a month with your baby away from everyone is probably kind of perfect. I've never understood why people want to flock to the hospital and the house and just overload the new parents.
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Annette Barber
do u think blood moon might know something about the prophecy since his wolf is ancient but light and dark do they know alot of unanswer questions????

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