Betrayed by His Mate;Reborn as the Alpha

Betrayed by His Mate;Reborn as the Alpha

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"I, London Knight, Alpha King, and Lycan Alpha of the Bloodmoon pack, hereby reject you—" "Wait please—" "—Blaire White as my true mate." A bone-snapping pain shot through me, soliciting a scream from me. My body felt like a part of my soul was about to get ripped out. My heartbeat threatened to burst at the overwhelming, detaching pull. I have heard that the pain of getting rejected was like Knives being thrown into my neck, leaving a burning sensation, but trust me, now that I am experiencing it, it is surely worse than that. He watched me writhe on the floor with tears in my eyes, devoid of every emotion. His eyes held no pity at all. In that moment, with his slow blinking gaze and puff of smoke, he took the form of the devil himself. "Accept the rejection and make things easier for yourself. You were nothing but a good fuck, and that's how it's going to be forever." ***************** When London gets cheated on by his mate and betrayed by the alpha of his pack, he gets hit by a truck and is given a chance at life by the moon goddess. Although he lost his memories, he couldn't explain why he despised women and hated anything that had to do with having a mate. He meets his second chance mate Blaire after a one-night stand and believes she is no different from others and rejects her instantly, but she doesn't accept the rejection and will stop at nothing to win his heart and, most importantly, his love. But the question is, with the constant rejection and mistreatment from his side, how long will she be strong enough to keep fighting, especially when she finds out something that is about to change her life forever?

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CHAPTER ONE- The Gamma's Betrayal
London Hale"Stop calling that slut your mate? Everyone knows how loose she is and how hard it is for her to keep her legs closed. Or maybe it's just you who aren't man enough for to satisfy all her desires. You can call me if you need some help." Bryce smirked and Ignored him.This wasn't the first time he said something like this, and this will definitely not be the last until I somehow prove to them how wrong they are to keep judging my mate.The condescending look in his eyes and the light scoff he gave off after his taunt had me balling my fists and gritting my teeth. He gazed at me boldly, not looking apologetic in the slightest, which pissed me off more.I despised his guts and confidence when he spoke his mind and brushed it off like he never said anything offensive. He was very good at hurting someone's feelings with that sharp tongue of his."I really don't know what you were thinking when you decided to accept the mate bond and mate her. Leah is a slut, my friend, and we all
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CHAPTER TWO- Numbing the Pain
London HaleI was still rooted to the spot, a tsunami of negative emotions consuming me as I beheld my naked wife skillfully grinding on another man.Her hands were placed against the headboard as the Alpha's hands stayed secured around her waist. Her breasts bounced, and sweat stuck to her body.She abruptly stopped midway through her orgasm as my voice broke whatever sexual trace she was in.Leah's face mirrored shock and surprise, which soon turned to guilt and fear. She quickly climbed off the Alpha, picking up the sheets to wrap around herself.I dipped my eyes to the floor, feeling anger in the midst of the pain that had dulled, and squeezed my hands. Blood coursed through my veins at the sight of both their clothes scattered on the floor.I knew the scent was too familiar, but I couldn't really place my hands on who its owner was. Upon seeing my Alpha naked, my mystery was solved.Now I understand the main reason why he gifted me this house. He did it for her and himself.He rus
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London HaleIt's been hours since I've been sitting in a bar, drowning myself in bottle after bottle of whisky and vodka. I had hoped to drown my consciousness in reality or find solace in the bottom of the bottles of Alcohol.I hiccuped, staring at the phone, my vision blurry enough to not see who was calling.My phone has been going off since I left the house, and I had no intention of answering the calls or talking to anyone.A part of me was hoping it was Leah who kept calling and sending hundreds of text messages so that I could take her back and we could start all over.Stupid, I know, but I couldn't just stop loving her immediately."Sir, we're closing soon." The young man said this while serving me my last shot of whisky. I hummed in response and proceeded to slug it down my throat.Fuyu was worried about my heavy drinking as well, wandering about in my head and howling in an attempt to make me stop."You need to stop drinking; it's not good for our bodies." This won't solve th
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CHAPTER FOUR- The Beginning of Pain
Blaire whiteI dashed down the flowery path, racing past the dancing trees. My heart was pounding heavily, and with a mix of determination and anxiety, I wouldn't be able to make it on time.Dear goddess. Help me this once.It was almost evening, and I couldn't afford to appear late for cleaning duties again this week like I did all through last week. Brena might have been lenient with me before, but that didn't mean I'd be interested in trying her patience.I knew how tough she could be when she's angry; trust me, you don't want to get on her bad side. It's ugly.The evening air carried a slight chill, but the adrenaline rushing through me kept me warm. I could feel my breath quickening, and I tried to steady it, reminding myself to stay focused. My mind raced through the tasks awaiting me at work and also the ones I hadn't done yesterday, mentally preparing for the responsibilities that lie ahead.I sighted the packhouse barely inches away and narrowed down the pathway, turning to m
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CHAPTER FIVE -Meeting the Devil
Blaire whiteI had no idea how long I had been sitting in the forest quietly, letting the tears roll down my cheeks. I sniffled, finally aware of how dark it was.I had thought Sinclair would come back and meet me after his meeting with the beta, but I guess the meeting was longer than we both anticipated.I needed to go home and probably find Brena and explain things to her. She oversaw the cleaners and reported any misbehavior to the Alpha, as she had been patient the whole time. I couldn't afford to get punished for slacking off on my duties.I began my lonely journey back, making up my mind to head over to Sinclair's after meeting with Brena instead of going home.The thought of going home sounded pointless, and I needed company tonight. What's the point of going home when the person who made it home is gone and now between the stars?I weakly smiled to myself at the thought of having Sinclair bathe and massage my aching bones tonight. He had the power to drive away my pain and wa
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CHAPTER SIX- Unexpected Pleasure
Blaire whiteHe led me into a dark room, and I was too drunk to bother using my wolf's eye. I was too engrossed in not feeling anything and killing off the pain. I heard a click resound in the room, and I knew there was no going back.My movements swayed as I tried to walk, but I was halted by shivers traveling down my spine at an unexpected touch. His hands claimed my waist, the tip of his nose trailing up and down my neck. Hot breaths fanned my neck, igniting goosebumps on my skin. I gasped, feeling shivers engulf my being.Hands strolled up my body, erupting heat from my anticipating body. His hands groped my breasts, squeezing them with hunger and need as his husky voice came."What's your name?"In my haze of lust and passion, I replied, "Blaire."He chuckled against my skin, earning a gasp from me. "Full name, love?""Blaire White." I whispered, eager for more.He hummed against my skin, a sound that made liquid pool impossibly more on my panties."What about yours?" I couldn't
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CHAPTER SEVEN- A Night to Remember
Blaire whiteI pressed my back harder on the bed as London squeezed my ass; his stormy eyes looked like he wanted to eat me."You like having my mouth lapping onyour juices?""Yes!""You want me sucking you dry?Bringing you ecstasy?""Yes! Yes!"I'm pretty sure you want to cum badly". He rumbled."Yes, oh yes, please!" I keened."Then I might let you". I automatically nod my head in gratitude for not being able to withstand the pressure. I no longer cared. I just wanted him badly."Oh god, yes, please, London," I cried, screaming."That's right, keep on begging with that sweet mouth of yours". He snarled, looking up at me. His eyes flashed a burning green before he rasped."I'm going to fucking devour you." Then his mouth was on me. His tongue slipped inside my tight sheath, still twitching in fervent need of a climax, and my eyes rolled into the back of my head as I thought I had died.London clamped his mouth hard over my clit, sucking, licking, and pulling it with his lips. His t
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CHAPTER EIGHT- A Rude Awakening
Blaire white"London." I sobbed, pushing him more into me, silently begging, and his big hand slid slowly up my thigh."Do you want me to fuck you?"Oh, dear moon goddess, I did want him to fuck me."YES!""How hard?" He groaned, his thumb rubbing delicious circles on my sex. I rocked my hips forward unconsciously, seeking more."Answer me!" He roared."How hard do you want my dick to fuck your tight little pussy?""Very hard. Oh god, London, please." I begged, throwing my head back. My hand flew out, clutching at his hand, and I pulled it to my heavy breasts, wanting desperately for it to be assaulted."Fuck me, please," I pleaded."Im going to fucking ruin you for good."Yes do! Like my life isn't already ruined.Without a second thought, London pounced on me, taking my lips and squeezing my breast painfully hard. It felt blissful as he ravished my lips like a starving animal while I moaned uncontrollably.London chewed down my flesh to my right boob, biting roughly on the mound. He
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CHAPTER NINE- I don't want a mate
LondonI stared at her with cold eyes, filled with disdain and disgust. She was my mate, but I wanted nothing to do with her.Truthfully, I actually thought I was lucky to not have been given a mate or found her all these years, but now I guess my luck ran out.I watched her writhe on the floor as my rejection took its toll on her. My eyes remained squinting at her, outraged by her audacity to defy me.I could feel the anger building up inside me as she remained unmoving, disobeying me without a second thought.My unfazed expression held cold eyes that guaranteed misfortune and chaos for the woman who stayed on the floor, wheezing.I took pleasure in watching her hurt and suffer; it was her own fault for being unfortunate to be paired with someone like me who never wanted a mate. She was weak and unworthy, below my standards. I reveled in her tears, knowing she would never be good enough for someone like me. She was nothing but a burden, and I couldn't wait to be rid of her.I scoffed
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CHAPTER TEN-Calculated Rage
London I stepped into the dark space that I called my office and let out a low growl. The guards were fucking responsible for that wretched woman being on my territory. If they had just taken their jobs seriously!I was going to cut down on their upkeep money for this and teach them a lesson so that next time, they wouldn't dare make a room for an enemy to pass through.My steps thudded on the wooden floor as I made my way to my desk. I loved the dark themed office, and what made it better was the fact that I never opened the curtains. A dim red bulb illuminated the room with a dull glow, which was exactly how my heart looked.The dark brown mahogany table reflected the light on its polished surface. Files were neatly arranged on the left side of the table; my laptop stayed shut and was placed in the middle; a pendulum clock stood beside it. A large dark chocolate book shelf stood by the rear left of the room, and a black chair lay beside a glass table that had a notepad and pen lyin
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