Chapter 346

Sofia’s pov

I had been brimming with excitement after Luca had informed me that Angelo was going to come see me today, and now that he was outside, it was as if I had been about to burst out of my skin from the amount of excitement that was rushing through my body.

Ryan left to go get Angelo, and I stayed behind because I had started to feel a little bit emotional and wanted to get myself under control. I head towards the sitting room as the sound of the door closing shut echoed around a little, just as Ryan appeared in the entrance of the sitting room, and a fleeting moment later, Angelo arrived at his side.

I had a feeling that because I had talked to Ryan about Angelo a few times which made him know just how much I loved him, was probably what made me turn on his heels and leabe, leaving Angelo and I to ourselves.

My mouth parted and close a couple of times but nothing seem to be coming out, it was as if the ability to form words had now decided to desert me in this moment.
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