Beyond Beta's Rejection

Beyond Beta's Rejection

By:  Aisling Elizabeth  Completed
Language: English
160 ratings
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“I Colton Stokes reject you Harper Kirby as my mate” When Harper's fated mate, and future beta of her pack cruelly rejects her on her 18th birthday, before mysteriously changing his mind, she must decide if she is willing to risk her wolf to accept his rejection and truly break the fated bond. It is only when she flees her pack, leaving her family and friends behind, does she think that she is finally safe from the terrible events. But fate has other ideas, and ten years later Harper finds herself back in her old pack as an Elite Warrior for the Supernatural Council, to investigate the new invading Alpha with a reputation for being stone cold and ruthless. And her former mate, now Beta of the pack, is determined to get her back. Things are only further complicated when she discovers the new Alpha is her second chance mate. Can Harper investigate her new Alpha mate? And what does the Beta know that makes him so hell bent on taking Harper all for himself? Devastating betrayals and deep rooted secrets that rock Harper's world and challenge her belief in who she really is, are revealed in the first book in the Divine Order Series.

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user avatar
T White
Fun read..started out tough, but came together and made for a great book.
2023-01-05 10:09:54
default avatar
Great work author, thoroughly enjoyed this book!
2022-12-14 21:17:39
user avatar
Derena Marie
In the opening the writer talks about her being weak for character growth and in a way she is, however not in the stupid unaware kind. She is aware and has a strength even if not sure how yet.. great read
2022-10-12 03:16:57
user avatar
Love this book. Thank you for the great story
2022-09-27 01:07:18
user avatar
Grace Nkanang
I just started reading t it but I'm in love with already. Kudos to you Author ...
2022-09-05 04:38:08
user avatar
Delle Jay
Excellent story!
2022-09-01 14:56:00
user avatar
Gin Mi Vida Belleza
so far I like this book but I haven't seen anyone POV put Harper..
2022-08-18 11:09:01
user avatar
Ladyart Angela CookLykes
I really love this book
2022-07-31 22:11:55
user avatar
Natasha Kelly
Wow what a whirlwind I loved this story so much!
2022-07-13 17:45:36
default avatar
Let me go back to book now please
2022-07-11 16:22:53
user avatar
Angelic Bell Bursley
I absolutely loved this book. I read the entire book in one day cause I couldn't put it down! I'm looking forward to reading more books in this series
2022-07-11 03:19:36
user avatar
Absolutely amazing book!! Loved every single moment of it. <3
2022-06-27 19:24:39
user avatar
I really enjoyed the story! It was decently written with minor grammatical errors. Some chapters could have been more concise. We didn’t find out the whereabouts of Damien, and what happens to Colton and his Demon, so in part two I guess? I will be on the lookout! Happy reading!
2022-05-23 00:03:51
user avatar
Great Book. Is it weird that I wanted Colton to be free? I feel like he redeemed himself
2022-04-29 11:45:24
default avatar
Christine MN
Amazing!!!!! I couldn’t put it down and can’t wait for book 2
2022-04-13 06:34:01
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86 Chapters
Chapter 1
Author's note - Content warning. This book contains elements of abuse of a sexual, physical and mental nature. I try to be sensitive at all times when dealing with such subjects in the book.   An extra less conventional content warning. This book is based on a character that goes through a “weak to strong” transition. Character development is super important here and the main character could be perceived as “extremely weak” in the first part of the book. I assure you that if you continue to read though this you will see her come out of this “weak” phase and into a much stronger person. Yes, this part had to be involved so that you saw the weight of her development. *** (Harper’s POV) “There, you are done,” Katie, my best friend, declared and turned me around to look in my full-length mirror. I gasped at the sight of myself. I looked amazing, like really amazing
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Chapter 2
(Harper’s POV)   Oh my Goddess, oh my goddess. I was currently holding hands with Colton Stokes, and he was my fated mate. I shyly looked up into his eyes through my lashes and saw that he was watching me intensely, and I immediately blushed at the look in his eyes and looked away again. I heard him chuckle, and I blushed even more.    Alpha Daniel finished talking, and everyone clapped, and I had to break contact with Colton’s hand so I could clap too. Not that I remembered anything the Alpha had just said. The clapping died down, and I felt sparks on my back as Colton placed his hand on me and began to guide me through the crowd quickly. I made an attempt to look back to see Katie but noticed that she was preoccupied with talking to Damien. 
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Chapter 3
(Harper’s POV)   Colton crashed into my bedroom door, pressing me against it. His mouth descended on my neck and sucked on the spot where he would soon leave his mark, right in the crook where my neck met my shoulder. The feel of it sent tingles through my body and turned some heat on inside my lower regions. I let go of him enough to reach around and grab my door handle.    It flew open as I turned the handle, and we fell into the bedroom. We landed on the floor, with him on top of me and my legs still around him. “Ow!” I exclaimed as pain laced through my back from the impact, and Colton looked up, shocked. “Shit, Strawberries, sorry.” He pulled himself off
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Chapter 4
(Harper’s POV) I screamed again, the pain too much to bear as tears streamed down my face. I tried to pull away, but Colton held me tight as he continued to rub circles on my nub while rubbing his hard member against my back. Another wave of pleasure chased the pain around my body. Both sensations seemed to run on endless cycles as I cried out and gripped the sheets that covered us. “That’s it, baby girl,” Colton grunted against my ear “Ride it through,” before he grunted again and I felt warm liquid shoot up my back as he came again. He slowed to a stop as he leaned against me, panting. I began to cry as I felt his lips graze my neck once more, and he wrapped his arms around me, whispering shushing sounds in my ear
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Chapter 5
(Tommy’s POV)  My car screeched into the parking lot of the pack house and I jumped out. I was furious; I wanted to find that little shit and rip him apart. I could hear the music of the party still going. These things normally lasted till past daylight. I was normally one of the last ones left standing, or if I was in bed, certainly wasn’t sleeping.  But not this time. Katie had come looking for me, telling me she couldn’t find Harper, and she was worried. I played it down and told her I would look for Harper and to go have fun. That was when she pouted and mentioned something about Damien. She said how he was flirting with her until one of his friends came over and mentioned Colton had bagged that girl, and then he suddenly wasn’t interested. She was very upset about it, but I told her she had a lu
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Chapter 6
(Harper’s POV) I looked at the ring on my finger, and then back round the room. Tommy had the look of fury on his face. Everyone else was smiling and chatting. Colton was running his hand up and down my arm, and the sparks were making it hard to think straight.  I was engaged! To Colton Stokes! At any other time this might have been one of those dream come true moments. Hell, this time yesterday I might have thought that this was my dream come true. But now circumstances were different, very different. I took a step away from Colton and shook my head.“But he rejected me,” I whispered. The Alpha stopped talking and looked directly at me, then I realised my father and the Beta had stopped talking too, and were also looking at me.“What did you say, Harper?” the Alpha asked, his tone oozing with authority. I couldn’t help but bit on the side of my lip. The Alpha was
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Chapter 7
(Harper’s POV)   Everyone looked up as we walked into the dining kitchen. My mum’s eyes zero’d in on Colton’s hand wrapped around mine and grinned. I was thankful to see that Tommy hadn’t left the house and was sitting in the corner of the room. He was glaring at Colton as soon as we walked into the room, but had refused to meet my eyes.    The Alpha stood up and smiled “Here they are,” he said cheerfully “Come take a seat my dear, it is your birthday after all,” and then he held his chair out for me. Before I could sit down, though, Colton slid into the seat and then I let out a surprised yelp and he pulled me down onto his knee. He wrapped his arms around my stomach and gently kissed my shoulder before looking around at everyone. “I thought I would save a seat for someone else,” h
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Chapter 8
(Harper’s POV) I sat on the floor, not moving. If I moved, then I would have to pack and once I had packed then…I didn’t want to move to the pack house; I had lived here in this house my whole life. Even when I go to University in September, it will be a local one so that I can drive home every night and sleep in my bed.  “Harper sweetie” I looked at Louise, who had kneeled down beside me and was rubbing my back. “We should get started on some packing” I shook my head.“I don’t want to,” I said, fresh tears welling up in my eyes and Louise pulled me into a hug. “I know sweetie, I hate to say it but I don’t think you have any choice right now” she pulled away and smiled “but plus side, we’ll be living together,” and I smiled back and nodded my head. Louise helped me up off the floor, and I tu
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Chapter 9
(Harper’s POV) Driving up towards the pack house felt a lot more daunting than it did 24 hours ago. It’s hard to think that this time yesterday I was so excited for the ball and finding my mate. And since then so much has happened.  The house wasn’t lit up like last night, most of it was dark. This gave it an eerie feeling. As we drove over, Louise explained the basic layout. The ground floor was where the great hall was, as well as a pack common area and a couple of spare offices. The 1st floor was all the main offices and where the majority of the pack businesses were run from, then the 2nd floor had the entertainment centre and gym which was strictly for named and high ranked as well as important visiting guests, who also stayed on the 2nd floor. Third floor was shared by the Beta and Gamma families and top
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Chapter 10
(Harper’s POV) “What?” I ask in disbelief. Did I just hear Colton tell me I wasn’t allowed to go to university? “I said no!” he growled, “and that’s final.”“Whoa!” Louise exclaimed “She’s your mate, not your property, and she has been working for this for years” She was getting angry, and so was Colton. The pressure of being sat between the two was almost unbearable.“If you are worried about me going away, then I got accepted at Leeds University, it’s only an hour drive from here and I was planning on traveling to and from every day anyway” I smiled at him, hoping to smooth his fury. He just glares at me and tightens his hand on my thigh until his fingers dig in and I wince with the pain. He leans in close to me as I feel tears line my eyes.“I said no!” he said slowly over pronouncing every
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