【 Chapter - 5 】


The woman  raised her eyes at me and observed me for a moment.Her judging gaze made me feel low in the territory I was completely alien.

"Okay please go on the top floor and wait.Mr. Black will see you after some time."She told me in her well furnished professional tone not to forget with her despiteful glance before she resumed her work.

I chipped a small thanks to her and entered in the elevator.The metal door closed,it meant I had no escape.

My eyes popped out as the top floor was 68th floor.My confidence was sinking to my stomach with increasing height.

Evy there is still time,you should run back on your heels.My soul poked me when I noticed both male and female employees around me in highly sophisticated dresses,all had same plain expressions on their faces.

The dead drop silence set a giddy feeling in the pit of my stomach.

I faced many interviews before so it wasn't a new thing for me but still my mind failed to convince my heart.

Finally,I reached at the top floor as the elevator stopped with a beeping sound.I ushered out straightening my skirt.

The floor was deserted place.There were only three people.A women working over the small desk,probably the boss's assistant and

two men in black suit and guns in their hands standing in front of the glass door.Three girls similar of my age were sitting on the sofa.

Their body was like only a thin layer of skin over the bones.The dress's they wore exposed more than they could hide or I say they chose such outfit to increase their chances of getting selected.

I think it's someone's hard work which leads to taste the success not the exhibition of feminine dignity.

But the harsh truth is outer appearance goes side by side or sometimes overpass the ability and virtues.

Two of them gave me the same look I received from the receptionist.I ignored them though their incoherent taunts reached to my ears.

"Hey."The third girl spoke.

She too dolled up like a supermodel but unlike them,she had a soft approach.

"Hi."I briefly smiled.

"So,feeling nervous."She tried to develop a conversation.

"Hell nervous and who can't be."I laughed faintly only to receive another shot of glare from the others.

"Beth Adams."She introduced herself.

"Evelyn Collins."I replied getting relaxed talking to someone was a good healer.

"So first interview?"She asked.

"Not exactly,it's eleventh."I grinned sheepishly.

"The same here.How can one say living in such a big city with a prestigious tagged degree is still hard to hunt a job."She stated the fact.

"Survival of the fittest kind of situation."I shrugged my shoulders.

We again fell into silence and waited for our turn.The two girls went first but the sooner they entered,the quickest they rushed out wiping off their tears.

Hollowness and fear repossessed my body.

I read the name plate in golden word .

"Asher Black,M.D , Black Inc."

Golden letters in shiny black plate screamed the man's intimidation .

I squatted on the soft leather couch as the woman signalled me to sit.The temperature was quite below the normal but I was sweating due to building nervousness in my tummy.

Ten minutes passed.I continuously tapped my nails on my thighs.

"Miss Colins,Boss will take your interview now."She informed me.

I got up hugging my purse and saw my appearance in the glass walls.With silent steps I reached to the door.One of the men checked my purse and then opened the door for me.I wondered about the man who had this tight security around himself that even more than the Queen herself.

One of them opened the door for me inserting some codes.He signalled me to go inside.

"May I come in Sir?"I asked politely without glancing at the man . Honestly I didn't had the courage to look straight at the man who owns the multimillionaire company.

"Have a seat Miss."His serious voice echoed in my ears resulting the goosebumps erupt on my skin and I felt exposed.

I dared to lift my eye lashes thus my heart skipped looking at the most handsome man in his white business suit leaning over his chair.

Was he a real human being or the Greek God himself in the form of a man?

His raven black hairs were perfectly set.His deep grey eyes were piercing through my eyes.They were intense and predatory.One mere glance and women drop their sanity on his feet.

You must hold your sanity first.My soul scolded me.

I uncomfortably shifted my gaze to the table while sitting on the chair opposite to him.

"So you're a university fresher Miss. Collins,am I right?"He brusquely said.I didn't like his remark .How could he judge me before testing my working capabilities.

I somehow maintained a confident face.

"Yes Sir."I nodded.

He closed my resume and again leaned back on his chair.There was a  vicious smile playing on his thin pink lips.Something was off with him and definitely it was not right from any point.

"You know Miss very few get the chance to appear here and you're actually very lucky that you have the opportunity to meet the boss means me."He pointed his forefinger at himself with same proud smirk.

I wanted to scratch the shit from his face but kept my anger aside as I needed at job at any cost .

"I think it's someone's hard work and intelligence which make you consider them worthy and eligible to work in your company not the luck,Sir."I replied in a humble yet offended tone.

His rude and self possessed behavior irked me.I wished to get out of the place as his eyes were glaring at me with a strange expression.

He stood up from his chair and inserted his both hands into his pants' pocket.My heart begun to thump rapidly as he slowly walked over to me.

"Miss well."He sat on the table and leaned down on me,"I have an offer

for you.I am sure you won't refuse afterwards"He whispered .I could imagine the green monster in his shadow.

Our faces were only inches apart.I was feeling weird .My body started shivering as I leaned back on the chair.


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