Billionaire's Secret Baby - Special Delivery

Billionaire's Secret Baby - Special Delivery

By:  S. Cinders  Completed
Language: English
398 ratings
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♥♥A billionaire's secret baby. ♥♥The stars aligned the first time they met, and now she's carrying the result of that night of passion. What happens when they meet again?Her-Walking into the job of a lifetime, I never guessed that I'd come face to face with the one individual I never thought I'd see again. I hadn't even gotten his name, but I knew his body. Hell, I knew his taste. Now the secret I carried could be the ending of anything between us before it ever really started.Him-She should be off limits. Not only was she an employee, but I just insisted that she become my roommate. And she's pregnant!I had everything under control. So what if I had to disappear to rub one out a time or twelve? She was only an employee, nothing more.Now if I could only convince my heart of that.

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default avatar
Very nice book and it deserves 5 starts
2023-01-03 07:45:08
user avatar
Great book! Well written so the characters and actions come alive.
2022-11-22 22:42:36
default avatar
This is the 3rd time I’m reading this book. Very interesting story, short lovely storyline not dragged
2022-06-22 04:48:34
user avatar
Malou Dimabayao Pa
we good book. thanks for sharing. i am looking for more . thank tou very much.
2022-04-12 00:40:00
user avatar
Sonia Aka Debs
I so love this story am going to reread it! Just want to take my time and enjoy once more!
2022-02-10 07:31:28
user avatar
Yaya veperez
Such a great book, loved it alot.
2021-11-20 15:47:51
user avatar
Gwendolyn Pascual Clavel
love every reading moment .
2021-11-02 10:47:27
user avatar
Kristīne Kaļiņina
Beautiful, romantic and funny despite the bits of drama. Loved this story very much!
2021-08-13 14:25:16
user avatar
Oluwalonimi Adams
2021-08-06 15:20:55
user avatar
Absolutely loved this story!!! Kudos for writing a beautiful story with beautiful, relatable characters. .............................................
2021-08-03 03:37:55
default avatar
Mary Kelley-ogle
Love it, very good story line
2021-08-01 07:18:04
user avatar
michelle mullins
Loved it enough to read it twice!
2021-07-28 04:36:02
default avatar
Dianna Botterbrodt Tobey
Adore this book! It is definitely a five star read! Don’t miss this one!
2021-07-25 02:59:01
user avatar
Jennifer Lagrosa Ramirez
I really love it, I do💙
2021-07-23 01:31:04
default avatar
Good job author nice story written well
2021-07-21 14:16:55
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47 Chapters
Chapter 1
CHAPTER 1Week 28: Baby's eyes partially openTwenty-eight weeks into your pregnancy, or 26 weeks after conception, your baby's eyelids can partially open, and eyelashes have formed. The central nervous system can direct rhythmic breathing movements and control body temperature.By now your baby might be nearly 10 inches
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Chapter 2
CHAPTER 2Mandy threw another skirt onto the growing pile of clothes on her bed—nothing fit right anymore.“There was nothing w
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Chapter 3
CHAPTER 3Elliot was having a difficult time not staring at the beauty across from him. Her long honey blonde curls fell about her shoulders, with one dangling delightfully over her left breast. She was wearing a short black skirt that showed off her endlessly long legs. Her flowy top was somewhat sheer and low cut enough to showcase her fantastic tits. Not that he was looking, but let’s face it, they were glorious.
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Chapter 4
CHAPTER 4“When can you start?” his gray eyes held her blue ones, and Mandy felt her stomach flip.“As soon as possible,
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Chapter 5
CHAPTER 5 7:28 PM Elliot Brand: A driver will arrive at nine to assist y
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Chapter 6
CHAPTER 6“This is Mrs. Herrington,” Elliot indicated the older woman with sharp blue eyes and weathered skin. “She will help you settle into your rooms.”
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Chapter 7
CHAPTER 7Mandy had made it back to her bedroom and was calling a cab when Elliot found her. His heart was beating erratically, but he steeled his nerves so that she wouldn’t notice.
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Chapter 8
CHAPTER 8“You took a PA? Why in the hell would you need a live-in PA?”Nate had been Elliot’s best friend for as long as
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Chapter 9
CHAPTER 9“Um,” Mandy tucked a long-wet strand behind her ear. She was acutely aware that this man had been there the night that she’d first met Elliot.
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Chapter 10
CHAPTER 10Week 29: Baby kicks and stretchesTwenty-nine weeks into your pregnancy, or 27 weeks after conception, your baby can kick, stretch, and make grasping movements.
Read more Protection Status