Chapter 2


Mandy threw another skirt onto the growing pile of clothes on her bed—nothing fit right anymore.

“There was nothing wrong with that black skirt,” her older sister said as rolled her eyes. Kim had stopped by their parent’s home that morning for moral support.

“I look like a fatty,” Mandy cried out in disgust.

Kim’s lips twitched. “No, you look pregnant, which is exactly what you’re.”

Kim had married Andrew five years ago, and they were blissfully happy. Or at least, they had always seemed like they were. However, they had not yet been blessed with children. When Mandy had first discovered she was expecting it caused a rift between the usually impenetrable sisterhood.

It was only in the past few weeks that Kim had started acting more like her old self. Mandy had missed her sister more than she cared to think about. Flopping down onto the pile of clothes, Mandy moaned helplessly.

“Why would Mr. Brand want to hire me? Who hires a woman in her third trimester?”

Kim laughed as she got up from the overstuffed faded pink chair that they had picked up at a consignment store when Mandy was about twelve. Money had always been tight. But her sister had found a way to pay for the hideous thing.

“Mandy, you’re smart, funny and talented. If this man doesn’t hire you, just because you’re pregnant, he is an idiot.”

Mandy’s eyes sparkled with unshed tears. It seemed everything these days brought on emotions that she couldn’t quite control. “Do you really think so?”

Kim picked up the black knit skirt that had been previously discarded. “Yes, now put this on, and I will curl your hair.”

Mandy did as she was told and sat in front of her mirror as Kim grabbed the hot curling iron. Mandy had what she would call dishwater blonde hair. True, it was thick and shiny, but there was nothing spectacular about it.

She took her bronzer and gave her pale skin a light dusting. It wouldn’t do to look like a zombie. Her dark blue eyes sparkled with the rose-colored eyeshadow, and her long lashes were coated with black mascara.

After covering her pouty lips in pink gloss, Mandy added a hint of perfume behind her ears and at her wrists.

Once Kim had finished curling Mandy’s hair, she sprayed it well with a long-holding hairspray.

“You look gorgeous,” Kim said as she squeezed her shoulder as they both stared into the mirror.

“I look like an elephant,” Mandy replied. “But it will have to do. Thanks, Kim, you’re a life-saver.”

Kim smiled sadly at their reflection causing Mandy’s gaze to swing toward her. “I have been meaning to ask you something.”

Mandy took her hand. “What is it?”

“Do you think,” Kim asked nervously, “after the peanut arrives, that you might want help with childcare?”

Mandy felt her heart lodge in her throat. With all of Kim’s infertility issues, Mandy knew how hard it would be for her sister. “Kim you don’t have to do that.”

Kim nodded. “I know. I want to help. Andrew and I have both talked about it. We have more leeway at the coffee shop than you will working in an office.”

Mandy felt a tear slip down her cheek. “If I can’t be with the peanut, you’re the next best thing. Most likely, you will be better. What do I know about parenting?”

Kim brushed the tears from Mandy’s cheek. “Don’t mess up your makeup! You will be a fantastic mother, Mandy. Besides, we have a million examples of what not to do.”

Mandy thought about their own mom and grimaced. “Indeed, we do.”

Kim glanced at her watch saying, “You need to get moving if you need to be there by eleven.”

The girls walked up the stairs and were immediately greeted by their mother. “Why are you walking around here like a whore?”

Kim opened her mouth to argue but Mandy shook her head as if to say it wasn’t worth wasting her breath.

“I will be back in a few hours,” Mandy’s tone was deceptively light despite the hurt that her mother had inflicted.

Mandy knew what her mother was like. But it didn’t mean that her words still hadn’t the power to slice through her.

“Get a job yet?” Their mother sneered as she puffed on a cigarette.

“You shouldn’t smoke around a pregnant woman,” Kim replied angrily as she tugged on Mandy’s arm trying to get her to leave.

“Shouldn’t fuck strangers and come home knocked up.” Their mother blew a cloud of smoke in their direction.

Kim yanked Mandy out of the house. “I hate that woman. Why won’t you come and stay with Andrew and me?”

Mandy gently untangled her arm. “You and Andrew live in a one-bedroom apartment above the coffee-shop. Now, before you try and offer me a job again that we both know you can’t afford, let me get going. Your shop is just now starting to turn a profit. I won’t ruin your lives to help myself, Kim. Don’t ask it of me.”

Kim ground her teeth together but didn’t say anything as they walked to their cars.

“Call me, after the interview, okay?” Kim asked as hugged her sister close.

Mandy drank in the familiar smell of her older sister who had been much more of a parental figure than her parents ever had. “I will, I promise.”

Kim pulled back and gave Mandy a bright smile. “Knock ‘em dead, kid!”


Mandy still had a smile on her face as she walked into the massive office building on 5th and Main. Brand Enterprises took up an entire square block. Mandy had thought the glass building was incredibly intimidating. Just who was Elliot Brand?

As Mandy approached a young man behind the reception desk. She noticed that he was wearing a headset and saying, “Mr. Brand isn’t available. May I take a message?”

Seeing Mandy, the young man held up a silent finger asking Mandy to wait a moment. When he finished his call, he turned his attention to her. “Welcome to Brand Enterprises, my name is Ian. How may I help you?”

Mandy was impressed with his engaging smile and pleasant demeanor. “I’m Amanda Johnson. I have an eleven o’clock appointment with Mr. Elliot Brand.”

Ian’s perfectly sculpted brow rose exponentially. “Brave girl. I will tell him you’re here.”

The nerves in Mandy’s stomach were dancing the tango, and she wanted to ask what in the hell he meant by ‘brave girl.’

But just as soon as Ian had made Mr. Brand aware of Mandy’s arrival, he instructed her to take the private elevator that only stopped on one floor—the top.

Mandy felt ill. 

Her nerves were starting to get the best of her. She couldn’t help but wonder if this had been a mistake. She’d resolved to push the down button as soon as the elevator stopped at the top. With any luck, she hoped, Mr. Brand wouldn’t see her at all.

The numbers seemed to crawl by at a snail’s pace. Mandy counted the numbers and floor after floor passed. Then suddenly it was the moment of truth, the elevator dinged, and the doors opened. Mandy stuck her hand out to return to the lobby. But instead of reaching the control panel, a firm hand met her clammy palm.

She gasped as a tingle of desire wrapped around her skin and snaked up her arm. Mandy blinked as she gazed at the handsomest man she’d ever seen. Recognition rocketed through her—she’d seen him before!

“Ms. Johnson?” his dark voice was terribly familiar despite the length of time it had been since she’d first heard it. Her stomach roiled and she prayed that she wouldn’t be ill.

This was Mr. Brand? Her breath caught in her throat—it couldn’t be. Panic choked her lungs, and she couldn’t draw air.

Those grey eyes, that dark hair, those sinful lips, she would know this man anywhere. The last time she’d seen him, he was burying his massive cock deeply inside of her.

Concern knit his brows together as he helped her from the elevator. "Are you, all right?" his voice was like a caress.

Mandy’s internal monitor was screaming something about how she may never be ‘all right’ ever again. But it wouldn’t do to continue to stand there like an idiot. She’d to say something. Mr. Brand led her to the opposite side of his desk and continued to stare at her.

It took Mandy a moment to realize that she still hadn’t said a word to him. With a shaky voice she replied, “Of course, everything is fine. It’s nice to meet you.”

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