Billionaire's Treasure

Billionaire's Treasure

By:  Elizabeth stone   Ongoing
Language: English
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Regina's heart disease determines her heart desire. Her second chance to life gave her a moment of rethink, either to be with a man she loves or the man that loves her.  Everyone has their flaws but a handsome billionaire, Jack has flaws that keep him away from happiness. Can their lives be redefined by fate?. Can their love cover their flaws? **** He walked inside and saw her on the bed groaning in pains but he didn't care less. She saw him walking around like nothing was happening. Was this really the man she loved?. "Jack, please, I need to go to the hospital" she said with pains but he slowly raised his head like she was joking. "I should release you, and you will be able to elope with that bastard, tell me, do you think I'm a fool?" He said and walked to her in anger. Holding her down to the bed, applying force on her hands as she was screaming in pain caused him tears but her resistance kept breaking him inside. He finally released her and walked toward the door. "It's either you accept me forever or die inside here" he said and closed the door with a banged. The sound was all she heard before blacking out. *** "Forgive and forget, my lady" he said right at the altar.

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18 Chapters
chapter 1
10:00pm in Ward 134."Are you a fool?" A voice said as hot tears rolled down her eyes. She could believe her ears, her eyes and ears couldn't deceive her everybut her heart could contain her sorrow. "You thought I loved you, why would I?" He said as he laughed at her, watching her cry so hard that her heart aches. He loved bit of her pain till her death. "Who will love a puppet like you, you don't have a mind of your own, you are just too foolish" he said as she raised her face. With pain in her body and heart, she could only say a word."Why?" She asked and he walked to her and raised her face. "Why? You still keep asking why?" He said and left her."Because you are you, you have nothing to offer me" he said and she cried loudlg again almost falling of the hospital bed. "Peter, I was there for you, I stood by you" she said trying to wipe off her tears but fresh ones won't stop coming."You are not beautiful, you are not wealth, you don't even have a good background, an orphan and
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chapter 2
The details will be here in a minute" Lillian said before removing the glasses from her face. "As a doctor, may I ask the reason you are concerned about the patient?" She said."Nothing," Jack replied, still with a straight face. "Then I can't get the files for you, all our patient's information are meant to be hidden perfectly" she said with a smirk."Okay" Jack said in an attempt to stand up but Lilian pouted, "can't I be professional to squeeze information out of you?" She complained.Before further interaction, a knock was heard at the door, Lilian glared her brother before she allowed the person to come in.It's turns out to be Mrs Nola, Lilian smiled as Mrs Nola walked forward, "good day ma, good day sir" she said as her movement stopped when she saw the young man that helped her with the vase." This is the file you sent for" she said as she quickly recovered to cover up her embarrassment. This didnt go without Jack's notice. "I was informed that you are the one personally ta
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chapter 3
"Stop being stupid, you were stupid for the past years you have been with him and you still are" Mrs Nola yelled at her.Regina who had never seen that side of Mrs Nola since she had been admitted in the hospital. She shut her mouth quickly."All you think about is him but not you, look at you, you just survived a surgery, you were rescued and you still don't want to know anything about it" Mrs Nola said."I'm sorry" Regina said cleaning up her tears. "So now, ask me the proper question meant to be asked". She said."My surgery, what happened?"she said slowly and silently, which could be passed for whispering.Mrs Nola glared at her a little before decided to tell her."A young kind man was about to lose his mother, he heard of your case and decided to let her mother rest and live on in you" she said.Regina, who was listening quietly had her mouth opened wide, she was shocked by the story, it's sounds so fake."He didn't let any means of identification he is more like an angel. I don
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chapter 4
Her screamed alerted an old woman who was guiding her chicken back to their tents. The woman left the chicken and came running to their side with her rod."Leave her alone, you son of a gun, let her go" she started screaming as she was walking toward them. The guys were scared that the woman's noise might alert the neighbors.They released Regina and ran away without looking back. They were so quickly to avoid being recognized by both Regina and the old woman.Regina curled on the floor like a ball as she didn't quite recover from the shock of being molested by a group of hoodlums. She was bitterly broken as she thought of the negative possibility of the events.The woman was so shocked to see her still laying there on the floor, crying her eyes out. The woman felt her heart broken for Regina without even knowing her before."You are strong, stand up and make them regret encountering a warrior like you" the woman said, trying to coerce her but Regina was already sliding into another r
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chapter 5
Regina's mouth was agape as she thought her ears was playing tricks on her. She looked at Lillian and back at his Mrs Nola, it took her seconds to finally find her lost voice."You.." she said as she was clueless on what to say. "Yes, I want to adopt you as my daughter" Mrs Nola said and she smiled at Regina. Tears of joy started pouring from her eyes."Don't be a cry baby, Regina," Lilian said, mocking her while they all laughed. Regina held Mrs Nola and hugged her tightly. Mrs Nola looked down at her and she was glad.She had always wanted to make Regina happy and this was the best choice of her life. She gave her warmth to Regina to make her feel loved and at peace with herself."Mum, thank you" Regina finally said and looked up at her face. "I never got to call someone mom, all my life and here you are, thank you" she said and sniffed a little.*****A month later" Good morning, Regina." Lilian said as she walked in the ward. "Good morning, Doctor," Lilian replied." You've heale
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chapter 6
"Mum, mum!!!" Regina said happily as she ran to hug Mrs Nola who had just returned from work." You wouldn't believe what Lilian told me today"" What did she tell you?"" She told me that she has a scholarship opportunity for me"" That's good news", Mrs Nola replied as she dropped her bag on the couch." I'm really hungry."They sat and ate the food that Mrs Nola bought and Regina couldn't stop talking about the scholarship opportunity." So, where's this University located and what's its name?" Mrs Nolan asked." I forgot to ask about its name but it's in Australia"" Don't you think Australia is too far?"" I know it's far but I really need to grab this opportunity"Mrs Nola wasn't comfortable with this decision but she also wanted the best for Regina so she had no choice but to agree." You can go but you have to be sure that it's legit, I'll support you with anything I have." Mrs Nola said and Regina beamed with happiness. " Thank you very much mum," Regina said and hugged Mrs No
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chapter 7
Weeks later, it was time for Regina to leave for Australia and Mrs Nola was feeling very sad. She always considered Regina to be the daughter she never had and now she's going to be far away from her." I can't believe you're leaving me here" Mrs Nola said as she dabbed her eyes with the little handkerchief." I'm not leaving forever, it's just three years and I'll call you from time to time"" But you're going to be miles away from me, my love"" Distance is not a barrier, besides this is a golden opportunity, I've always wanted to further my education"" I understand, my…" Mrs Nola was interrupted by the beeping alarm, it was time for Regina to leave for the airport. Soon, the cab arrived and Regina hurried in while waving at Mrs Nola.As she sat in the cab, she felt sad that she was going to leave her mother alone but it was also a good opportunity for her to start a new life.Eight hours later, her plane landed in Australia. Regina beamed happily as she carried her luggage and fla
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chapter 8
*** At Jack's mansionJack was busy as usual when his father called him, at first he didn't want to pick up but he just wanted to hear what he had to say."Good morning, son"" Good morning Mr Bright"" I am your father Jack and you need to start calling me that"" I know what I need and what I do not need, why did you call me?"" I need you to find a spot for Victor in the company," Mr Bright said and Jack burst out in laughter. " What's funny?"" Victor knows nothing about business, let him concentrate on his music"" He said he wants to work in the company"" I'll look for something for him"" Thank you, my.." Jack didn't wait to hear what his father said and he cut the call.The idea of Victor suddenly wanting to work for the company sounded very fishy. Victor never had passion for business, he was forced to go to Business school but he never used his certificate. Even when father tried to talk to him about it he refused, Jack knew that his manipulative mother had something to do
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chapter 9
The distance between Regina's house and her place of work was a four hour journey so she had to wake up early in order to meet up. At first, she thought that she could cope but after two weeks she realized that her body wasn't built for that amount of stress.She would have easily gotten a house nearby but houses around that area were extremely expensive and she didn't have that kind of money yet so she talked to Lilian about it and Lilian came up with an idea. " How about you stay with my brother? He has more than enough room in his mansion," Lilian said as she took a huge bite out of the burger." I can't do that, he's my boss and I don't think he'd agree to such, Lilian." Regina replied sadly." He's your boss but he's my brother. I'll talk to him, he'll listen to me." Lilian continued, " All you have to do is inform Mrs Nola about it and I'll do the rest.""Thank you I'll do that," Regina replied as she also took a bite out of her burger, she was too tired to argue with Lilian.*
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chapter 10
" Get out," Jack whispered slowly in her ear and she whimpered and scurried out of the room quickly. Jack looked down and saw that he had a bulging erection, " so, that's what she was looking at" Jack thought to himself as he quickly dressed up and waited for the erection to calm down.He walked downstairs to check out what the cook had made when he smelt something delicious, his stomach churned at the smell of the food.He walked in the kitchen and saw Regina cooking, she didn't notice him because she had airpods in her ear. Her hair was tied in a messy bun and she was wearing a huge shirt and sweatpants. Jack couldn't help but smile, she was just different from any lady he's met.Regina was dancing to the music playing in her ears, she stirred the sauce and tasted it, "the salt isn't enough", she said to herself and turned to get salt when she saw her boss standing there, watching her.She gasped and the spoon fell from her hands, " what are you doing?" Jack asked without taking his
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