Black Luna

Black Luna

By:  Sherri Tang  Completed
Language: English
170 ratings
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Pain was all she knew. And if happiness was what she was seeking, she has to uncover her hidden past and her dark secrets to achieve her goal. Will she succeed?

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language and grammar errors. decent beginning but loses the grip halfway.very disappointing ending
2021-11-05 17:35:10
user avatar
I liked it
2021-08-12 12:57:10
default avatar
Awful story line, terrible grammar and spelling. Don’t read. So confusing!!!
2021-08-11 12:43:52
user avatar
Pamela Lane
Great read 📚thanks for the time and effort
2021-07-23 23:11:03
user avatar
Pamela Lane
Great read
2021-06-07 22:10:27
user avatar
Stacey McKinney
not a happy ending but atiil good
2021-05-21 19:54:39
user avatar
Katie Gunter
Just the reviews stop 🛑 me from reading the book!
2021-05-19 09:46:15
default avatar
Rebecca Rasmussen
I love this story it was so good to read sure i was confused when it got changed in a chapter but i still love it... you did a good job making it
2021-05-13 14:07:14
default avatar
Cheryl P Westmoreland
2021-01-22 10:15:49
user avatar
kelly dewolfe
not bad story line but very hard to understand at times
2021-01-18 06:48:20
default avatar
Rosalinda Kato
Nice story
2021-01-03 21:35:26
user avatar
Sapphire Sage
Started out great but really want downhill about half way through. To many stories trying to be told in one and also some plot lines left unfinished. The relationship between the 2 MCs was a joke.
2021-01-02 10:01:45
user avatar
Great book
2020-12-28 00:47:39
user avatar
Evelyn Ursal Empon
i just started to read this. i like the writer's creativity.
2020-12-27 10:14:32
user avatar
Shauna M Sizemore
I started reading this got to chapter 18 and just couldn't find the will to go on. It just no longer captured my attention any longer.
2020-12-27 09:57:37
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31 Chapters
1. Hell
1,460 days since I've been locked up.35,040 hours since I've stopped having hope.Which meant...4 years in this shit hole.Around me, all I see was darkness. Both in the outside and inside. I've been here for so long my eyes have gotten use to the dark room.I just sit at my little corner, staring through my only window in my room.Or as I like to call it, torture room.My room just consist a bed, a cup of water and 1 slice of bread, the torture board, and a so called closet which only contains 3 maid dresses, a shirt and shorts which I'm wearing.I would constantly daydream to my own little world.I imagine being outside.Seeing the freshly cut grass, tall trees, scented flowers planted to the ground while bees and butterflies flying all around the flowers.I came back to reality
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2. Mate
Another day, yet the same life.After the 'incident' with the pack member, Alpha had locked me up and gave me a severe punishment again.I could only just hold back my tears and look through the window, staring at my reflection.Dark brown hair, soft blue eyes, blush lips. And a broken heart.I have never really remembered much of my childhood. It's like someone had erased the memory of it.All that I could remember was that my mother was a pure, kind-hearted woman. Whereas my father was a man of good words and always puts family first.We were the perfect family, till the rogues destroyed our pack.I, however, managed to stay alive.Wondering why? Well, honestly even I, don't know the real reason.The door flung open and there stood my alpha. I looked at him before getting on my knees and bowing down to him.
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3. Luna
The cell had no windows, so I was unable to see daylight nor midnight.It was bearable though. Nobody came except a guy who only gave me daily food and water. At first I didn't dare eat the food. But the smell made my stomach grumble, so I ate it.The guy who came down constantly was actually really sweet. He would always smile at me and gently placed the food down. Sometimes he would even try to make a short conversation with me.But I wouldn't reply him back, just smile in response and left quietly after.I also realised I actually like the cell. It was peaceful. I don't have to worry about Alpha suddenly barging in and begin another round of "torture". I would just sit at a little corner and daydream, sometimes even thinking about life.I tend to look forward for my meals. They were just simple chicken porridge. But it was delicious.The cell then opened in the middle of my self-
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4. Moving In
The cell door opened once again. And my mate stood there, looking devilishly handsome as always. "Get up." He said calmly.I meekly obeyed and stood up."Why do you want to stay in this cell? Don't you want to leave?" He asked.No reply."Please, just answer me." He said quietly.I looked down and rubbed my left arm."At least tell me your name mate."My one has been asking me that for more than 10 years."Can you at least move up and live at my house?" He tried asking me again. I remained silent.He sighed and took me by my arm gently and pulled me upstairs.I just followed him, not having any intentions of angering him at all.......At our destination, I could just stare in awe. This was
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5. Competition
I woke up bright and early the next day.The sleep was great, best I've ever had. I changed into some clothes and went to the kitchen and started cooking breakfast.Never did I knew someone was actually watching me in the shadows cooking.Hayden's POVShe's beautiful. She's perfect. She's gorgeous. She's strong. She's the perfect Luna.I watched as she started to take out some eggs and a pan. She cracked open the eggs with ease and let it drip onto the pan.The egg yolk started sizzling as it turned white. I then smelled strong egg scent through my nose.She dropped the egg to a plate and added soya sauce. She then proceeded to cook the bacon in another frying pan and settled the plates.After three sets of that, she stood up and wiped sweat off her face and looked at her dish with satisfaction.I saw her take a deep breath.
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6. Shocked
Amanda kept tugging on mate's shirt."Hayden, Hayden. Don't! Please!"Mate said nothing to her so she got up and just charged at me, slapping me hard on the face. Everyone gasped in response as I touched my swollen cheek in shock."You bitch! You actually dared to challenge the luna!" She yelled. "I did. Didn't I?"She was about to slap me again, but a strong muscled body stepped in front of me and took the slap.Everyone gasped once again. Even Amanda."A-alpha." She stuttered."So this was how much force you used on her."She immediately kneeled down."A-alpha, Please, f-forgive me. You w-weren't supposed to take the s-slap.""But I did.""B-but you weren't supposed to."I put a hand on mate's shoulder and he tensed up at my touch.
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7. Found Out
Hayden's POV"You are- what?" I asked again."Pregnant Hayden! I'm pregnant with your child!" She happily said.I stood motionless.I-I made another female pregnant with my child."Hayden? Aren't you happy? Our pup will be the heir to our pack. The pack will be delighted!"I'm not happy. Not one bit. This was impossible."Are you happy?" I asked."Of course! I'm getting a happily ever after!""I wanted my mate to get pregnant." I blurted.Her expression turned from excited to dark again as soon as she heard what I said."Hayden! Your mate is gone. She was never found, you can't find her anymore! It's impossible! I'm carrying your child now! Why are you still thinking of her?! I should be the one you're thinking about every day!" She yelled.I pus
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8. Moment
It's about time.Mate should be here any minute.Hayden's POVThis is it.I have made my way to that area and I spotted mate crossing her arms and looking at the sky."Hey."She turned her head to look at me."Hi.""So...What did you wanna show me?""You're my mate correct?""Yeah?""Then you should know.""About what?""You are elemental."I widened my eyes. How did she know?"H-how did you know?!""Because I'm the other one."Say What?Long ago, two wolves bonded with each other. Their love was strong, unbreakable. But then, one was separated from the other. Devils broke them apart,&nbs
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9. Interaction
"Alpha?" I knocked on mate's door.No reply."Alpha are you in there?" I asked again. His scent tells me yes. Yet, no reply.I sighed in defeat. "H-hayden." He opened the door in a split second."Anything I can help you with?" He smiled.I took a deep breath."Where's Luna?"His eyes widened in shock."Uh...She...""Tell me.""See-""She's pregnant Hayden, she should be taken care of."He tensed up as I said his name for the second time.Then suddenly, he pulled me to his office and locked the door."What are you-""Amanda is pregnant with another male's child. The pup isn't mine. She's locked in the cell, once she gives birth, she and the father will be banished." He confessed.
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10. Misunderstood
1 month, 2 weeks and 3 days has past since we last spoke.We didn't know what to say to each other. So many times did we pass by each other, but we never spoke a word. Yet every time we saw one another, there was always that small hope, that one would speak to the other.But that hope was always lost.Dear Diary/Notebook,How've you been? Exactly 1 month, 2 weeks and 3 days have passed since mate has spoken to me. It has been unbearable. Everytime we saw one another, I hoped that he would at least speak to me. Whenever I saw him, his expression keeps getting worse. He had dark circles under his eyes, pale face and dry lips. It pained me to see him like this. But what could I do about it? I so badly want to tell him everything. But one sentence could lead him one step&nbs
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