Blessed by the Blood Moon - His Seduction

Blessed by the Blood Moon - His Seduction

By:  JazzyB  Completed
Language: English
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Book 2 in "Blessed by the Blood Moon" Series, Sequel to book 1. Two years later: After a tragedy that has happened to Laura, nothing was the same anymore. She possesses absolutely no memories about her previous life or who she even is. Thinking that she´s just a human she works for a mysterious man for two years now, who lets her fight for her life and use her for his dirty operations. When he threatens her friend´s life she is forced into circumstances that will give her life a whole new direction. New truths, new lies and betrayals are about to come. Found by accident, her old pack still swears loyalty to her. And little does she know that she´ll need them more than ever. What happened two years ago? Who done that to her and for what reason? Will she get her memories back? And most of all: who can she really trust? She is going to face things that will shake her world, her reality. But does her reality even exist?

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I can't wait for the next book ... I need more Nolan!
2022-12-08 11:42:31
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Lucia Love
Good story
2022-04-13 00:59:50
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Dear readers, please drop your review. Don't be shy ;-). I'd be happy to read your thoughts.
2021-06-29 04:56:18
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Chris W
Loved this story! Can't wait for the 3rd installment!
2021-04-28 20:23:22
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