Dancing in his Storm

Dancing in his Storm

By:  Vendite Johnson  Completed
Language: English
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August Levisay used to be out and proud of his sexuality. He was so charismatic and popular at his old high school, but everything changed quickly soon after his mother died. What's left of his family had to move to another place to start over, and he was inevitably forced back inside the closet. Ambrose Haylock is your typical high school bully. He is very popular, controlling, and violent. He doesn't fear anyone except for Rachel Curtis, his longtime crush. When August arrived at Mary Heights, high school, he quickly became popular, most especially with the girls. Ambrose felt threatened by the new guy, and he confronted him violently. August ended up badly hurt, and he swore to do whatever it takes to take August down. August soon learned that the only person Ambrose cared for was Rachel, and so he starts pursuing the girl. Both guys ends up fighting over the girl and eventually realizing that they are attracted to each other.

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Wonderful book, very realistic characters and struggles. Beautifully written story about friendship, teenage drama and coming out of the closet.
2023-10-18 16:24:19
user avatar
Please if you are going to write part two to this book please do cos I loved it and we need more please
2023-03-10 02:09:35
user avatar
Simone Carlisle
I really hope to hear more about these characters! I would love to find out what happens after coming out, how about coming out to their families, possibly finding Ambrose/Dimitri’s birth mother? So many things I would love to see for them. I love their story!
2023-03-09 21:00:41
default avatar
Another amazing story! I love it!
2023-03-04 08:04:59
user avatar
Aysun Dogan
nice books but there is not real end ...she can continue the novel but all of sudden she ended the book..
2022-03-30 09:33:17
default avatar
Good book, hope it gets finished.
2022-01-11 21:41:48
default avatar
I like it!
2021-12-20 06:36:51
user avatar
Pravin Kumar
Nice book. Hope to see more updates
2021-10-29 05:24:06
user avatar
Pravin Kumar
waiting for update
2021-10-28 01:19:12
124 Chapters
Dancing In His Storm
    Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.   This novel is entered in the "A Touch of Rainbow" writing contest especially created for stories about LGBTQ+. Thank you for supporting queer creations.   Other stories by me: Book 1: How to Destroy a Badboy Book 2: The Emancipation of a Badboy
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Chapter 1: Back in the Closet
AUGUST LEVISAY   “Beep!! Beep!!Beep!!”   The alarm clock began to ring, and so did the most nerve-racking day of my life. I laid sprawled on my bed and stared idly at the ceiling for about five minutes. My thoughts are still profoundly absorbed by the things that happened last school semester.   Last school semester was promising to be my best semester yet. I have gained a whole lot of friends, my self-esteem improved by fifty percent, and I eventually reached the coveted popular status. I had just come to accept that my life would be just as colorful as the rainbow right after I bravely came out of the closet when things unexpectedly turned the grey route. The first of these came crashing with such speed that it caught me off guard. I was on my way home from school wearing the best smile ever after having the best day of my life when my dad called to inform me that my mom was in the hospital. It was a p
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Chapter 2: The Losers' Club
AUGUST     “That guy?!” I huffed in disappointment. I’m sure that Ambrose guy is not the only good-looking guy around here, but I’d be damned if I don’t let the gayness deep inside of me scream in total madness.   I have been around the city of Highmont throughout my sixteen years of existence, and while good-looking boys are everywhere to be found, I haven’t really met someone that’s as striking as this Ambrose guy.   “Mhmm. He’s nothing but trouble.” Mary nodded and continued talking bad things about Ambrose as she was leading the way to who knows where but I just wasn’t listening to her. My head is somewhere else, and I thought I could steal one last glance at that beautiful creature.   I paused for a while and looked back. Ambrose just had a chest bump with another guy, and I got the chance to look at him. I don’t know if he saw me staring at him, but he looked back
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Chapter 3.1: The Bully
AUGUST   Ambrose strummed the guitar with such ease. Or at least that’s how I heard it. I’m not a big fan of musical instruments, but it sounded pretty clean. After handing the roses, Phil and the boys all cleared the view, so this Rachel girl could see Ambrose.   This is probably the first time I see this gorgeous creature up close, and the inner gayness hiding inside me shrilled in utter admiration. He’s blessed with a chiseled cheek, and his skin appears to be naturally kissed by the sun. There’s a slit in his left eyebrow, and I don’t know if it’s natural or he had it done, but there’s no denying the fact that it made him look sexier.       From my youngest years  Till this moment here  I've never seen  Such a lovely queen   From the skies above  
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Chapter 3.2: The Bully
AUGUST   The headmistress slammed the pen on the table before eventually standing up and giving me a half-smile. She entered the door on the left, which I'm guessing to be some sort of a storage room. I immediately caught the feeling that I was going to wait here for another two minutes, so I let my eyes roam around the office. It's a generic office, and there's nothing much to look at except for the fish tank that housed a single fat goldfish. There are a few seemingly rare and colorful succulents displayed on the headmistress's desk. Perhaps she's one of those older people who love the company of a succulent plant. My eyes moved to her nameplate that said Penelope Briar, and I tried memorizing it just so I knew how will I call her later.   Two minutes passed, and she hadn't returned yet. I was already beginning to feel bored. My feet are itching to go home. I carried myself towards the fish tank and thought of observing th
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Chapter 4.1: Mr. Popular Overnight
AUGUST     My chest was still pumping, thankfully, it's not out of fear anymore, but it's literally out of exhaustion. I might have pedaled my way home in ten minutes, and it got my heart racing with the wind. I dragged the bicycle inside the garage and sat on the ground for a while until the pumping in my chest calmed down to a tolerable state. My backpack felt a bit heavier now than I've stepped down from the bicycle. After fifteen minutes of letting the heat on my nerves settle down, I stood up and staggered inside the house."I'm home!" I shouted as my usual routine, but I immediately remembered I was not in Highmont anymore, and this isn't my old place, and this is not even my old family. No one answered. My dad's probably still at the repair shop, and Wednesday's probably taking a nap or something.I went straight to the fridge and poured a glass of ice-cold water. I gulped the water as if I hadn't had a glass of it for years, an
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Chapter 4.2: Mr. Popular Overnight
AUGUST   Rachel casually tucked her hair behind her ear before taking her time to sit right in front of me. I'm no blind person; I know when someone's trying to act cute, and Rachel's totally doing that. She lets out a tiny smile, and now that I have a closer view of her face, I must say she's a true natural. I think I'm starting to develop a girl crush on her."Did you know that you are the first person who stood up against Ambrose?" She said as a little trivia of my work."I don't, but now I do," I replied."Hahaha." She lets out a short chuckle. "And you are funny.""Ha, I don't know about that."Rachel's totally trying to flirt with me, and once again, the gayness hiding inside of me is already commencing in panic mode. There are a few girls who tried their luck to flirt with me back when I was still at Highmont high, and I just didn't like any of them. And now here's another hopeful girl, and her actions brought back those cringing me
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Chapter 5.1: The Lion vs. The Gazelle
AUGUST  Someone should just run me over with a truck or shoot me in the head with a pistol or even make me disappear in thin air. I didn’t wish for anything of this, but I knew and I expected this to happen. I just didn’t want it to happen now with a lot of eyes gazing over us. I know Jessie was the one who took that clip, and I’m not sure if posting it was his way of thanking my courageous actions or he was just trying to humiliate Ambrose. Either way, the clip clearly made Ambrose look impotent. I’m not trying to be the big person in the picture, but I also thought it made me look like his kryptonite. Ambrose is definitely pissed at me. Does this confrontation have to happen now? As in right now? Right in front of everybody. There are a lot of people watching, and this isn’t going to end up very well for me. I look behind and everyone’s looking at us
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Chapter 5.2: The Lion vs. The Gazelle
AUGUST  “August!” Rachel suddenly showed up at the door. She appeared to be concerned about my current state. I can’t think of any possible reason as to why she’s acting this way. Although it’s nice to have some stranger show a bit of unwarranted concern to me, still it’s bizarre for that person to be Rachel Curtis out of all people. Everyone adores this girl. She’s every guy’s dream to date and every girl wants to be.“Hey,” I smiled at her as she inched her way closer to me.“Thank goodness you’re okay!” She let out and hugged me tight as if we’ve known each other for so long. It isn’t the case but it puzzles me to think that she’s into me or something. She smelled like vanilla and daffodil though.“Woah, Woah!” I spat as a surprising reaction. Mary and I exchanged some looks. I’m to going to g
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Chapter 6.1: Alone & Angry
AMBROSE HAYLOCK  A three-day suspension. A fu**cking three-day suspension on the first week of the school semester. That’s the only consequence that I’ve earned from beating the shit out of that newcomer. If I only knew I would just be suspended, then I would have bashed his head like a watermelon just like that guitar that I used yesterday. He made me look like shit even though he ain’t the real shit. I know he wasn’t the one who uploaded that clip on Mary Heights Files but he was the reason why I entered school this morning and some people are laughing at me. Phil even said he might just steal my high spot for being the most feared person in all of Mary Heights High. I don’t give a single fuck about being the most feared person here but I just want to keep that spot if I want to survive this hell. Being feared provides me with a lot of benefits that I needed. Money. Food. Protection. And the fact that no one wants to
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