Vampire King's Little Killer - 4. Bloodlust


: the desire to kill or to see people killed


There was no intention for me to go to the abandoned factory site, but the screaming and stench of fear were too intriguing for me to pass over. And then as I was getting closer the woman's voice pulled me nearer. I could hear her threatening the man with her smooth voice. There was a menace within her words, the evil behind her threats made the man oozes fear for his life.

She was human, I could hear her heart beating excitedly as she spilled out her intimidation. It was in contrast to the male who was practically whimpering from her questioning.

Then the smell of blood grew in the air, sweet blood induced in fear from the male strapped to a single chair in the middle of the room. The woman was whispering in his ear, and pressing the tip of her knife to his torso down to his stomach while her other hand gripped his throat almost choking him.

The image was too alluring, it made me hard just to watch her from afar. Her breathing quickens as she finally got what she wanted from the man. Her soft laughter reached my impeccable hearing, it was the sweetest one I'd heard in such a long time.

I have never seen such a graceful killer, the woman was a beautiful specimen of humans. The way her body straightened as she took the life of her prey and her serene expression when she watched the life of the male slipping away from her gloved hands just made my hand twitched wanting to touch her, badly.

It had been decades since I felt something as close as wanting a female to crave for, and looking at her, I was already envisioning her under me. In my bed, writhing under my touches, with the same hands that had wrapped around the throat of her kill.

The bloodlust was evident, but instead of creating chaos, she was actually enjoying her time. The kill was savored as if it was her favorite pastime in the world. Afterward, she was taking her time meticulously cleaning after her kill.

Keeping myself hidden under the shadows, I stayed back and watched her scan her surroundings. She must've felt my presence. Impressive. Though I know she wouldn't be able to see me unless I wanted to be seen.

I did follow her as she disposed of the human body. Such a waste of blood, but still, I didn't come closer as I kept on watching her putting weights onto the dead body's feet and then rolling it into the deep water. The lake was dark, the water was still and she maneuvered the small boat expertly back to the shore after she was done with her victim.

Two hours later I was still watching her and followed her back to her apartment to get changed into the tightest pair of leather pants, a black sexy top, and matching black leather boots. My eyes couldn't break away from watching her as she puts on her helmet and straddled her black motorcycle. She cuts into traffic with excellent precision, zigzagging cars in the crowded traffic until she stops at a local nightclub.

I followed her into the club, walking past the bouncer as the guy nodded and let me cut through other awaiting patrons just like she did minutes earlier. The club was loud, it was not my kind of scene but I was curious about her. She didn't stay long after she met a man and they both leave the bar after one drink. A hookup, that was what humans in this part of the world called it these days.

Seeing her having sex with another man was not what I wanted. I was not the peeping-tom kind but the scent of her arousal was too delicious to pass. It was making me want to see it through, and so I did.

The man was helpless under her, he was not compatible with her, I can already tell from the first moment they started kissing. She looked bored, she looked like she just wanted to reach her climax and then leave him be. And I was right, the second she reaches her orgasm she cleaned herself and was back on her motorcycle within minutes.

Hmm, interesting...

She was parking her shiny bike in the empty parking lot by her apartment and I was ready to leave her when she got jumped from behind. The man was big, then his friend pointed a gun at her asking for the key to her bike. I didn't think when I walk closer to them and she blinked and stared right at me. Her gaze wasn't an assessment like what she did to the two men and I tugged my lips, giving her a lazy smile.

But I didn't do anything, deep down I knew she liked the altercation. Once again her bloodlust was too arousing for me, and at that moment I didn't want to stay behind in the shadows. I wanted the front-row seat, I wanted to see her take down her assailants and looking at the men I know she was capable of doing so.

So I stayed back making sure she knew that I was just going to watch, this time with her knowing that I was there. The two men kept on asking for her keys, and when they spotted me they asked for my wallet. But with one look from me, the guy with the gun shuddered and decided to keep pointing the gun at me, while demanding her keys and wallet.

Resting my back on the wall I watch as she took down the guy with the gun and then easily punched the other guy in the face. The vixen smiled when the sound of a broken nose was heard, the man yelled in pain and she kicked the guy under the knees making him fall in pain, one hand holding his nose, the other hand tucking his knees back in pain.

The other guy jumped at her only to get his hand twisted to the back. "I don't ever want to see both of your faces in this town again or I will hunt you down. Go, help your pathetic friend, I don't want to dispose of more bodies tonight. I'm too tired and you don't pay me shit." She whispered for his ear only but I heard each and every word and wished I could be the one she whispered sweet threats to.

The two men were gone within seconds, scrambling for their lives like they were too shocked by the outcome of their night. Then the leather-clad woman turned to face me, her eyes scanning me from head to toe. She was assessing me as she fearlessly walked to my front, then stopped a few feet away like she was not sure about getting closer to me.

"You've been watching me all night."

Impressive, I thought. No human ever knew that I had been stalking them like a beast stalking its prey, playing with them before I pounce and kill them.

"I have,"

"Who sent you?"

I chuckled and shook my head telling her no one sent me.

"Then why?" she was intrigued, she stayed in her spot but not because she was scared. I could hear her heart beating faster, but I didn't smell her fear.


She was not a beautiful deer that caught my attention, she was like a sleek black female leopard assessing her opponent.

"Your bloodlust," I closed our distance, stepping closer, deliberately invading her personal space. But she didn't back away, the female was fearless. Other human males stronger than she had fled fearing for their lives when I'm near. But she didn't move an inch, her heart was beating harder but it wasn't from fear. I could tell that she was confused with herself, with her body's reaction towards me.

"You've watched me have sex," her breathing was heavier, and her voice was getting throatier when I lowered myself down to smell her on the crook of her neck.

"I watched you orgasmed, yes, I could offer you a harder one than your boy toy."

She laughed and pushed me back somehow able to control her desire as if I had insulted her.

"Take me back to your place, invite me in." I tugged her waist flat to my front, letting her feel my dick getting hard for her.

"I don't know who you think you are, but you're out of your mind." She spatted her words but let me take her wrist while my other hand hold her small back. She did not struggle against me, didn't even try as her gaze went to my mouth latching on her wrist and I discreetly let my fangs elongate to sink into her skin and tasted her blood.

She gasped when she felt her skin being punctured but didn't back away. She was amazed and I could smell her arousal instantly. I smiled, licked the wound to close it, and looked at her as I tasted the sweetness of her blood on my tongue.

I backed away slowly, she looked dazed but stood her ground. "I can give you more. Invite me when I knocked on your door. Until next time, my little killer." I practically purred my nickname for her, then moved back and disappeared from her sight. The morning was dawning and I needed to get back to my den.

I could feel her stare on my back, and I could hear her cursing in the background as I slowly walked away from her with a smile on my face.

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