Vampire King's Little Killer - 3. To Kill A Man


: deprivation of oxygen that can result in unconsciousness and often death : an act of asphyxiating a person or animal or a state of asphyxia.


I ran after him, the bastard had the nerve to punched me and make a run for his life. Well, to be fair I was about to torture and kill him, so running away was a thing people do in time of panic.

This morning the boss had instructed me personally to kill one of his member who was a snitch. Nope, no cutting fingers for the tattletale, instead he said to kill him and make him suffer and confessed everything on tape.

So I did, I was setting up my confession booth and camera when the guy managed to wiggle and set himself free. My mistake since I haven't bound him properly and now I'm paying it by playing cat and mouse with him in the abandon factory building twenty miles away from the city limits. The man couldn't survive this but he sure did make me work for it and I was not happy about it.

"Come out, come out wherever you are..." my sing-a-song voice echoed throughout the empty building, "come on, Rudy you know I'm softer from all the guys. You'll be better with me." He didn't know that, and he won't suspect other wise since I was a female and they usually thought I'm in line with me gender.

"I didn't do it, I'm not a snitch, someone framed me!"

I rolled my eyes, I've been working with the Albanian mob for almost two years, I've been doing this dance a couple of times already and that was what they all say.

Ten minutes later after a lot of coaxing from my side, I finally found him. He looked defeated knowing he couldn't get anywhere once he managed to stepped out to the out side part of the building. The was nothing for miles, the abandoned building was in the middle of no where, not even a tree.

I dragged him back inside by the collar of his shirt, I was to agitated to ushered him to walk. I need to get this over with, I had a sex date tonight and I was not going to be late for it.

Within ten minutes I had him set up on a chair, camera was to his battered face his hands tied to each of the arm chair.

"Okay, Rudy, we're ready for your confession." I said sweetly, while the man paled seeing my big ass knife. Yes, my favorite weapon had always been a knife.

"But I didn't do it...I told you," he sobbed, his face was tear streaked eyes stared right at me while I was busy with the messy tarp under us. I need to keep the crime seen spotless, and his blood all over the floor was not going to fly with my employer.

"Rudy, baby," I put my gloved hand on his neck, gripping him tight, almost choking him making him struggling with his breathing. Asphyxiation one of my favorites type of torture, I've been working on my grips because of it.


"Will you tell our audience if I let you go?" I whispered from behind him, inches from his ear. I need him to confess, fast, I honestly don't have time for his reluctance.

"Y-yesss..." he was sobbing when I started unbuttoning his shirt and let my knife tease his beer belly. The man was lean, sleazy, and smelled like an old man. He looked like one, probably spending his weekends with his whores spending the bosses money and ready to sing the second authorities caught him doing small time job for the mob.

My left hand lets my knife traced his blood with its sharp tip from his chest down to his beer belly. Rudy was ready to piss his pants, his brain probably had stopped working as my other hand played with his oxygen flow with my deadly grip. I didn't want to end him, not before I get his confession but the temptation was too strong and that why I slapped him, hard.

"Come on, Rudy I don't have all night. Do this, and the boss lets me cut your pinkies instead of killing you." I lied comfortably, everything just to make sure the boss got his tape. He wanted to know who else was involved, how did they get to them, and since when had it been happening.

My grip thightened around his neck and his fists curled, struggling with his bounds which only cut the skin of his wrists deeper. "Speak," I cooed behind him while my left hand put more pressure on the knife, teasing, sinking a bit deeper slowly tearing the skin of his belly. And as predicted the man shook his head violently and begged me to stop.

"Okay, fuck, okay...stop," I loosen my grip but not the knife and let it tore another inch of his skin until the guy finally scream pathetically.

I smirked and hit the portable flood lights and made sure it showcased Rudy's state of beautiful battered appearance. The man looked pitiful it was embarrassing, but he talked with enthusiasm and answered each question with the promise that he'd get out of the situation with only a missing pinkie.

"Thank you Rudy." I smiled at the guy and ended the recording, I was packing the flood lights when Rudy started yapping about me letting go of his wrists.

"It's funny to think that the boss man will let you get away with losing a pinkie. Do you seriously think I was telling the truth, Rudy baby?" I tilted his chin and basked in the horror in his eyes.

I know I was different from a very young age, and it didn't matter what everyone thought of me as long as I hid my weird fascination carefully. And watching the fear in people as their life was slipping away was one of it.

And tonight I wanted to feel him dying away in my hands. My heart beats faster with anticipation as I stood in front of him with duct tape in my hand. Rudy shook his head furiously realizing that I was definitely going to kill him.

"Shhhh..." putting a finger on my lips the man kept on shaking his head and tried to wiggle as I wrapped his mouth with the duct tape.

"Don't close your eyes, Rudy, I like watching when they all slipped away." My voice dropped to a soothing sound the moment my fingers was around his throat, slowly squeezing the life out of him. With knives the struggle was minimal, but strangulation was the way to go when I didn't want to waste time with blood splatter on my body.

I took a deep relaxing breath when Rudy slumped in his seat. The man was dead and now the heavy lifting began. I was rolling him into the tarp securing him with more duct tape before transporting him to my disposal site for the night.

The last of my equipment was on the backseat of my car, and it was then when I felt it. Goosebumps on the back of my neck, the feeling of being watched. I cursed and hurriedly put Rudy on the back of my trunk.

My instincts never failed me before and I squinted my eyes trying to look farther away across the abandon lot. The dark and dingy situation made me control my breathing, slowing down my heart rate trying to make myself listen to the faintest sound around me. But the night was quiet, as dead as Rudy in the trunk of my car.

I shook my head and shook the feelings away as I sheathed my knife back to my thigh holster and my gun to my hip but then decided to put it on the passenger seat. Just incase.

The feeling was there, I know someone was watching. But I let it go, quietly driving away from the abandon building. If someone was out to get me, I was ready. Nothing to lose. As always.

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