Vampire King's Little Killer - 9. To Care

Caring: to have an interest or concern for

Synonyms for caring:

looking out (for), minding, watching


I did not intend to greet her, I was content with watching her from afar. But when the little killer leaned on to the filthy wall I realized something was not right with her.

Driving her car was also not my intention, but seeing young vampires creeping closer and smelling the blood scent carried by the wind I know I need to get her out of there. Not that I didn't believe she couldn't handle herself, but I assumed she was not feeling like herself at that very moment. Also, I didn't have time to deal with the younglings not when she told me that someone wanted her dead.

I get that she killed people, humans have this fascination with money. They even killed for money while they preach about saving human lives, equality in war, and all that shit. What I've come to learn was that death had succumbed to currency, it was my little killer's job. Yes, she's mine. She didn't know it yet,
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