Vampire King's Little Killer - 10. Hot Stranger


Erotic stimulation preceding sexual intercourse


When a hot stranger takes you to his place, and let him use his shower to wash away the blood of your latest kill you should be thankful right?

So thankful that you let him kiss you? How about letting him have sex with you? Well, my vote is yes and yes. I was too fucking horny to care anyway and the man in my arms was hot as fuck. Mm... we'll get to that later, but first.

"You're a true temptation and I know you're well aware of that." He nibbled my ear, his voice laced with desire, and his mouth was tingling my skin causing goosebumps I rarely feel when I was getting into foreplay. Nope, my body craved the final ending, the climax. But with Nero... fuck, even his name sounded hot. With Nero, I wanted his seduction, when his teeth grazed my neck I could swear the man growled like an animal in heat.

Fuck yes...

I could hear myself moaning, it sounded so dirty. Forget about porn, I was hearing desperation, such neediness s
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