Chapter Forty three

29th January, 1999(The trial)

Federal High Court

Unknown POV

Few hours before the murder trial of Freddie Rawlings was to begin, Room 4 in the Federal courthouse in Washington DC was overflowing with spectators. The courthouse was an enormous white building that took more than half of the land where it sat peacefully. The inside was another story entirely. The 50- year old building was one of the biggest in the state and was responsible for most trials.

It was an imposing structure which sends shivers down the spine of anyone who comes in contact with it and this was the same effect it had on Freddie Rawlings who sat in the first row of benches with his lawyer, Brooks Davies who was known for his wittiness, sharp tongue and his unrelenting attitude. Suffice to say, he was one of the best in the whole of Washington DC and even in the whole country.

A tall man with light freckles on his cheek, graying hair and deep set eyes that barely missed nothing. He

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